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  1. Those prices are mental !!

    ......and I wouldn't want to live in any of them.

    Don't even think about one of these if you have a car, even if you can find a space you'll be getting tickets all the time from the Wardens that roam the streets in 3's until 8 o'clock at night.

    I'm surprised at what you say about parking. Twice when I've been there (once during the day, once in the evening) there have been plenty of spaces in most of the streets. Plus, it's residents parking I understand, so wardens surely aren't an issue?

  2. I've been viewing a few properties in St Albans recently, and estate agents have been saying the problem is a chronic shortage of new listings - they claim that properties are going pretty quickly after coming to the market. Although I've certainly seen several on Property Bee that have been on for ages.

    I'm looking for something in the 450-600 bracket near the centre and the station (for commuting to London). The ones I've found seem pretty overpriced to me: eg 4 bed on Granville Road for £650k, and 3/4 bed on Liverpool Road for £515k (last sold for £250k in 2001, so this is 9% AER increase, compared with 5.5% AER for terraced houses in AL1 Mar 2001 - Jun 2009, according to the Land Resistry). The estate agent just rang to say they were "expecting" an offer on the latter imminently, but it seems way overpriced to me. Any thoughts here?

    Similarly, does anyone have any idea why this 4 bed terrace on Cannon Street is on for £489k, when the most that a house has ever sold for on that street is £410k (in 2006), and all recent sales have been £300-380k?

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