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  1. An interesting aside on currency exchange. When the OH came over here from Colombia 3 years ago it was 4600 pesos to £, it's now 2900. She has a house and a taxi over there and we get a few hundred pounds sent over every month from rent, this could soon be alot more
  2. My wife is Colombian. Went there last April and off again for 3 weeks in December. Beautiful country, friendly people, cheap, amazing women, I recommend it. One of the few countries that has mountains, lakes, beaches, jungle and a Pacific and Caribbean coastline. Hot in the valleys and cool in the mountains with not much rain. Security has increased enourmously over the last 5 years, still have to be careful and use common sense like most countries but Bogota, Pereira and Cartagena are fine for tourists.
  3. Went into Enfield this morning, Woolworths closed to become a discount homeware shop, that has now gone and a 99p shop is opening up in its place (the Cheeky Girls are cutting the ribbon end of the month!). There is also a "Buy your gold" stall in the shopping centre and walking around Boots I really noticed how much tat is for sale, especially the Christmas gift box crap. But if you stop and look at the hundreds of shoppers I'd say less than 5% were carrying bags. We're screwed
  4. Not yet, he can still change his mind and postpone the vat rise and stamp duty and end of scrappage and anything else to keep the bubble inflated
  5. But look at the front door, it's huge ! Or maybe you have to bend down to enter and it's a tiny house
  6. I see what you're saying. But if the majority of Joe Public buy a new car with finance then the government must recoup something from that too! And what about the car plant workers taxes?
  7. if they pay £1k towards the scrappage, £100 million will equate to 100 thousand new cars. Thats a sh*t load of new cars and to me doesnt add up!!!!! If that's right then: Low average of £5k per car @ VAT @ £750 Tax for a year £100 So lets round that back up to £1000, that would mean that they would actually get the money back! Is that right?
  8. on thursday I got July - Dec 09 at 17/1 on friday July - Dec 09 was 11/1
  9. have to say she is half right. I put my 2 bed flat on the market 10 days ago slightly above EA suggested asking price. Lady came round last night, cash buyer, offered full asking price. She said there is a shortage of property, especially decent property. Supply and demand is fuelling a mini bounce. I'm a STR, so don't believe the hype, but I will never underestimate the number of rabbits our masters will pull out of the hat to keep prices high.
  10. has it crossed your mind that they may not have a choice!!??
  11. So assuming there will be a period of high inflation, apart from struggling to pay for everyday goods, all those on long fixed mortgages will pay them off very quickly. Will the banks let this happen?
  12. Hi everyone, my first post and hopefully not a question that's been asked before I have been following the recent economic turbulence with interest and I'm now firmly in the doomers camp! The FTSE and Housemarket bounce of the last 3 months has got me thinking about selling my home, buying gold and renting before it all goes bad. However, something I can't get my head round is the concept of inflation eroding debt, especially mortgages. I understand that wage inflation is required to pay off a mortgage with variable rate interest, but what about fixed interest mortgages. If we get hyperinflation, then surely if I can pay £10000 for my weekly food bill, I can also pay my fixed rate mortgage off more quickly? Or am I missing something?
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