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  1. Received this unsolicited sms tonight: You may qualify for Government Debt Help. Upto 85% of debt written off. All Charges and fees will be Frozen. Apply at www.121helpuk.com or to OPToutSTOP I quite fancy a new beemer and 2 weeks in the Caribbean .
  2. Click the dot next to the title link. Should be reversed so clicking the title goes to last unread post.
  3. I ride past this on my commute. Will check it out Monday. Always thought they looked like expensive apartments.
  4. So what's the BoE end game? They have the choice of trashing the currency, stoking inflation and impoverishing the poor; or raise interest rates, support the £ and crash house prices. Assuming they want to keep house prices high then surely they need wage inflation but can they be sure they will get it. Is this really all about protecting the rich?
  5. That's what my wife says. If we rent the landlord will kick us out if we don't pay. If we buy, the banks won't kick us out if we don't pay. I don't hear about mass reposessions so maybe she has a point.
  6. It seems the world economy is snowballing out of control but I have a feeling nothing will be done and this will carry on for many years. It was broken in 2007 and it's more broken now. I guess some sort of reset is the only way out. As someone with zero debt I know I will lose out.
  7. There really is no hope. Anything, anything but lower prices. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/housing-crisis-gavin-barwell-flats-smaller-pocket-a7344061.html#commentsDiv
  8. I read that Victoria Secrets flagship store in London will have to pay business rates of 2.5 million! That's a lot of grundies to sell!
  9. Journalists are too busy entrapping football managers to investigate trifling matters such as the corruption of our countries finances.
  10. 15000 march in Brussels protesting against TTIP and CETA. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/712808/TTIP-CETA-TISA-protest-Brussels-EU-trade-deals-US-Canada Surprisingly no mention on the BBC.
  11. Clicked next page and got this error:
  12. My wife is convinced Help To Buy will be the next big PPI and the government will never repossess a HTB property.
  13. This is encouraging http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=13537143&sale=34675905&country=england Now for sale £50k cheaper than 2010
  14. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/id-like-to-be-right-by-the-sea-seven-of-the-112752171.html The article is yet more media ramping but the comments read like HPC on roids. I can feel the anger. Good to see we are not alone.
  15. I am also wavering. My wife saw a 4 bedroom detached house for sale for a "reasonable" price of £360k. We drove round to have a look and the agent was doing an open day. Turns out the property was rented out and the landlord is selling it and another slightly bigger one 4 doors down. It fits our needs perfectly. I have been waiting for a decent correction since 2009 and I'm sure there will be one some day but how long do we wait especially now our 2 children are in school. I've come to the conclusion that as long as we are happy with the house and are happy to stay there then we can live through a crash. I put in an offer this morning of £345k and stressed we are renting and can move quickly. Agent got back to me saying they have received offers for the asking price and above from buyers in a similar position to us. I pulled out. It's a sellers market in East Herts.
  16. Is there a difference between a protest vote and a ****** off we don't want you any more vote?
  17. In my experience with the DPS they are fair. If you were not present for the checkout then it may as well not have happened. Always a good idea to take a video when leaving a rented property. I was in dispute with my landlord over £1500 and went the single claim route. DPS gave it all to me as his claims weren't raised in the checkout. The fact you have admitted damage to the cistern suggests you are not trying to shirk all responsibility. Don't give up, you will find it empowering to take him on. Speak to the DPS about making multiple claims and what to do if he rejects the single claims procedure. If it goes to small claims court it is quite straightforward and will just be you, him and a magistrate. I can't see the court being impressed with his behaviour. Good luck and keep us informed.
  18. No checkout inventory?! He doesn't stand a chance. Fight it. Don't offer him anything. If you agree to go halves on redecorating then kiss your £500 goodbye. I would deny knowledge of any damage, the onus is on him to prove it was you. I am not a lawyer.
  19. Sounds like a desperate landlord. How much is the deposit? I have used the dps resolution service before and got it all back so I would think that by refusing to use this service will not count in his favour if it goes to court. My advice is stick to your guns, read up on the internet as much as possible as someone else would have been in a similar situation. There are some lawyer websites where you can also get free advice.
  20. Mods, the New Content feature on my mobile and PC is not working. No results are showing. Update: After posting this thread it is the only one showing in New Content. Looks like New Content is just showing my own New Content and not everyones. Update Update: Please ignore me. I have found the filters option. Somehow set to show just my posts.
  21. Record immigration and record high rents is not a coincidence. More competition for fewer houses.
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