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  1. Spot on, I cant understand the envy/jealousy on this forum sometimes, they basicly spend what they earn and the husbands income is likely to improve so whats the big deal? I'm going to open myself up for abuse on here but I'm a single bloke and have spent a similar amount each month last year, life is for living and I have a great time, I still save but at the end of the day its all about balance.. Too many people focus there efforts on how to spend less, how about focus on how to improve your lot and make more? TC
  2. I am not having a coronary, I can handle the facts that you have presented in a rational manner but do you really think this is sustainable for the country if you and god knows how many others are playing the system like this? If you had a 100kish tax bill this means you had an exceptionally high income, in that case why did you not have enough saved to see you through the lean times and to set up a new business, why does the uk tax payer need to foot the bill just because its legal to claim all these benefits? Can I ask why you need child care when you are not working? TC
  3. Your sense of self entitlement astounds me, it may be legal to claim all these benefits but that does not make it right I understand that you are just playing the system but in reality you should have had to sell your house or use your savings Now I know where my 100k tax bill was spent last year, hope you enjoy it TC
  4. Oh my god, can someone please tell me how this woman gets paid for child care on top of all the other things? 4kpm ffs, no wonder this country is going down the $hitter. I am surprised there has been so little comment on this, why work for a living? TC I start
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...on&index=10 Check out this rightmove link and see how many properties are still available.. I just cant understand how so many high value properties have sold, where is the money coming from? TC
  6. I have recently completed a tax planning strategy similar to this, can’t remember all the ins and outs but basically this is how it went: To avoid paying both corporation tax and personal income tax the company would purchase an offshore employment benefit trust from a third party (if the trust was set up by the company it would be liable for tax) then from this point there was two options 1. A non repayable loan (less risky of the options but only really viable if you are close to retirement) there was if I remember correctly a small benefit in kind annual charge with this option. Even on death there was some clever way out of paying tax (cant remember this bit) 2. A futures trade backing both the upside and the downside of a particular market that would ‘bust’ the company trust and ‘win’ for the individual, as this is classed as gambling there is no tax payable. (more risky as the Inland Revenue is more likely to investigate) I went for option 2 as I am nowhere near retirement and it has worked very well, apart from some steep fee’s I have paid no corporation tax or personal income TC
  7. From my experience most of the people I know earning that kind of money are either investment bankers or business owners. I know of two people in construction one making 500k+ and the other 2m+ (all government funded projects) which is crazy money but it proves it is possible with a little hard work. Does anyone know if business owners income is included in the national wages stats? TC
  8. I do the opposite, I am lucky enough to have a v good six figure income and i save around 65-70% of that, my aim is to get out of the rat race asap. Why cant people keep things low key rather than trying to keep up with the jones's? TC
  9. I agree, not many employees making that kind of salary but I would say there is a higher proportion of business owners on this site, when you run your own show it is easily possible to save 5k+ per month and pay the tax. Not sure this site has that many jackanory types on here.. TC
  10. I've been toying with the idea for months and finally just done a deal on a LP560-4 TC
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