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  1. I would argue that entry for a quarterly inspection without explicit permission from the tenant is unreasonable regardless of the tenancy agreement. Entry for emergencies a different matter.
  2. I would love to see land freed up for self builders. Modern prefab eco homes are quick to make and green. But the big developers won't let it happen.
  3. So it appears they did carry out our first inspection without our knowledge or consent. There's little I can do about but at least after my furious outburst they have apologised and are being very courteous. This is the second time I have had trouble with a landlord/agent and it seems they will walk all over you unless you make it very clear that it might be their house but it's your home.
  4. Thanks for the response Damocles. I haven't read through the whole thread but I understand what you're saying. It appears to come down to reasonableness. I would have thought it would be reasonable to actually make an effort to make contact with the tenants rather than an email 48 hours before with a condition that no response is taken as permission to enter. It does seem that tenancy laws are rather vague and open to interpretation.
  5. I almost turned into an attack dog when I saw her. Is it legal for them to assume entry when they don't get a reply to the email. I have insisted on a written letter in future. I loathe renting, treated like a servile loser.
  6. I began a new tenancy at the beginning of March. I received an email from them last week asking for an inspection and at the bottom of the letter it states "If we do not hear from you, we will assume that the above mentioned date is convenient." I replied to say it wasn't convenient and to rearrange it. I didn't receive a confirmation back. So we returned from holiday on Friday morning and at 11am the letting agent knocked on the door for the inspection. I went ballistic. It turns out this is the second inspection. We didn't receive the first email (or lost in Spam) and they let themselves in and did the inspection back in April without our explicit consent. I'm thinking about changing the locks, but is there anything else I should do?
  7. Yes, the landlord can do that. Is there a reason why they want to change tenants?
  8. I have travelled the world extensively and I would agree with that. We are an extremely tolerant nation.
  9. Pound about the same against the Euro as late 2014.
  10. You win some you lose some, that's democracy.
  11. You must be such a proud Scotsman with an atitude like that.
  12. I really don't understand this desire to be ruled by the EU. At least the Scots have influence in the UK parliament, we've even had a few Scottish PMs. What sort of influence do you think you will have it the EU? ******ing delusional.
  13. A bit like Greece then. Turned out well for them!
  14. Now denying it.Will an independent Scotland qualify to join the EU?
  15. GloomMonger


    When's he going? I want to watch. He must be sweating on what to do. It's midday and not a word from our Chancellor.
  16. Now on bbc, telegraph and guardian. No comments in the guardian which is unusual.
  17. Thanks xiox, useful advice. I have used Azimo in the past for electronic transfer although they are suspending services on Thursday due to expected currency disruptions.
  18. I have about 15k euros in Spain. I'm in Malaga from 25/6 to 30/6 and was thinking of bringing it back in cash if Sterling crashes. What's the best way to deposit cash into a bank account (good rate and no/low commission)?
  19. I do wonder whether many brexiters, consciously or subconsciously, are voting out as a punishment to the elite. If the eu is good for the 1% and is what the 1% want then they can go f*** themselves.
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36546302 Haven't seen this mentioned but this piqued my interest. A public spat between Bernard Jenkins MP and Carney. Can Carney vote in the referendum? He's Canadian, or is he a special case?
  21. I agree, but we must be punished and made an example of.
  22. On the train last week, 2 late 20s early 30s women in the seats opposite were discussing Brexit. One said, "for selfish reasons I am going to vote leave because I want house prices to come down". Oh how I smiled.
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