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  1. Its the young who have prevented from buying, not the old who have bought wisely, The Labour party robbed good pension schemes with TAX which encouraged many to close, this drove people to BTL with its advantageous borrowing criteria at the time all at the same time as the flood gates to Mass immigration were opened. Slowly the Tories are reversing that trend without causing a crash.
  2. Whatever it is it will not benefit the Workers of this country.
  3. People are concerned about the population ratio to area, not how much is concreted over, this article is just trying to take attention off the real problem of our population growth which is exploding, We have over twice as many people per square mile as France and Poland and many other EU countries.
  4. Up to three months ago reduced emails from Rightmove in the areas I monitor were very rare, now they are daily. The market has turned
  5. Doncaster same with BTL now, batch's coming up in the same area as if they are selling up.
  6. Not sure they want to prop prices anymore, they want to cut housing benefit, increasing housing prices increases rents and housing benefits.
  7. Getting a lot of Rightmove reduced price emails now, and cannot believe how many properties are chain free. The market is slowing down compared with 2 years ago.
  8. Watch the Markets fall if he does along with the already falling house prices,
  9. awaytogo

    HPC crazy? No.

    As soon as houses lose the tag of a money making commodity prices will fall.
  10. I don't get Labour they want full access to the single market we all do, But we have been told we cannot have that numerous times by the EU unless we have free movement, The majority of people voted out because of Free movement , so what have Labour got that is going to change that stance of the EU, or are they just going to give the EU everything they want.
  11. Noticed the an increase in activity in the top and bottom (BTL) ends of the market in the areas I am looking at, and the Reduced emails seem to be daily now.
  12. The lenders,Government and BOE know the housing market has been stretched to it limit.People who think it can go any further are going to be disappointed.
  13. What has Brexit to do with the poor wage performance, we have not left yet.
  14. Only 46 authorities out of 355 have a lending ratio of 3 to 5 times the income, it was only 20 years ago when 3 was classed as the norm. No wonder the market is stalling, How naive to think that these sorts of ratios can keep on increasing.
  15. Surely if the latest HPI figures are repeated over the next three months lenders will be looking at LTV rates and will cut back to protect their loans, this will in turn affect the FTBs with limited deposits who will have to cut back on their purchase price and will inevitably reduce sale prices more into the negative.
  16. The Lenders must be having a good think about this and possibly thinking about LTV rates.
  17. With the latest monthly HPC reports from the two leading lenders showing vertually no increase,Surely the lending brakes will be going on from most lenders pretty soon..
  18. This Book was written before any of the effects of Mass immigration were even starting to have any effects on the housing market and BTL ownership was small compared with the present day, will the market react differently with these taken into account.
  19. According to the Office for National Statistics, the average house price is 7.6 times the average annual salary, more than double the figure two decades ago. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Says it all, this is out of control and will stop one way or another, Are we at the limit.
  20. Many European company's have their share in these projects so they will want to also see a reasonable outcome from the brexit talks or they will lose as well.
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