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  1. The garden was the reason for my bust up with the landlord. He walked around the garden tutting and demanding I rip out these huge invasive grass plants as they spread. I pointed out that I had spent an hour pulling out the largest which was there when we moved in. He said a new small one was damaging his patio despite it growing right next to a large apple tree! Some landlords want their tenants to improve their property. I told him where to go.
  2. But Stockman was suggesting they print euros not drachmas, so not entirely implausible. Of course they only have the 10 euro plates, but Stockman did acknowledge that.
  3. The GCB owns a press in Holargos, one of 14 across the EZ producing Euros.
  4. I would think the young would vote no, the old yes. If the young are as apathetic as here then it will be a convincing yes.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. The letting agent called me yesterday to say the landlord agreed with my terms to leave at the end of August. I will allow one inspection and prospective tenant visits in August accompanied by the letting agent only. Obviously I will be telling any viewers what sort of landlord they will be getting. I will get a police report number but won't inform the agency as we have got what we wanted, don't want to push my luck. We were always going to leave in August anyway. I did accidentally open a letter addressed to the landlord containing his mortgage statement. Made me wonder why he hasn't informed the bank of his change of address. Maybe he doesn't have consent to let. I know he used to live in the house. I think I should be a good citizen and inform his bank and the tax man! Must say I am quite enjoying my new hobby. The landlord obviously has no idea about the law and tenant's rights. He keeps shouting at me "this is MY house". Well he still owes £320k and as I tell him, "it's our home".
  6. Update. So the s21 was served before the deposit protected. Invalid. The s21 is also dated 1 day before the ast's date. Very invalid. We are supposed to move out on the 1st july and the letting agent has been calling the last 7 days. I have ignored the calls and delivered a letter tonight outlining our objection to the s21 and giving notice to leave at the end of august. Coincidentally the landlord and his wife have just knocked on the door demanding to know what is going on. I told them they have to give 24 hours notice and have written to the letting agent. The landlord then tried to force his way in, I told him this is breach of contract and closed the door in his face. Do I report this to the police?
  7. Just heard a radio ad from Galliard homes, saying an apartment that sold for 650k 2 years ago in london docklands has recently sold for 800k! Is this a good thing? Are we the idiots for thinking that paying 150k more in 2 years is a good thing? Do house prices really only go up for ever? Has the world gone mad?
  8. Quick update on this. After some research and confirmation from an online lawyer, it appears my S21 was issued incorrectly . The S21 was issued the day before we moved in at the same time as we signed the contract. The S21 cannot be issued until the deposit is protected which happened 22 days later. Oh dear . The landlord is expecting me to move out on July 1st but I intend to inform the letting agent of their mistake at the end of June. They will have to issue another S21 and 2 months notice which takes us to the end of August which is when we intended to move out anyway. How should I inform the letting agent of their mistake? A letter from myself or from a lawyer?
  9. If it isn't protected I believe he has to give it back before serving the s21. The S21 is not a possession order, for that he has to go to court which will take months. I would tell him when you intend to leave and make it clear when the S21 is enforced , ie the day you are supposed to move out, that you won't be leaving without a court order. All landlord visits should be in writing with 24 hours notice and you are entitled to refuse them. Keep a record of unauthorised visits preferably with video evidence. Bear in mind you are unlikely to get a reference if you intend to rent again.
  10. Is your deposit in one of the protected schemes?
  11. Shaking the piggy banks now. Can't go on much longer. Sadly if they Grexit I think they will be made an example of by the troika and could look eastward for help. Will another bailout be acceptable to the German taxpayers?
  12. Despite reading much of this thread I'm still confused. If I was issued an S21 on 1/7/14 and the deposit wasn't protected until 22/7/14 does this invalidate the S21? I have taken legal advice and been told the S21 is invalid, but this thread makes me doubt his knowledge. As I understand it, if the deposit is protected within 14 days then it is valid, in my case it took 21 days. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks Satch, good advice although I can't bring myself to go cap in hand and try to negotiate. Will probably make him think I'm moving out in july then pay another month and move in august. Would citizens advice give me legal advice?
  14. Very tempted to do that. How would I deal with paying the rent and would it affect my credit rating? We were going to leave in September anyway and don't intend to rent for a while if ever. Would I be liable for his court costs?
  15. Well that sucks. So tenants are completely at the mercy of landlords in this situation. Was I supposed to hope he would renew in July or start looking for somewhere in April but wait until June to give notice. It's almost as if landlords have made the rules themselves!
  16. The deposit is protected and within 30 days. I was given the deposit scheme info. I'm not yet sure of the S21 expiry date, I can't remember seeing it or signing it. Assuming the S21 is valid does the 2 month notice automatically start in the 10th month of the AST? This seems unfair to me as legally they could tell me to get out 1 day before the end of the tenancy and argue that I have had the S21 for 11 months 29 days.
  17. Thanks for the advice. The S21 was issued when we moved in, I have yet to check the date. Was only given verbal notice today to move out before July 2nd, so less than 2 months notice.
  18. Thanks Wurzel will check the S21 when I get home. If the S21 is dated 3rd July I still don't get 2 months notice, doesn't seem fair to me.
  19. I know this has been asked before but I would like clarification on my notice period. We began renting our house July 2nd last year on a 12 month AST, the S21 was issued when we signed the contract. After a massive row with the landlord on Saturday he has instructed the letting agent to evict us on July 2nd. Is this right? Don't I get 2 months notice from July 2nd so we have to be out by September 2nd?
  20. UKIP candidate missed off 89 Darlington ballot papers. Polling will continue. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/generalelection/dozens-of-ballot-papers-in-darlington-miss-off-local-ukip-candidate-but-election-goes-ahead-anyway-10232476.html
  21. Love it. How does this work with getting a reference for another rental?
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