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  1. Well I got a letter from my solicitor today saying that she isn't able to complete until November and has offered £400 to cover my costs. My offer was accepted at the end of May and I was told that she wasn't in a chain and could move straight away. Think that's my decision made for me and I'll be looking for somewhere to rent tomorrow!
  2. Thanks, I know that I'm just trying to work out which is the best way to put that roof over my head - If I had the money I'd go for option 3.
  3. Well if it's not paying off their mortgage it's lining their pockets!
  4. Thanks for your replies, that's given me some more to think about. The survey didn't bring up anything major I didn't already know about - I could see the roof needed some work (Possibly not £1100 amount of work though) I don't want to go down the route of gazundering as feel that's unfair and I either need to bite the bullet and go for it or pull out before it goes any further. I do really like the house otherwise I wouldn't have put an offer in, but it's also a hell of a lot of money to lose! I've been looking at the properties for rent at the £500/550 mark and they aren't somewhere I want to live or if they are won't accept pets (I've tried offering higher deposits/having carpets cleaned etc), maybe I should go and have a look at some that are in the £600+ region and see if I can find anything then. I hate the idea that I'm spending half of my wage to rent somewhere which is probably paying off someone elses mortgage though! And yes he is one hell of a dog!
  5. Hi, I have recently had an offer accepted on a house and I'm starting to worry that I am doing the wrong thing. The house is a 2 bed end of terace in Beverley, East Yorkshire, it was originally on the market for £130,000, was £125,000 when I went to view it and the offer that they've accepted is £113,000. I'm a FTB and have a deposit of £35,000, my take home pay is £1400 per month and my mortgage repayments will be £382 (on a 5 year tracker which I can fix at any time). I know interest rates are likely to rise but don't think that will happen in the near future and I am planning on overpaying as much as I can. My reasons for buying are mainly that renting a place in Beverley that allows dogs will cost me about £500 per month and will not be in as nice an area or have off street parking. I am currently renting a room in someones house and have had enough of being confined to one room as my dog is not allowed anywhere else in the house (the kitchen is also revolting and like being back in uni halls). I am fed up of moving from place to place as in the last 4 years the longeset I have lived in the same place is 8 months and want somewhere to call home! I could also get a lodger in (if I can find one) which would allow me to overpay the mortgage even more. My main worries are that I am buying a house in an area which has high levels of unemployment and also that house prices are still falling. I know that in the next 5 years I will probably want to move out of the area and so therefore will need to be able to sell it again, hopefully without losing all of my deposit. I guess I could rent it out if I can't sell it but then if everybody does the same thing there will be loads of properties available to rent and no market for it. I also saw the other day that the house next door sold for £110,000 in April although mine has a conservatory and a slightly larger garden but also needs £1000 spending on the roof. I am starting to think that I should have bargained harder to get it for a lower price! Anyway I have been going backwards and forwards over the pros and cons and just wondered what other peoples views were and if there was anything I hadn't considered?
  6. I am in a similar situation and can't decide what to do either. I've found a house I really like for £115,000 and have a £40,000 deposit which would make repayments around £380 a month at the moment which is 26% of my take home. If interest rates rise to 10% I can still afford the mortgage but not if they go up to 15%. If I buy I would look at getting a lodger for the first year or so to put some money back in the bank but that's not guaranteed. I'm currently renting a room in a shared house but need to move in the near future. Part of me thinks I should go with the safer option and find somewhere to rent but the cheapest place I can find is £475 (I have a dog which limits my options) and it seems silly to be paying £100 more a month to pay off someone elses mortgage! Please let me know what you decide. I change my mind on a daily basis!
  7. I agree with paying it off when you're young and don't have as many outgoings. I currently put aside the same amount as what gets paid directly out of my salary and if interest rates do shoot up in September and I can't find a better interest rate for my savings I will transfer my savings to the SLC then.
  8. Seeing as interest rates are 0% on student loans at the moment, surely you would be better off making regular payments into a savings account with as high an interest rate that you can find rather than paying off extra on your student loan.
  9. I wonder how many people will never pay off their student loans. I graduated in 2007 with 13k of student debt at the rate I'm paying it off at the moment it will take me around 90 years to pay off and that's without interest being added to it. If I had 40k of debt that would take me nearer to 300 years to pay off. Whilst at uni we were told we would be able to go straight into 20k a year jobs, only two of my friends managed that, quite a few ended up going back home and working in jobs that they used to do part time before they got their degrees making it a complete waste of time.
  10. I travelled round Thailand using buses - comfier and cheaper than National Express but a nightmare if you get one that blasts Thai karaoke at you for the entire journey! Travelled the same way in South America and they even bring you dinner and breakfast whilst your travelling!
  11. I was looking at going from Gloucester to London on the train - £120 R/T for 2, so decided to go by National Express instead only £40 R/T for 2 adults takes 40mins longer but I figure that's worth the saving.
  12. Another one to try is spareroom.co.uk
  13. I've had the normal young persons experience - now I want to live somewhere better and can't afford it so I'm stuck in a shared house I am until I can work my way up to a better job. Or do I have to be a certain age and have had enough young person experiences before I can move out of shared accommodation?! When I finally have a little shoebox I will definitely be thankful that I no longer have to share with strangers!
  14. Why shouldn't I have aspirations to live in something better than a five bed share with people I don't know who keep you up at all times of the night, piss on the toilet seat, never clean anything, steal anything you leave in a communal area and wander in to your room drunk whenever they feel like it so you have to keep your door locked constantly?! To be fair I moved out of that one pretty quick and am now in a much better shared house but I don't want to be there for the next few years. I do realise I'm probably much better off than alot of people but that doesn't stop me from wanting to live somewhere better. And no the waiting until I'm 25 and getting HB wasn't meant to be serious - by the time I'm 25 I hope I'll be on a decent enough wage to afford to rent somewhere nicer and finally have my own space!
  15. I'm in a similar situation apart from I'm earning a more than minimum wage. I hate sharing but the cost of renting a one bed flat or studio apartment is ridiculous. There are some I can afford but they're in the city centre and normally the closest you could park your car would be three streets away and then you'd still have to pay for a parking permit. I could actually buy a two bed place in the same area and the mortgage repayments would be less than the rent on a tiny studio apartment! I'll keep sharing and save more for a deposit until I get a pay rise, rent comes down or I turn 25 and can then qualify for HB!
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