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  1. QUOTE Spot the difference - Credibility thrown away. END QUOTE. Excellent post, Needle. How valuable it is to have a memory - sometimes in short supply around here.
  2. Will house prices go up or down this year, I wonder. Or perhaps stay the same?
  3. right_freds-dead, You have my sympathy and best wishes whatever you decide. This is a fabulous thread, it's got everything that matters about the present house situation. Here's my bit. If interest rates double can you keep up the repayments? If yes, go for it and good luck. If no, pull back from the abyss.
  4. English Rose, thanks for your post which bucked me up. Glad to see I’m not alone. The site’s great but it sometimes lets itself down, probably because of the anonymity, but I find it very good in lots of ways. If we lost the anonymity we'd lose some of the good things. The more people who make their views felt the better, in my opinion. I recommend it to people and let them judge.
  5. No, I don’t think I’m naive. I don’t myself mix up patriotism with hating foreigners, being racist, etc. – that’s the point I was making. As you say they’re different things. In any case go back far enough and we’re all foreigners. I recognise that other people sometimes do mix up patriotism and xenophobia or try to pass the second off as the first, usually for dodgy reasons. I also said that but probably didn’t express it well. Here’s somebody who put it better 300 years ago (not sure I can make link work): http://www.blackmask.com/books63c/trueborneng.htm
  6. Some mess in the head here, Catch22. As your posts are generally good and I read them with interest I’m surprised. We need to make distinctions. I’ve never equated being a patriot with nazism or racism or imperialism or military aggression. These creeds may try to claim they’re the same as patriotism but it’s a hypocritical lie. All of them are loathsome to me. You do equate them, it seems (correct me if I’m wrong). If so you’re the one with the problem. By the way I’m not impressed by being sworn at.
  7. Its for washing your wellington boots in, surely? Give your wellington a warm spray each day and it will work better.
  8. Kam wrote: ‘Don't confuse economic implications of immigration for Racism.’ I heartily agree with this. We shouldn’t confuse economic factors and race – or the other way round. Sine270: Why is patriotism healthy and honourable? Well it’s natural to love your place (doesn’t mean you can’t criticise it) and natural’s healthy. By honourable I mean it’s not something to be ashamed of. I’m with you when you say ‘only the weak and easily led will support their country no matter what.’ Patriotism for me isn’t doing what a politician tells you – often the opposite. Keep a wary eye on politicians. Needle: Thanks for the welcome. Experienced? Well yes, but I hope everybody here's done better than I have when they reach walking stick age.
  9. Er, yes quite. But just so we know where we are here. Patriotism is a zealous devotion to one’s country. This is healthy and honourable. Racism or racialism is a belief in the superiority of a particular race leading to prejudice and antagonism towards people of other races, especially those felt as a threat. This is sick and poisonous. The definitions aren’t my definitions, they’re what the words mean (Oxford English Dictionary).
  10. What I don’t like on this site: i) illiteracy; ii) bad language; iii) racism; iv) sexism; v) boasting about greed; vi) knocking Britain, or rather England – I do this, but I don’t like seeing it done; vii) dull insults aimed at other members, or at Gordon Brown. I could go on. What I do like: i) energetic debate; ii) witty posts; iii) piss-taking (despite ii above); iv) personal stories from real people, buyers and sellers, lost in the forest; v) accounts of how it is around the country; vi) expertise; vii) generosity; viii) graphs; ix) historical comparisons; x) theory and anti-theory; xi) satire; xii) some brilliant avatars. Again I could go on. I’m sixty six, messed up my finances, messed up my marriage, just retired, and I’m looking for a two-up two-down somewhere, probably in Doncaster or thereabouts. If I hadn’t stumbled on this site I’d have paid twice the going price for something I didn’t want. Housepricecrash saved me from that, for which thanks - and for the great laughs.
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