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  1. Anyone know where I can find a clip of this? I've done the usual searches but no luck... yet Thanks
  2. In case you didn't find the original blog, was this the one you were looking for? http://agentsdiary.blogspot.com/
  3. Hi scrappycocco, I've traded with TD Waterhouse before and their commission seemed reasonable (I think it was 8 quid however this may have been a ‘special’ temporary rate), have a look at their website if you’ve not done so already. Note, I don’t work for TD Waterhouse and neither am I affiliated with in any way. It would be interesting hearing other members’ views on brokers etc. Cheers
  4. Ahhh, thanks for clarifying... Will have to get posting then!
  5. Thanks doccyboy, Unfortunately I only see 4 options: "My Profile", "My Settings", "Manage Friends" & "Manage Ignored Users".
  6. I must need new glasses... I'm not seeing the option (and I haven't disabled the messenger option in profile settings). Can anybody send PM’s since the site was revamped? If you can please tell me how! Thanks
  7. uncle_monty, out of curiosity how do you find the service with Cater Allen? Any problems or is everything fairly painless with regards to transactions/transfers etc? As always thanks in advance
  8. Hmm interesting, you have any additional information on this? I can Google it but it's a bit of a minefield (I did say forgive my ignorance ) Cheers guys
  9. Nice comments, although I’m not the OP, the advice/comments are appreciated. I am in a similar boat with 60k or so in Sterling in a combination of savings/ISA’s, I move the money when I see better rates. One comment was to invest in foreign currency, although I’m not thinking of doing this in the short term, can someone shed any light on this, perhaps post a few links where I can research this further? Forgive my ignorance but In all honestly I wouldn’t have a clue how to invest in Euros for example. Thanks in advance. Oh, btw, this is my first post – I’ve been a member on here for a while, it's getting quite addictive reading the opinions and information on here - Thanks for your contributions!
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