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  1. Hi there there is a group of us in contact via email. Previous posts tell you how to upgrade so you can send personal messages to get copied into the group. However most of us seem to be based in NI/Belfast. Dont know about the others, but my apartment is in Rubenstraase - I assume yours is too. You may also wish to look at the post by BK Law who are familiar with the situation.
  2. Checked today and also received a reduced rent for July from Kapall. CFP had said in emails from them that Kapall now looking after the rent. Like you it is not cleared yet. Keen to join up for a meeting about this.
  3. No money yet. I have contacted Brian Smith of CFP - he has advised to seek legal advice. He suggested Pablo Solar, tel 0049 3031102480, germanlaw@snx.de who was one of the solicitors who handled he conveyancing originally. I have emailed and phoned bk-law - office@bk-law.de, tel. 0049 (0)30 240 899 444. They were suggested in previous posts on this forum. They have indicated that a number of people have already contacted them and will send out some general info and advice today. I think possibly a joint approach with them may happen. Perhaps more people should contact them, but I cannot as yet vouch for them because I have only made an inital contact so far. Has anyone else had any feedback re: lawyers etc.
  4. My understanding was that the depreciating guarantee was really to give us breathing space to find new tenants if current ones left and was to top up the payments until this happened. The idea being that over 10 years the risk of a shortfall should reduce with generally rising rents. I think we need legal advice whether it is reasonable for Dr O to call on this or not in the way they have done and what safeguards we have that it will not be lost to us if Dr O goes into administration. There is a message on my profile from BK Law. A previous post recommended them. Does anyone know have they been monitoring this forum, or did someone request their help? Should we contact them for Help?
  5. sorry for being thick - how do we do that?
  6. I think you may be right ormeau1, I dont know who to trust. However the services he is offering may be good since he does seem to have a good working relationship with Allianz and can translate German. What di CFP say to you? Did they give any advice or recommend who to contact for legal advice?
  7. I would be keen to contact everyone directly also, so feel free to send me messages too.
  8. Hi everyone. Am in same situaton as everyone else. Unfortunately missed the meeting in Kings Head on Wed - only found the site on Thurs. I would appreciate feedback from the meeting. Is another meeting planned? I know lawyers and management companies were discussed - are there any that can be recommended and that we should perhaps approach as a group? Does any one have contact details for them? Has anyone had any contact or advice from CFP about all this? Surely Dr O are in breach of contract, and the whole poiont of the bank guarantee was so that we ould be able to continue paying our mortgages until we found new tenants/management comany etc if there was a problem with the rental income. Obviously we need legal advice, but perhapse should tend to go to the same lawyer. I would be keen to contact others directly - I am not famliar with forums - so would appreciate advice on how to do this.
  9. hi I am new to this forum. unsure how it works. did the meet in Kings Head go ahead? Is another meeting planned and wasa there any outcome from the meeting?
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