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  1. That said, it is under offer again!:- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...artRent%3Dfalse Any idea how much it went for Mildura?
  2. Back on Rightmove again today... how bizarre....
  3. Thanks Mildura! You are ace. We wouldn't have paid more than £275k (rightly or wrongly), so I'm pleased it went for well above that. Could have just about lived with the plastic windows, but the laminate would have had to go!
  4. This is the kind fo thing I am looking for: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...on%26index%3D10 It seemed a bit overpriced having looked at past prices in the road (which pretty much peaked at £300k), but went sold STC within less than 2 weeks. Does anyone have any idea what it's gone for? Many thanks.
  5. It's back on the market today.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...x%3D85%26y%3D13. Looks like exchange had not been reached & buyer got cold feet / tired of waiting about. Maybe they'll be after your basement Mildura...
  6. Thanks Mildura. Do you have any thoughts on what sort of price we should be paying (/having a punt on) for the type of thing that we are looking for? My guess is £250 to £280k depending on the condition of the house - what do you reckon? I would like to get an idea of a price above which we should just hold on and wait - a punting price so to speak. Thanks again, your coments have been very helpful.
  7. Thanks jimj, I think that you are right. It is good to hear from someone who has been keeping an eye on the market for 10 years, I have been looking for a year so still find it hard to trust my judgement among the 'must-buy' tosh!
  8. Thanks for all of your help Mildura, and for the agent and road recommendations - we will keep an eye and an ear out. The Eagle Road property is gorgeous!! Not sure I'd feel comfortable paying £300k for it when next door sold for £220k in March 09 - am I missing something? Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Mildura. We know Guilford reasonably well but are having a little trouble with good v bad roads, some seem to have a bad end/ not great end, but we are concerned that in the town centre there is no such thing as a great road. Do you have any thoughts on the following? * Queens Road * Eagle Road * Agraria Road * Ludlow Road etc? Are there any areas to avoid? And lastly, what would you recommend in terms of research? We have been trying nethouseprices, friends etc. As said, our budget is approx £300k. We have seen some lovely 2 beds for £370-£400k but this is (unfortunately) beyond what we'd be willing to pay. Thanks again for your help, it really is very much appreciated.
  10. Thanks Old Traveller, much appreciated. For further info, we have a 25% deposit, and have booked a mortgage at 3.49% fixed for two years. This expires in December (we booked in the 'mortgage rates are going up' frenzy, but will happily say goodbye to the booking fee rather than pay too much for a house).
  11. This is my first post! I have been reading the forum since 2006 and it has kept me sane at times when people were saying "if the market crashes it'll only be by a couple of percent". Now I think that I need some guidance from you sensible people. Husband & I are first time buyers and have been renting in Guildford for a couple of years. We are fairly average - wanting a 2 up 2 down town center Victorian semi, not requiring much work. It seems that at the moment average ones are now approx. £300k. We have seen 2 houses that we loved (and made offers on) go for well over the asking price within a few days of going on the market. We are therefore realising that if we want a house now we will have to pay the asking price or close to it, even if the house price calculators seem to indicate that we are paying close to peak prices. We can comfortably afford around £300k, and can see ourselves staying for around 6 to 10 years. That said, we are happy in our rented house and our rent is broadly equivalent to what the interest on our mortgage would be. We get on well with our landlord etc. Would you buy now? Or wait. And if wait, until when. We will be buying a home, not an investment, but at the same time do not want to be foolish in throwing away tens of thousands of £s that we needn't. Help please!!!
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