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  1. The European Commission have already said Scotland have no automatic right to be part of the EU. They would have to apply for membership.
  2. A Scotland outside the UK and outside the EU, how does that work?
  3. In that case play hardball. I had a standup row with my landlord who then issued a S21. I was moving abroad for 3 months and just wrote to the agency saying the S21 had not been served correctly and gave them a date I would move out that was convenient for me. I stayed 2 months over my S21 date. I kept paying rent and got my deposit back. I gave them as little notice of my intentions as possible. Eviction is not an easy or quick process for them.
  4. Keep paying rent but move out on your own terms. The eviction process is lengthy and time consuming and costly. The only issue will be getting a landlord reference if you rent again.
  5. Never heard of the tenant paying to check out. That's absurd. Is your deposit protected?
  6. Works for me on a Galaxy S7. Check the settings in Chrome - Accessibility
  7. I know it doesn't help now, but I was in a similar position and allowed viewings but told everyone what an ahole the landlord was and all the faults with the house that he had a void anyway. Still makes me smile.
  8. This reminds me of 2008 when my Brother-in-law was called by his bank to offer to fix his variable rate business loan for 10 years. He agreed and then interest rates dropped 4%. Maybe the bankers know something.
  9. 1 million rose up and marched on Parliament! Did you listen to them Tony you ****
  10. Update: house was advertised at 325. 2 buyers offered over 340. I guess some parts of the country are stagnant others are still manic.
  11. East Herts - yesterday made asking price offer on a 4 bed semi. 6 others also offered the same. Now going for last and final offer on wednesday. House needs 50k spent on it and is priced low for the area. There were 30 viewings at the open day.
  12. As the article states, it's an unverified story. To report it as fact is more damaging to MI6, the UK government and the FBI than it is to Trump. Just looks like they are throwing mud hoping it will stick.
  13. Chatting with my Venezuelan neighbour the other day he tells me there are serious food shortages throughout the country. Inflation has destroyed the currency and US dollars are in high demand. The government nationalise companies and party members get to be first in line for any handouts. Invariably the company will then close. Not seen any of this mentioned in our press. A good read here: Al Jazeera English: Venezuela military controls food as nation goes hungry. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw9MaM_zI
  14. You're both right of course. Trying to placate the wife. Even if my offer was accepted, having planes roar overhead every 15 minutes could drive you mad! I will sit tight until the EAs are begging me for an offer!
  15. My better half is getting tired of renting and is really wants to buy this year despite me still clinging to the HPC dream/fairytale. So, viewed this yesterday http://zo.op.la/r15NVp It's on the flight path, is very close to the M11 and A120, every room has mould, is small and the large garden is overgrown. Most stuff round here is selling and I expect this will too. Despite all that, I am putting a low offer in tomorrow. Thought I would start with 210. I could then afford to knock it down and start again if there was a tiny chance the offer was accepted. What is good value?
  16. Another earthquake close to Fukishima. Expecting a 3m tsunami. This could be disastrous .
  17. My first strategy was to wait for the crash. My second strategy was to emigrate. I am now working on my third strategy to become a multi millionaire which is the most likely to succeed .
  18. Love the way the mirror at the end of the bed gives the illusion of space. Now if they added another mirror opposite it would appear cavernous!!!
  19. If the referendum result is overturned will you see that as a democratic decision and be content that democracy has prevailed?
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