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  1. Dear all There is no money coming in today. We are going to approach Pablo for a group quote tomorrow, please email me asap if you are interested to join in. We have been given a paper to sign, but will wait until joint decision made.
  2. We are going to take a group decision, everyone please email me asap if you are willing to join us, we have 11 people already. [email protected]
  3. Dear All We have been posting here and email to each other for some time now, regardless the rent for July receive or not, we need action asap to sort it out the contract for the future. I suggest we all look for German lawyers quote, quote for acting on behalf of a group of investors, to deal with Dr Ochel and Alliance, 1 we will need to have a correct understanding of our contract, especially the bond and deposit, management terms and conditions,etc. 2 we will need to investgate how much our tanents actually paid to DR O. For instance, if our tanents pay Dr O €400, why Dr O pay us €300, this is also help us to know where we really are. 3 we will need to Quote from another management company. After we have these all, we can compare them, and make a decision together whether we move to another management company or stay with Dr O. We are currently looking for these three things. Before we fully understand where we are, I suggest not to sign any paper. For those who haven't got our email address, please see the replied message,once you emailed to me I will forward you others. chloecroadatyahoodotcodotuk
  4. We are in the same situation and locate in London, here is my contact detail if you want to meet up [details removed] Mod edit ; please don't put personal details on open forum. This is for your own protection. Admin has kindly enabled Personal messaging for you to contact each other with personal details.
  5. Here is the contact detail fron one member who joined the meeting, his name is James. [details removed] Mod edit : Please don't put personal details in posts - its against forum rules and for your own protection.
  6. Dear All How can we contact each other directly?
  7. We have read the letter about release cash guarentee, this cash is our money, why we should use our own money to pay the shortage made from Dr O? we didn't sign the paper, and will not sign unless our lawyer say so. Hope there is some news from the meeting?
  8. Thank you all. I would like to know any update on our case, the 10 years contract has to be resolved asap, once you have meet each other, please can you add me to your contact list I can be found in poliform UK from their company website.
  9. Hi Pipeslice We are in the same situation as you are, please let us know what to do next, We would like to join you to seek group action, if you log on Poliform uk Ltd website, call for their account department, ask for Chole, who will give you more info on the updates We must stay together...
  10. I have been contacting Dr Ochel, suprisingly, Oleg responded, he also responed my other quires. Can anyone tell me whether I can trust this man? on his latest letter, said that we will get payment on 30 July for much reduced amount, and our cash guarentee will be used towards the shortage of mortgage. Please help, Many thanks! I would be happy to join you to seek legal help in Germany. Our solicitor suggested not to act before any official action in place, we haven't heard anything since then.
  11. Can we have quot for acting for group of people, that will bring down the cost.
  12. Yes we have got the same letter but will not take any action to this, Dr O is in mess the moment, perhaps they haven't found out what they really want to say. The cash is our money, cash that in means the lost to us. Please keep us informed on any update.
  13. We have the same situation as you, our solicitor said is better to wait for Official action, then he can help us if things remain no change, O..S told me today that we will get nearly halved amount for July rental and June rental has gone missing... Please keep me informed if there is any update after meeting. Poliform UK LTD, account department, chloe
  14. What form shall we sign for? Please keep me informed
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