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  1. Quote me if I am wrong but they fell circa 20- 25%, this site was stating for a very long time that a 30% correction was due, so at 25% you're nearly there
  2. Assuming you want to buy, would you be able to buy if things did go pear shaped?
  3. This is the thing I dont understand, there was a house price crash
  4. There is also an element of over population in the world, by making a system where you are penelise for having too much children would be a good start to control the growth. We also to need stop funding places with famine and let nature take its course. If the land that one lives on can not support the population then clearly there is something wrong. Providing aid will only make the problem worse and will not fix it.
  5. Essentially make a few guess's and you'll get it right at some point
  6. I dont think it will tank, but it will slow up alot and this is exactly what the government wants and is planning for
  7. There are quite a few factors which you dont know about though, you're assuming people have to sell and will take what they can get for it. Where as they may just be testing the market to see what they can get for it. Another thing is that while asking prices might be higher, the actual sales price could be remarkabley different.
  8. I assume that we are allow to trust them when the survey shows a drop in house price?
  9. Id that because you dont want to hear a perhaps balanced argument. Remember we all have a vested interested
  10. Why do you need 25%, there are dozens of products out there which will accept 15% If the bank does not accept 15%, then I would look hard at the property you are intending on buying as it may be grossly inflated compared to the rest of the market?
  11. Why is it obvious that they will try and sell as soon as possible. For many people, a house is their home. Just because prices tank, does not mean that they will sell. The costs involved in doing so would make it unattractive to do so. I might be wrong here, but it is the lack credit which prevented HPI continuing rather than the actual prce of them (ie what people were prepared to pay for them) . If the banks had continued to lend, people would have continued to buy in my view - Madness I know, but that is the machine we've got. Even if your pipe dream were to come true and there was an emergency budget, there would be no buyers as the doom and gloom would prevent them from doing so. So yes you might get a crash, but the economy would be so ******ed that no one would buy, nor could they get lending, and at that point the potential seller would deem to unacceptable to carry such losses
  12. Maybe so, but that increasing in supply will disappear if prices head south again.
  13. Indeed it does, but that does not make it a bull trap does it? If you do need to sell, you'll regardless
  14. Why is it a bull trap? If people dont need to sell then there is no trap?
  15. What would be the point of that? You'd just cause collapse and you'd be worse off
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