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  1. Cleobury Mortimer is nice, too. I think reports of flooding are exaggerated. Our rental cottage is on the riverbank in Ludlow- during the 2007 floods the water was still a foot below the hose, though in the garden. There havent been floods since one in the 1940's before 2007. Also, I have been back here for nearly 3 months now, and havnt failed to park so far.
  2. I couldn't resist joining this site to add to these posts. I sold my house in a good part of Bristol in April in order to return to my home town of Ludlow. It has not proven easy at all, with the result that I am now about to move from a 5/6 bed house to a three bed rental, and not out of choice. Our first seller pulled out, and within our price range there is very very little on the market. We need a fairly large house to accommodate three children and a home office. There are plenty of top of the range properties (which dont shift) and plenty of modern estate cheaper houses but nothing in be
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