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  1. foa4 xcojo, ronpember, The Crutchster, Morgs, The Realist and Time2Buy. Oh bugger, I am Time2Buy this morning. Hope no one noticed.
  2. The £ soared 23.5% in 5 months. And then fell back 2.6%. Is that really such a catastrophe?
  3. Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don't you lot look at the indices? It's obviously Time2Buy.
  4. Yes. Used to have to wait 9 months, which often meant repossession. Now their mortgage interest is paid after 3 months, up to certain limits. Lenders are happy to wait.
  5. It doesn't include auction and repos if that's what you mean. But there are good reasons for not including these.
  6. Either way, it's good to see all the indices agreeing for once.
  7. No - it's time to buy. You know you should You know you oughta You can't go wrong With bricks and mortar
  8. Thanks. I'll look out for him. Thanks, forewarned is forearmed. Thanks for the welcome. I'll elucidate later. More Doberman than Bilko.
  9. Not sure there ever was a bull trap. I believe now's the time to buy.
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