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  1. Hello All, A quick update to the situation: I had several followup E-mails asking me to agree to the renewal and rent increase. I ignored them up until last week, when the Letting Agent tried to phone me while I was on holiday in Norway. I ignored the call but followed up with an E-mail advising that I would be staying, but without accepting a rent increase. They subsequently responded to my E-mail asking me to reconsider, saying "We have been liaising with your landlord on this, but a rent increase is requested as part of the renewal" (judging by the wording, I suspect the LL has
  2. Last time this happened I responded to their Email stating that I wished to stay but would not be accepting a rent increase or signing a new TA. About two weeks before my contract was due to expire I received an Email saying that they had arranged for someone to go through the checkout process and collect the keys on the date my contract expired. I contacted them and told the to cancel whatever process they had invoked and ended up signing a new TA. I queried the cost (£250), asking for a bill of materials. Predictably they fobbed me off, even saying that I was getting a good deal a
  3. Hello, I've been renting a flat in Reading with my girlfriend. It's relatively low-end as I've been saving for a house deposit (£60K saved to date). Not keen on buying in Reading, though both of us enjoy our jobs so I think we'll be staying around for a while. Each year our letting agent has attempted to increase our rent by £50 per month (5%) and get us to sign a new tenancy agreement. To date, I've always refused the rent increase, though signed a new TA (and paid the £250 fee) as a gesture of goodwill. The service we've received from both our LA and LL have been excellent, and rep
  4. In fairness, I suspect that anyone moving from London to Glasgow would enjoy a significantly better quality of life. However, of my friends who originate from other countries, the vast majority say that they wish to remain around London, or at least relatively close, due to airport links and being able to pop back and see family etc. I suspect that places like Glasgow have significantly less choice when it comes to international flights
  5. Are you referring to the 95% Help to Buy Mortgages? If so, these were extended to older properties some years back. HTB must be finishing soon. When introduced back in 2013, it was only meant to be a temporary measure.
  6. I'd echo fandanman's sentiments about life in Reading. Having spent the last four years living and working there, I can confidently say that I've found it to horrible, soulless dump. A trip on the number 17 bus will take you through Cemetery Junction and Oxford Road, giving some insight into the social dystopia which proliferates throughout the town. I would not want to commit to living down here for another 5-10 years. I currently save £2K per month so have a financially compelling reason to be down here. House prices are obscene down here, no doubt partially underpinned by t
  7. I saw this reported in a Daily Mail article yesterday. According to LinkedIn he used to be employed by the Cooperative Bank. Judging by his career history and age, he shouldn't be short of cash. I wonder why he's still got a mortgage at 59?
  8. Wow - that's quite an amazing figure. Based on the average UK house price quoted by Halifax being in excess of £2k, the average house made £5400 in August. Meanwhile, someone on the average salary of £27,000 would have earned £2250 pre-tax.
  9. I'd move somewhere where your earnings are more closely aligned to the cost of living. I live in the South East for the simple reason that my Salary is a multiple of what I was earning in my Northern homeland. If I became unable to command the salary I do, I'd move in a heart beat.
  10. I'm voting UKIP. Although I quite like what the Labour and the Green Parties support with regard to housing, I feel very strongly about immigration and our ongoing membership of the EU. Nigel Farage is not afraid to speak his mind, unlike Con/Lib/Lab who just utter empty populist rhetoric.
  11. I didn't realise that this thread was still active, so thought I'd give you an update We ended up renting a 1 bed flat by the Kennet and Avon Canal - 10 minute walk from the hospital where my OH works - £975 PCM. The place is finished to a very high spec and is larger than we'd been expecting for a 1 bed. We were paying £600 a month for a mid-range two bed in Nottingham City Centre (Lace Market area). The sweet point for a decent 2 bed in central Reading is £1100 PCM. Further out (Earley etc) I saw some decent 2 beds going for £800 PCM, though due to not being able to drive at the moment ne
  12. Me too. On a more serious note, it really begs the question - if you're not poor or stinking rich, what is the point in working and trying hard? Parties of all colours appear to be forgetting the middle earners
  13. Thanks for the helpful advice. My enquiries (contacting the local electricity company) have revealed that Spark Energy are already supplying energy to the property. I suspect that the previous tenant signed their agreement without taking issue to the clause or indeed being aware of how Spark operate. According to what I've read, I'll have to use Spark for 28 days, at which point I'll be able to request a transfer to another electricity company. It sounds as though I'll have a fight on my hands, though I'll be fighting it tirelessly.
  14. Good Afternoon, I'm about to sign a tenancy agreement for a flat I'm hoping to move into very shortly. On reviewing my tenancy agreement before signing, I noticed some clauses relating to having Spark Energy as my electricity supplier. A quick google on Spark Energy reveals them to be very pricey and difficult to switch away from. They've even been fined for blocking people from leaving. Would simply crossing out these clauses be sufficient, or do I need to request a new tenancy agreement? When I spoke to the Letting Agent who said that I could opt out of it and that they would exclude
  15. Just seen this pop up on my Facebook News Feed ; As expected, boomer types celebrating their advantageous position on the GetReading Facebook Page, with no comprehension or appreciation of the economic impact this will have on the generations behind them. The sooner this becomes a political hot potatoe the better. These people aren't in this position due to success or intuition on their own part, but in the large, economic circumstance.
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