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  1. I joined here in 2009, I have a life so am not a prolific poster but I can read. My opinion of other posters i have never met is irrelevant. This used to be a great forum with insightful, intelligent and mostly good humoured contributors. All I recently read on this thread is you and your sidekick attacking other posters, not just one, and derailing the thread. It's dull and tedious. Take it elsewhere.
  2. You really are a tiresome bully. Why don't you take your personal attacks off topic and leave this thread to the brexit debate?
  3. I'm convinced the middle man won't allow this to happen. Cryptos will always be associated with money laundering and the dark web.
  4. Waiting sounds like good advice. I signed up with Coinbase yesterday and verified today with £750 limit, very easy process. Now I can see why ETH is so popular as from Coinbase it's the only sensible way to buy alt coins. I am going to watch and dip my toe in when things have settled.
  5. Been following this thread with interest for a while now. Trying to see both the bear and bulls viewpoint. The bulls were very vocal on the way up and have now gone quiet. Are they topping up their portfolio with bargain priced coins? I'm thinking of jumping in but the silence here is deafening.
  6. This may have been answered already, but can someone give me their vision of a fully functioning global crypto currency in the future? Will it replace fiat? Some on here have made large gains and are true believers. At the moment the reality is you can only spend these gains by cashing out into fiat which defeats the point of cryptos. Will the dollar be replaced as the reserve currency for instance?
  7. I don't know the figures but I wonder if the number of new young drivers has nosedived. Cost of living must be all time high and running a car is expensive.
  8. Sounds like you have a lot of equity. It depends on your circumstances. If you are single and kids are a long way off and you can deal with prices falling further then maybe it's an option. The price is still insane though.
  9. Is that a UK regulation? 1st I've heard of it. Is that the trigger we need?
  10. The taxman gets most of it. 2% gets me an extra £48 per month which just about covers the rise in my train fare.
  11. 2% and 5% bonus. Lowest in 9 years but serves me right for criticising a partner in the confidential end of year reviews! Won't do that again!
  12. You must have missed the EU's treatment of Greece. It has gone way beyond its original remit and now resembles a totalitarian state run by Germany. Or have I been hoodwinked too?
  13. We will pay something but Davis has said today that we will not pay 100 billion.
  14. Threaten to do it anyway. You can try and claim rent back through the small claims court but that will take a while.
  15. Threaten to pay for it yourself and take it out of next months rent. Might focus his mind. And add an admin fee for your inconvenience.
  16. When you say renewal, do you mean sign another 12 month AST? If you go to a rolling contract with 1 month notice will cost you nothing.
  17. In England and Wales your deposit must be protected by 1 of 3 schemes. The Deposit Protection Service, MyDeposits or Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Find out which one first.
  18. If the agent can't make money out of the tenant then they will have to charge the landlord. I can't see agents doing regular inspections for nothing and all the other admin. I'm sure landlords will try and pass the cost to the tenant, if they can't then those with the smallest margins should surely sell. I expect there will be a cap on the max tenants can be charged.
  19. What are the terms of Scottish independence. If Brexit has taught us anything it's important to clarify what leaving the union means. Do the Scots take some of the national debt? How much? Do they keep the pound and can they print it? Which industries do they keep? All the oil fields? Can Scots remain in England or do they need to apply for visas? It's not that straightforward.
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