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  1. Even a groundsource heat pump needs electricity to operate, about 10 amp i amp told. The only thing that is free electricity is a good old fashioned candle and wood/coal burner. As an electrician it is more than about having the staff resources, it is about whether it is safe to reinstate, if the area is still flooded NO if there are still high winds NO
  2. Campaign to move the Capitol to Birmingham, that sure take the wind out of the housing boom. They have all got to anyway as westminster needs rebuilding and if the government says it is one nation why not. Other nations have it that way Germany and the Netherlands being two.
  3. Dont know where you are but i think you are being ripped off. Depends on value of fittings but i would be looking for a labour charge of about £2.5k in the North West
  4. I think apart from London & The South East we are in the capitulation phase. Up here in the North West very little is moving and stuff that is must be going for vastly less than headline price. I think it will not be long till everyone works out that anything is only worth what someone can pay and with the mortgage rates available to HTB2 buyers at a minimum of near 5%.......
  5. Yeah Ket Crystal Meth and Cannabis whilst having parties with men he met through gay pickup websites shows what sort of morals he has, very bad news for the methodist church
  6. Agreed its not very nice and the landlord should have gone after the perpetrator, but if the perp has no money if the victim and the perp were joint tenants.
  7. I am sorry and know i will get flamed for this but as a renter would you want to rent or let alone buy a house someone had been murdered in. its not like the house is a little anonymous two up two down. With the internet and local gossip bad news hangs around forever. A friend of mine bought a lovely manor house nominally worth a couple of million, for £400k because the previous occupant committed suicide by gassing themselves in the cellar. No one would touch it for ten years.
  8. Nobody is suggesting free movement within the commonwealth, international aid should be implicitly used as a bribe to develop countries with the intention of keeping their citizens in their own country and not coming here
  9. The sooner that London turns into a stinking shit hole the better. London is not the centre of the known universe
  10. I think that this is one very good reason amongst many that benefits should be given on a debit card account system that prevents use on gambling, and curbs the amount that can be used on alcohol and tobacco
  11. But the thing is when you are taxed or pay your NI it goes into a great big pot for everyone, not a special savings account for you. If you have assets they should be considered as you being able to afford care when you really need it. I should not have to pay for you in order to safeguard an inheritance for your family. Of all my grandparents none of them needed specialist care for more than three months each because we as a greater family cared for them and your family if they want your inheritance just remember to not piss them off
  12. Things are going to have to go back to the way they used to be and the continental model where many generations ive in the same house. That way cradle to grave families would care for their own. Besides £25k per year is better spent in the family.
  13. I am now of the opinion that planning must be taken out of the hands of councils as they are elected and partial.
  14. The real answer is very simple, and has been the true method of divineing anythings value for hundreds, nay thousands of years AUCTION subject to survey. A lender gives a mortgage based on the purchasers means and the ability to pay on the day on any property
  15. Does the population as a whole want them, or are we starting to see a split in society. Because those over 50 (Baby Boomers) shout loudest thats what it looks like but at some point it must cross the rubicon where those priced out actually outnumber those nimbys/boomers.
  16. Oh yes mobs do feature, how come it is that my local authority was able to set up a complete moratorium on new houses in one half of the borough
  17. I was talking to a young dutch guy last night who had just moved over. He explained to me that every house in holland was re-valued every year for tax purposes and the tax went up or down accordingly. This valuation figure was freely available to all (including historical data) My question is, if we had this sort of system in the UK would it have mitagated the boom & bust
  18. I have been thinking about this and I do think it is about time we did have a visa entry system. Anyone who does not have a visa or an EU passport simply does not get in. Also I have no problem with identity cards. No EU passport or visa or identity card = no benefits and no health care
  19. Largely I think it is because Thatcher killed manufacturing and Labour tried to buy votes thro benefits I am anti EU but pro regionalisation because it is the only thing that can save this country The SE and london are hugely overcrowded and there is too little private and too much public sector in the regions. The only way to counter this is devolvement
  20. We have just taken in a mate of my son's, whose Dad has just remarried and his stepmom for some unknown reason hates him. His real mom lives in Australia but he cannot get a visa to live there nor does he want to. He is working but is on teenagers minimum wage so could not possibly afford to pay rent. This government has no clue
  21. There is an answer and it is quite simple Scrap the existing tax system and move to LVT and VAT only Then nothing escapes Would never happen though because we would need 70% less tax inspectors and accountants and 40% less lawyers
  22. LVT makes nimbys disappear faster than a ferret up a drainpipe
  23. I am very much in favour of a mansion tax, because it cannot be avoided in fact this country would be a much more equitable place if we removed all income taxes and moved to just two taxes Land Value Tax & VAT
  24. It is an excellent example, mansion tax is just a version of Land Value Tax which i heartily agree with. The tax system is too complicated with too many loopholes and we should just start again. Land value Tax is a very equitable way doing this maybe with an additional VAT type tax as with both you can make choices as to how much you pay and there is no possibility of avoidance
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