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  1. No it didn't. The free market was as much an illusion then as it is now, governemnts had been intervening to try and hold back the excesses of the free market from the 1870's-1880's.
  2. Cities do something to the human mind in a way that can be so creative. The countryside can do something similar. London is an amazing city. It's a dream and a reality its horrible and terrific from street to street. Charles Dickens used to spend nights walking across the city as it helped him think. Will Self does the same now. I read somewhere recently someone talking about how nonsensical it is to talk as if cities are somehow unnatural places for people. If cities are unnatural so are ant hills and colonies, termite mounds, bee and wasp hives, beaver dams and any other "artificial" natural structure which organisms build. I love walking about London before dawn. I walk the riverside from Southwark Cathedral to Trafalgar Square regularly at 6:30a.m. and I NEVER get tired of it. It's a tremendous city for the flâneur in one. A function that only occurs in cities. From wikipedia;
  3. I want the headline government introduces scrapage scheme for old governments. When will we get that crucial option?
  4. The affordability index is a fleeting convergence. The key word is fleeting - a bit like the "Roger - Challenger, go with throttle-up..." moment. For a few fleeting moments, milliseconds, the engines powered up, the shuttle was passed the critical point of maximum dynamic stress and everything looked rosy.
  5. It's a tough choice. It's probably a bit of a hackneyed old cliche, but I like it. I think the situation re: crash bang wallop of houseprices is a bit like the phoney war of 1939. We were at war but all the normal stuff was just unfolding, business as usual, hugga mugga. The real fear and horror didn't begin until late in 1940 when the bombing of London began. I mean it even has it's own shorthand name things were so blase. "The Phoney War." Sums it up. We're in, I think, a similar mindset. Particularly with all the talk recently of crash cancelled, and France Germany and Japan allegedly emerging from recession. Coupled with the ruling mob's desperate desire to make us all believe things are as bad as it's going to get and it's back to jam tomorrow. I could be wrong - and I frequently am, but this would be nothng short of astounding if recovery on the terms the main stream media want was really happening. It would also simply mean catastrophe postponed for an even worse day. It is difficult because I don't want to be un-necessarilly bleak and bearish. But it seems that the tide of economics and history is weighed against us and a sort of day of reckoning is fast approaching. But I am mental so what would I know.
  6. The whole global depression/recession lark seems worth it in a small way now.
  7. God how I wish I understood enough about markets to at least be able to nod sagely and mutter darkly.
  8. Good Video and George is a bit of funny boy. "Nobody listens to me about real estate because I don't own a house - I'm just a loser with a camera.'
  9. What is meant by a 'shock point'? What is a 'shock point' apart from a wall socket?
  10. It really is a good interview. Recent reports of Nouriel Roubini's conversion to bull seem to have been exaggerated, Part of the reason we don't have interviews like this is that BBC are sh1tting themselves about annoying the government, the Gilligan sexed up dossier fracas was a turning point - a very serious turning point. Gilligan was only partly wrong and the govt. jumped all over the BeeB like a psychotic bouncer giving a drunk a kicking on a Saturday night. Being a BBC journalist now is the equivalent of being paid to let some old man sh1t on you for his own pleasure. Their job is to start and end their reporting with the phrase "A government spokesman said......." or "....according to a government source"
  11. Yes but she's singing that song about poor lost Persephone. Cover your ears.
  12. The million $ question. Any politican who does try to get the gubbermint out of the driving seat anytime soon is going to need either a death wish or have cojones of purest titanium because of the pain that will follow. I'm not hopeful.
  13. Why ambassador you spoil us - Excellente article. Thanks Eric.
  14. There is very little little logic in the current situation. We are watching massive government engineering playing itself out. Unemployment in the US is still going up like a rocket - although slightly less so than earlier this year. The UK unemployment climb isn't far behind although our figures are heavily 'massaged' for media consumption. Gordon Brown is willing to do anything to engineer a quasi-recovery purely for political reasons. Whoever wins the General election here is irrelevant because thats when the real pain begins of slashing budgets and wages while raising taxes to pay for the bailout. Bank lending isn't about to take off. This situation is full of anomalies and therefore by definition is unstable. I'm not offering expert advice but I am no longer surprised by anything in this unsustainable Alice in Wonderland world of finance.
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