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  1. http://www.leparisien.fr/politique/les-retraites-britanniques-de-combiers-ronges-par-l-incertitude-29-06-2016-5923241.php Le Parisien 29/6/16 Brexit les retraites britanniques de Dordogne rongés par l'incertitude. Brexit The retired British in the Dordogne are worried sick because of the uncertainty. Quote Over the last four days everything has toppled over in Combiers. We only sleep five hours a night i am worried for us and everybody over there. This Brexit is completely mad idiot and not democratic !. Having re-gained self control in between anger and stupefaction Kate and her frie
  2. http://www.charentelibre.fr/2015/12/30/pougne-trop-mechants-pour-le-pere-noel,3008922.php Charente Libre 31/12/15 Pougné Trop mechants pour le pere noel. Too nasty for father christmas. Quote Two families in the village were not invited to the christmas party that was organized by the festival commitee. These new arrivals talk about exculsion and discrimination. A storm warning in Pougne. They hardly know each other but the two families 'Coucharriere' and 'Arnoult' have a few things in common. They both moved to Pougne last August. They both have a high number of children nine for
  3. http://www.lepopulaire.fr/limousin/actualite/departement/creuse/2016/01/29/maisons-a-moins-de-45-000-euros-l-operation-menee-en-creuse-devrait-etre-reconduite_11759360.html Le populaire 29/1/16 Limousin Creuse Maisons à moins de 45,000 euros. Houses for less than 45,000 euros. Quote Attracted by the low cost of property and life in the open air the new arrivals will settle in the North Creuse in 2016. Out of 11 houses that were on sale at the start 4 in all likelihood have been sold. If two of the houses managed to sell before the open day the two others succeded in selling thanks to i
  4. http://www.lemonde.fr/logement/article/2016/03/22/saint-gaudens-paye-cher-sa-fievre-immobiliere_4887792_1653445.html Le Monde 22/3/16 Saint Gaudens paye cher sa fievre immobilier. Saint Gaudens pays a high price for its property fever. Quote In Saint Gaudens the view of the snow covered Pyrénées mountains is majestic despite the clouds of smoke that is rising out of the nasty paper mill. The population of 11,200 put up with it because it is one of the rare employers in this town in the Haute-Garonne that has been eaten away by unemployment 17% of the active population are unemployed a re
  5. http://www.magcentre.fr/92577-le-marche-immobilier-rural-pas-tres-clerc/ Mag centre Center magazine 5/3/16 Le marché immobilier rural. The rural property market. Quote But what are the solicitors doing at the annual farming exhibition ? Every year they occupy a stall that is visited and is also highly appreciated the rural solicitors come from all of the regions and give out advice to those who ask them. The solicitors are worried this year due to changes in the law that lowers there fees. The rural solicitors just like rural doctors are both facing the same problems. "We are having
  6. Fear is the word a short list of articles in the press. Brexit The english in the Vienne are against.. La Nouvelle Republique 22/2/16 Brexit ? So shocking for the english in Montreuil....La Voix du Nord. 2/3/16. Brexit Worries the english in the Indre ... La Nouvelle Republique 3/3/16. The Brexit worries the english in the Limousin .....Le Populaire 1/3/16. In case of a Brexit i will take the necessary steps to obtain french nationality ....Bfmtv 3/3/16 What will become of the British living in France..... Le Parisien 5/2/16. In the South West the British community are worried about th
  7. http://www.letelegramme.fr/bretagne/brexit-les-anglais-de-bretagne-contre-07-03-2016-10982258.php Le Telegramme 7/3/16 Brexit Les Anglais de Bretagne contre Brexit The English in Brittany are against it. Quote On the 23rd of June the British will vote to decide if the UK will remain in the EU an overwhelming majority of the english who live in the center of Brittany are against there country leaving Europe so we went to meet them. When you push open the door of the english grocer's shop 'the little Brittany' in the heart of the tiny village of Gouarec we had the impression of having been
  8. http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2016/01/15/2256269-une-annee-2015-en-berne-pour-l-immobilier-villeneuvois.html La Depeche Lot et Garonne 15/1/2016 Un anneé 2015 en berne pour l'immobilier villeneuvois. 2015 a down year for property in Villeneuve sur Lot. Quote The property market in Villeneuve has known a 'tense' 2015. The increase in property tax and the evolution of the mentalities of the buyers and the over abondance of the offers when compared to the demand are the main causes. 2016 has just begun an opportunity for the property stakeholders to the accounts. The results seem to be
  9. http://www.lemonde.fr/europe/article/2016/02/19/les-expatries-britanniques-dans-l-angoisse-d-un-brexit_4868460_3214.html Le Monde 19/2/2016 Les expatries britanniques dans l'angoisse d'un Brexit. British expats in anguish of a Brexit. Quote This week and more than usual Nick searches the newspapers looking for the slightest information about the referendum about staying in the EU that was promised by David Cameron. "Up until now i said to myself that it would never happen but the more i look for information the more i start to worry about my business". This englishman who owns a castl
  10. http://www.leparisien.fr/espace-premium/actu/au-village-des-anglais-on-refuse-d-y-croire-06-02-2016-5519149.php#xtref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.fr Le Parisien 6/2/16 Brexit au village des anglais on refuse d'y croire. Brexit in the english village we refuse to believe it. Quote In Eymet in the middle of the Perigord its impossible not to mention the subject of the Brexit seeing as the english colony is so considerable. The subject is at the heart of the conversations in the British owned establishments in the center of the historical fortified town of 2,600 habitants. Thats been nicknam
  11. If you fancy watching some comedy on tv' les camèras cachées de Francois l'embrouille' is being shown on the channel Paris Premiere tonight at 20.45 or in english the hidden cameras of Francois Damien. You can watch him on the TNT channel 41 or on orange channel 34 if your on free its channel 26 well worth watching for a laugh.
  12. http://www.sudouest.fr/2015/07/03/dordogne-une-dispute-a-l-anglaise-avec-un-couteau-a-pain-1985833-1980.php Sud Ouest South West 3/7/15 Dordogne une dispute à l'anglaise avec un couteau à pain. Dordogne an English style dispute with a bread knife. Quote A sixty year old British couple had a violent dispute Wednesday after-noon in a village in the Dordogne. Wednesday at the end of the after-noon in Javerlhac in the Dordogne a couple of sixty year old English had a violent dispute. The police were first called out to there home because the husband who was drunk hastily attacked his wif
  13. http://www.lepopulaire.fr/limousin/actualite/2015/09/16/il-agresse-un-automobiliste-ayant-le-volant-a-droite-car-il-n-aime-pas-les-anglais_11586848.html Le Populaire 16/9/15 Limousin il agresse un automobiliste ayant le volant à droite car il n'aime pas les anglais. He attacks a motorist with a right hand drive because he doesn't like the English. Quote The police are still investigating an attack the victim is from New Zealand he lives in 'la Porcherie in la haute-Vienne. The event goes back to last July the 28th of July on this day Mr Carrick was driving his Land Rover in the village
  14. We are staying in Lot for a couple of months, house hunting. http://www.laviequercynoise.fr/marche-de-l%E2%80%99immobilier%E2%80%89-une-reprise-fragile-s%E2%80%99amorce-cet-ete_6129/ La Vie Quercynoise 20/8/15 Life in Quercy. Ou en est le marché de l'immobilier dans le Lot ? Where is the property market in the Lot ? Quote Stephane estate agent in Prayssac has remarked an up turn when compared to last summer. "Its a little better than in 2014 there's a slight increase in demands up to 150,000 euros". Although the market remains calm for property over a 150,000 euros and more. Globall
  15. http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/Indre/Actualite/Economie-social/n/Contenus/Articles/2015/07/02/4.-A-Argenton-on-en-saura-plus-apres-l-ete-2388661 La Nouvelle Republique 2/7/15 Argenton-sur-Creuse A Argenton on en saura plus apres l'ete. In Argenton we will know more after the summer. Quote A small tremble it seems that the property market that has been morose these last few years has started up in the sector of Argenton-sur-Creuse. "A slight up turn since the start of 2015" according to Christine of Adil (county property information agency). "Without adoubt due to the low prices and
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