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  1. Evening Standard is a free paper so I would think covers all political persuasions.
  2. My father was a firm remainer until we sat down and watched Brexit The Movie together. Now he is a leaver. Maybe the Brexit campaign should be based on the movie.
  3. But isn't that the game. Without the equity from her first property she couldn't afford the second. If she had rented she probably couldn't afford the first one either. Not saying hpi is good or sensible but if you don't join in you get left behind.
  4. Is that a credible source? If true, the out campaign should be shouting it from the rooftops.
  5. So Will Self wants BOMAD. Not very hpc friendly.
  6. Hmmm. I'm very close to buying a flat in Malaga with a Spanish mortgage. Am I being foolish? If Euro crumbles easier to pay it off in Sterling. If Sterling drops I have an asset in Euros. Or if the banks go under I lose it all. What happened to foreign mortgage holders in Greece?
  7. Lord Owen for Prime Minister! What an impressive man, a dignified statesman. They don't make em like that anymore. He should be leading the leave campaign not Bafoon Boris. I think I have a man crush!
  8. GloomMonger


    Fascinating,thanks for posting that. It does seem that the leave campaign are targeting social media, it's cheap and always the chance it will go viral.
  9. I agree. Most people will be voting for their apparent vested interest, the politicians especially. For those that don't have a vested interest Brexit will cause the most disruption.
  10. Yanis Varoufakis Yanis Varoufakis ‏@yanisvaroufakis Lagarde, today: "A 3.5% of GDP primary surplus" is not possible. Precisely my words to creditors & Tsipras in 2015
  11. And was he aware of this risk of war when he proposed the referendum. Strange he hasn't mentioned it before.
  12. I was berated for saying that at work yesterday. I was told that voting should be made compulsory like in Australia. I argued how can you vote for something you don't agree with. All ballot papers should have none of the above option.
  13. So you are both on the tenancy agreement? I don't know about the 1 month extension but I would give 1 months notice on 13th, explain the situation to the agent, then if your flatmate finds someone, they re-sign or move out if she doesn't.
  14. Who says you can't leave without an agreed replacement? Is it in your contract?
  15. Surely Osborne would have to resign if we Brexit. Even though I believe we can prosper outside the EU, I'm not convinced enough of our government/civil service do. Without a strong determined Brexit government we are stuffed.
  16. Thanks Venger. I wasn't aware of the changes.
  17. I like that. Wish I had done that with my previous landlord. I was naive to the fact if you get served the s21 at the start there is no warning of eviction at the end of contract. I played hardball and dared him to go to court knowing what a tight **** he is and we moved out on our own terms 2 months later. If you research the law it's not easy for them to evict so don't let them walk over you. Only downside being you might not get a good reference.
  18. Quite possibly, but is that how it works? Does the chancellor sit it in his office a week before budget day, sucking his pen, staring at the ceiling, making it up as he goes? Or does he have an army of advisors, economists, learned people who carefully prepare the economic future of our once great country? I sincerely hope it's the latter.
  19. Not sure, but I know a lawyer that bought a flat through the shared ownership scheme and he's been renting it for years and that's not allowed.
  20. I have been earning mid to high £50k for 4 years in london and with 2 kids and a my wife a full time mother I haven't saved a penny. Now very seriously considering a move to Spain or Germany as I've come to the conclusion that I will never buy a family home here and at least renting gives me more flexibility to move. HPI was really getting me down but I have realised it could push me to do things that being chained to a mortgage wouldn't allow me to. I took a 3 month sabbatical to live in Colombia back in August (missus is Colombian) and will probably retire there as I can't afford to retire here. Currently considering business opportunities in Spain. I agree that 100k will allow you to live ok in the suburbs of London.
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