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  1. Irrespective of peoples' views on the paper, I think the most important thing to consider is the impact on sentiment. At the end of the day, as someone mentioned earlier, The Sun has great sway over the general populus. As such it is a major influencer over public views. As such I would hold that it's a great tool for the common HPC cause. PS I'm a major admirer of Murdoch's ability to build power and influence!
  2. In preparation for my viewing tomorrow, I spoke with my mortgage broker this morning who said I'd have had not problem raising more than I need six months ago, but with the onset of the FSA rules, many lenders are tightening up what were quite lax rules previously. I suppose that can only act to starve the market even more of entrants so we shall see.
  3. Thank you to all. In March my offers started at about the -10% mark, so feel I may have to start less than that, what with interest rate rises, and see what the receptions like. Fed Up Renting hit the nail on the head and what with it having enough room for a a couple of little Fuegos then I could see me being happy there for 10 years plus. Will let you know on Monday what the receptions like.
  4. I agree on wondering what the ruling says - what sort of precedent if any does this set? And what's the knock on for other borrowers, are we all in future going to have to pay a premium to protect the lenders from such rulings ?
  5. At the end of March / April, I went and looked a the perfect house for me, well located, well finished, the dog's in fact. had an offer in on it and everything, except the owner's withdrew it from the market as the doer-upper they were buying got picked up by a developer. The owner turned out to be a friend of a friend and I mentioned that if ever they were to find somewhere to let me know and perhaps forego the agent, never expecting to hear anything again. Funnily, they rang me at the start of the week and said that they were back in the running and if I'd like to go and have coffee and tal
  6. Also the Guardian article has a good article today: http://money.guardian.co.uk/houseprices/st...1338614,00.html This is a follow-up to yesterdays article highlighting the number of EAs reducing prices.
  7. I meant to say that after my recent trip to Poole I did have a scoot round to see where the art deco place was .. if only to try it on with tthe sisters .. and it is slap bang on a main road, and it looks more La Cage Aux Folles than anything else. More surprisingly though there was a tradesman's van outside with some guy doing tile cutting so it must still be costing them!
  8. Ahh Surveyor, I was wondering from one of the earlier threads concerning one of the mortgage companies putting staff on paid leave, whether you had seen any change in the amount of work coming through your door, or indeed through the doors of your collegues ? Does it follow that conveyancing type solicitors have also seen a down turn ? Or is this set to come over the coming months?
  9. We'll just watch Fatman Prescott bulldozer over acres of countryside to fit in crap out in the wild developments, with no proper consultation of the local populus as to the impact on all things including local infrastructure and services, just so he can be seen as doing the right thing.
  10. I suppose it would follow that surveyors and conveyancing chaps and chapesses would be having low levels of work at the moment too. I'm sure that there is one surveyor who posts on here, how's he finding things ?
  11. Despite my views about crashes, the girlfriend has always hankered after a flat in one particular round, and after many years has had an offer accepted on the place. She's negotiated well, but everybody is happy. So supposedly it's "under offer", except we've noticed that it's remained on their website. Anyhow posing as an ftb, I've rung up for details and asking whether it's still available or not and sure enough the answer comes back "Yes, would you like to view it?". Is it fair / realistic to ask that our offer is conditional that it is withdrawn from the market?
  12. .. Or the agents are going to start down sizing their valuations, to ensure a qucik turnaround, though that would be something of a vicious circle, given it would "prove" the beginning of a crash.
  13. That proves a bubble - you start reading it and it takes a couple of minutes and by jove in just those ocuple of minutes it's gone up by 25k !
  14. 1) Market view - Bear 2) Market postion - Prospective FTB 3) Area of Country - South East (South Bucks) 4) Occupation and Employer - Business Intelligence, Lloyd's of London 5) Highest Level of Education - MBA 6) Age - 30, 31 next week
  15. A note I posted after going to look at places the weekend for the mother in law, who completes next Friday, gave some of the EA's feedback from Hereford, where I was told the market needs to fall 25% and that vendors need to be more realistic .. I did feel like saying Yes but who set them expectations by way of a valuation in the first place?! But was too gobsmacked by the agent having said that the market need to fall.
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