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  1. The mortgage advisor is apparently independent! According to the sales lady they have already sold 3 plots in the building and its the last remaining block of flats to be built. I am tempted to call them tomorrow and offer £120k and ask them to sit on that offer and call be back if they decide to accept it. I will also let them know that i will be down the area in a fortnight to view some other properties and for them to call me when they are prepared to negogiate.
  2. Hi Everyone, Im looking for any tips in order to drive a hard bargain for a new build that has caught my interest. My current situation is that i have £30k deposit which equates to more then 20% of this new build with the rest being put on mortgage. Anyway there are 2 flats for sale which i will briefly explain below, all builds have a 5% off list price policy according to the sales lady at bell homes: Build 1) Fully completed and fully furnished up for £140k but the sales lady gave us a quoted price of £132k with all the furniture and blinds etc. Build 2) Currently still being built and due for completion in April 2011 up for £143k but the sales lady offered this at around £134k with possible legal fees thrown in. Now, i have been told by the sales woman that i would need to contact there mortgage advisor to extract a reference number from them in order to make a booking???? Not entirely sure why this is needed as i did explain to her that we received our mortgage in principal with a financial advisor we met earlier on the day at another estate agents. Anyway, my first plan of action is to contact bell homes advisor to extract this reference number and then begin the bartering process. However, we ideally would prefer the 2nd build as this includes 2 bathroom and balcony but what is the best price to put in the first offer? The property is up for £143 with 5% off which is around £134k so would £125k be sensible for 1st offer? If this is refused then we can slowly up our offer and get them to include the furniture packs and blinds thrown in together with the legal fees. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Happy
  3. Yeah there are some pictures of the property with tape over them, so does this usually mean that the property is a repossession? Also, how do i go about into researching into the Land Registry to deal directly with the bank? Sorry for all the questions but as a FTB any advice would be great.
  4. Me and the gf are FTB with a deposit of around £30k each and have been recently browsing the property ladder. We had our eye on a few properties which are now "Under offer" as follows: ===================================== address of property We are acting for the mortgagees and have received an offer of £105,000 on the above property. Any interested parties must submit any higher offers in writing to the selling agent, Bairstow Eves, 125 Daigeln Drive, South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 5EH before an exchange of contracts takes place. ====================================== Now we were keen to view this property but how does this Under offer work? It sounds if we could hi-jack the the purchase at any time until the contracts have been exchanged potentially leaving the current buyer out of expenses etc. Is this a normal practice? Also, with the above property now on offer, could we realistically arrange a mortgage in principal and put a offer in to? I am planning to contact the EA and arrange for a viewing asap to review the property. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Wow so by 2 posts you can guess that im a underemployed EA looking to drum up business...........? Well i can assure you that im definately NOT a EA but simply just a first time buyer looking to buy our first house in the market reasonably priced thats close to London. I have made another post on some other forums asking for locals to provide there opinions and the general view is that the Ingress and Waterstone Park are the places to be. If you search for my old posts you can probably see that i have scouted 2 other areas including: Thamesmead (Turned out to be not worthwhile in particularly the prison) Erith (Lots of people have mentioned its a dump including my friend who has just started working there LOL)
  6. So far i have heard some mixed reviews about the area! Apparently Waterstone and Ingress Park are the places to be where the properties and area is quite nice! Other than that its a dump! However, there are good transport links wiith the trains to london and the M25 so that is a very good plus point!
  7. Anybody living near or in Greenhithe? As a first time buyer working in london, this area seems to be quite attractive with the flat prices! Just wondered if there was any greenhithe peeps in here?
  8. Think i will keep an eye out for this area and see how it develops, the lower prices are definately a positive point but as we all know in life we have to take the positive and negatives
  9. MRMX9 i think your spot on, its hard to find another place in london that provides such cheap alternatives. The district line will be perfect for work but as mentioned before i will take a look at the area sometime this week hopefully.
  10. Anyone on this forum from Barking London.......? Im looking to possibly buy a property in Springs Places in this area in order to get myself on the housing market. A 1-2 bedroom property can be purchased around 100-120k which isnt too bad but this would work out much better for me as this would mean i am no longer throwing away dead (rent) money paying someone elses mortgage. Any thoughts on the area? The london underground is close by so the links into london is quite convienient. This is quite appealing to me as i only have a small deposit around 15k.
  11. Hello All, Following on from my first post regarding thamesmead which was a complete failure, i have turned my attentions to Spring place Barking where a newish flat can be picked up around 100-120k! Now given that this place isnt too far from the station, im beginning to doubt why this place is soooo cheap........? I cant seem to find anything on this website regarding anything negative towards Barking but again i see this as a good opportunity to own my own property instead of throwing dead money to landlords paying for rent. Any opinions will be great!
  12. Thanks for the info spark, can you email me on ees2203atgmail.com??? I cant use the pm system here yet but i may want some further info Do you know of miles close as well.......? I took a look around there today and it was suprisingly nice, flats looked clean and tidy! Regarding Tideslea path im either looking at miles close or tideslea
  13. Yeah i have been doing some research into the travel and i think it would take me just over an hour to get into the city! Makes it quite tempting that the flat prices are quite cheap in this area. Can any residents on this forum advise on the travelling time into london city.......? I had a drive around the area today and it looked ok but i guess an appointment with the agents to view the property might reveal more. As usual any more tips or advice would be appreciated!
  14. Hi Peeps, Im looking to invest in a property around this area and just wanted some opinions on the place? I took a look around miles close and it was very residential which was nice! However, how is the transport into the city like? Thanks
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