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  1. Anecdotal: 27 year old colleague has 350k to spend (BOMAD) and was shocked when she viewed a grubby, small 2 bed flat in Homerton for that price. There was even a drugs raid going on down the street! But still doesn't put her off, now looking in Walthamstow. When people refuse to pay such insane prices we may get a crash.
  2. Good point. But the reality would probably mean higher food prices or no farmers.
  3. If we no longer contribute x billion to the eu then we can subsidise the farmers.
  4. I reckon the price and the house are about to fall off a cliff.
  5. Tell them to do one. They have to give 24 hours notice and at your convenience, which I always made sure was out of office hours. I bet you are paying a fortune to live there and they think they can just walk in and nosey around, makes my blood boil.
  6. Only 716 signatures. I guess generation rent are quite happy with the current rules.
  7. They don't have a frigging clue! Inflation, deflation, stagflation, QE, no QE, blah d blah. Might as well lick their finger and hold it in the air.
  8. But as you say, everyone already knows it's a charade so they have no need to raise in December. What will the consequences be if they don't?
  9. Yes, it's like tax credits. Once they are dished out and everyone relies on them it's very hard to unwind it. University is now a means to load kids up with debt. Shameful.
  10. This has been written about on here for years yet the imf seem surprised. Low interest rates create bubbles everywhere, and should have been raised years ago. Now is too late. Idiots.
  11. Justifiably so. Someone has to hold these aholes to account. Odious man with a god complex.
  12. I'm confused as to why the IMF made their position clear the day after the talks and not the day before.
  13. I think the plan b was to hold a referendum and a yes vote would allow them to agree to austerity. Plan c is to ignore the no vote.
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