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  1. The Bank of England was influencing the major banks setting Libor rates during the great financial crisis, a recording unveiled by BBC Panorama shows. The BBC uncovered that commercial banks were made by the Bank Of England to push the figures down in the midst of the great contemporary conundrum for global financial markets . The recording potentially calls into question the parliamentary testimonies of former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Paul Tucker and former CEO of Barclays Bob Diamond. Libor rates are the basis by which commercial banks calculate interest rates on a variety of products including mortgages and Loans. Banks have to submit the rate at which they can obtain financing from other banks. According to a conversation in the recording held between senior Barclays manager Mark Dearlove and Libor rates submitter Peter Johnson, the bank was made to report lower Libor rates by the UK Government and the Bank of England. After Johnson objects to reporting figures that are lower than the market rates, he is told by his supervisor to report the figures lower anyway. The call between the two occurred on the same day that Paul Tucker spoke with the then-CEO of Barclays, Bob Diamond. The BBC states that the duo discussed Libor rates during the call. Commeting to the BBC, MP Chris Philp said: “It sounds to me like those people giving evidence, particularly Bob Diamond and Paul Tucker were misleading parliament, that is a contempt of parliament, it’s a very serious matter and I think we need to urgently summon those individuals back before parliament to explain why it is they appear to have misled MPs. It’s extremely serious.” “The Bank of England is suppose to be assisting the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) criminal investigations into Libor manipulation by employees at commercial banks and brokers by providing, on a voluntary basis, documents and records requested by the SFO,” https://www.theguardian.com/business...portant-number
  2. I've recently just realised that something very dramatic is going to happen with our political system in Westminster because of Brexit. They are not going to except the results of the referendum, I know that every MP in this country when they start to talk about Brexit , They start with the words "We accept the result of the Referendum " please don't forget what happened in Ireland when the political elite didn't get the answer they were looking for,but here in the UK it's going to go down a bit differently. They are going to use time,deception and deceit and at the end ! alot of arrogance on their part and we, 'the people' will finally see that our so called political representatives work for their own interests and those that they look up to .The masks they put on and wear every day in front of the public will be ripped from their faces by there own actions and we will see them for what they really are,We the public will then reject the political system as it is, because we will realise that the levers of power work solely for the few at the top of society and the rest of us we're just here to pay the bills for their greed and criminality which for 'them' and only 'them' is perfectly legal behaviour .
  3. http://www.thecanary.co/ If your like me and have come to the conclusion that the media(That we all know and trust) really isn't in giving 'us' the public the truth !, but their perception of what the truth should be and how we should digest it, may I suggest that before your 'own' personal prejudices kick in (you do have them ) ,which the newspapers also love to pander to .You should visit this website Fresh, Fearless Independent Journalism | The Canary and review the stories of the day,remember our media is property of........ "fill in name of owner" and journalists do what we all do in our jobs! What we are told !!! so having somewhere to go where the journalists aren't manipulated by those that are so rich and powerful that they have the right to tell us what to think,when to think it and how to think it, It May help you ! in giving you a better overall perspective on how the news is manipulated and better inform you about our news coverage that we digest every day. http://www.thecanary.co/
  4. This referendum has been wonderful for me because at the end of the day ,Scotland will finally gets it's independence ,northern Ireland might reunifie with Ireland and poor wales might finally grow up and say we are not going to be called a region of England anymore, We want to be a independent country. Why is this all happening ?Do you think it was the Brexit vote?, Well it definitely tipped the balance ! but the clock started in 2008 when the greed and criminality of the few was finally exposed to us 'good responsible exploitable resources' as we are called by those from up above . Their greed and criminality couldn't be hidden anymore,and as time passed the mask was torn from their faces and we finally found out that these people where above the law and controlled the levers of power , they proved if there was any doubt to anyone they own the levers of power and could do whatever they liked ,which they did and are still doing with wreck-less abandonment , I see Interest rates are going to be moved downward, which means we all get legally mugged yet again. So to anyone that's upset by the situation remember all empires must finally come to a End and we on these islands are showing the world how to do it without anyone getting killed or put it another way having a civil war !!! one day even the American Empire will come to a end,Hey!! it may be happening already? I wonder if they'll do it as civilised us !! they do have alot of guns!!
  5. So are you an Innie or an Outie? honest folks for the very first time in my life i don't know how to vote !! I'm a great believer in the European concept but it's now corrupt and it needs a revamp, but the corrupt bureaucrats prefer the status quo,So England leaving may be the good kick up the a**e they need, and that would give us Scots another chance to say we want a referendum or we could say to wales and northern Ireland we're the uk now!! we'll carry on being members but without England. OHH !! that would be poetic justice wouldn't it.after all the years of being as a scot being patted on the head with the words whispered in our ear "you can't survive without us! "and in the other "we subsidise you"
  6. Here we go again with Cameron , deceiving the people and with the help of the London based media or the 6 Billionaires who own it all , centralising on that the negotiations were all about welfare benefits of people migrating from other European nations to here ,one in-particular that Romanians were getting child benefit sent back, which was greater than what they would get if they stayed at home. I'm sure this is true ,but no mention and i mean NO​ mention of what the main negotiations were really about,or should i say what dominated his time, which was getting exemptions for the London based financial institutions of the regulations that are going to be introduced next year to the financial market by the rest of the European Union. Looks like The City State London are going to stay at number 1 as the most deregulated place in the world and where all the crooks the legal and illegal ones come and stay !! glad their political representative and chums did their job very well indeed !! representing the greed and criminality of the Few !!.
  7. thejaksie you make some excellent points and Duel y noted! but your perception of finance is pre-2008, the goal posts have moved.Currencies all around the world are losing their VALUE.Even the yuan(Chinese currency) is losing it!! If I didn't know any better I'd say their was a currency war taking place, but hey !! what do i know . Now let me get my History right ,it was Nixon who in 71 got rid of the gold Standard(Love his Quote "if you got them by the Balls their heart and mind is sure to follow) Mr tricky dickie himself !! . That is to say before trickie dickie came along if you wanted to put more put money into circulation you had to buy more gold or silver, if you didn't you would get rampant inflation ,we can now put as much money into circulation as we like, we now call this 'Quantitative easing', but of course there is no Inflation Taking place, as a matter of fact the reverse is true. Which brings me back to what caused the 2008 crash 'Derivatives' the Future's market. 'dodgy as hell'. Honest when you look into the financial world and how it functions you realise that Tricky Dickie was a crook, and that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher moved the goal posts so that what we would call criminal activity ,wasn't anymore, they sold it to us under the banner of deregulation, technically a license to legally mug everyone. It must be nice to have your cake and eat it ,with candles on top and a firework display to keep yourself amused.
  8. I've come to the conclusion that the Creed and criminality of the few (you know who they are !!) take the people of this nation dare i say it "The World" as fools and why shouldn't they, they get to legally mug everyone and/or anyone they like and they prove this everyday by their actions, that they are above the law and that Canadian they shipped in,'Carney' to front the Bank Of England. How he manages to keep a straight face in public knowing that!, the day will come when for whatever reason(it'll be a good one) they will end up, cutting Interest Rates (He must just keep thinking about the money he's making ) , So this song and dance routine they seem to be doing, that they going to put them up ,when and by how much. The arrogance of these people!!. I can Categorically tell you now! they are NOT going up, tomorrow, next week, next year, even the next decade!!. Right now the Banks are having their cake and eat it, with candles on top and a firework display to keep them amused and they're not going to give this up. Interest Rates set by the B.O.E is nothing to do with us ! only the Financial Institutions can go to the B.O.E for money and pay a interest of 0.5%, for the rest of us what we pay for access to credit is decided by the "LIBOR Rate" ,That's the London Inter(Internal) Bank Order Rate to you and me. That decides what we pay for our mortgages, credit cards, store cards, for everything except of course how much they pay us , for our money , we deposit with them and to think the Banks were caught rigging not only the LIBOR Rates but the EUROBOR and the WORLDBOR rates ! and all they got was fined! so we paid for that, either as a customer or as a tax payer and they wouldn't have been caught if it wasn't for the US Government.So to all you people out there don't fall for the Bull !! the powers that be really do think we are all Stupid !!
  9. Look this Labour leadership is all a distraction, we all know who's going to win "Andy Burnham" it's already been decided and it has nothing to do with what the rank and file membership wants. Now I don't know if he had a accident as a kid or it's just botox injections ?Hey !! He should give 'Putin' a ring and ask who did his face job ! at least they did a better job
  10. Despite the referendum result to stay part of England, Stagecoach’s South West Trains still regard Scotland as a foreign country. SWT ticket-Vending machines in Berkshire are programmed not to recognise our Scottish Banknotes as legal tender. Scottish people using SWT ticket machines are finding that their Scottish notes are being rejected .One unfortunate customer after finding this out was then forced to pay a ten pound surcharge because the train guard refused her a rail card discount “If you purchase a ticket onboard like you have done, you can’t expect to use discounts such as railcards” This was SWT’S explanation for punishing customers for their own failings. Presumably Stagecoach bus and rail Tycoons Brian Souter and his sister Ann Gloag won’t have difficulty recognising that every £10 they acquire from us gullible Scottish Customers as legal tender when they add this extra revenue stream to their £1bn fortune. http://www.scotbanks.org.uk/legal_position.php
  11. The BBC in Australia is currently lobbying for new draconian copyright regulations, demanding that broadband companies spy on their users’ online activity . Horrified that 13,000 people in Australia managed to pirate the first three episodes of Doctor Who – compared to more than 3.4 million legal and subscribed viewers – the Global corporation is demanding that all internet service providers down under be legally forced to monitor all users’ activity. Their argument is that “It is reasonable for all ISPs to be placed under a obligation to identify user behaviour that is ‘suspicious’ and indicative of a user engaging in conduct that infringes copyright,’ the BBC lobbyist have told the Australian government. “Such behaviour may include the illegitimate use by internet users of Internet Protocol obfuscation tools in combination with high download volumes.” These so called “suspicious” users would then be issued with a series of ever escalating warnings and punishments, presumed guilty until they could prove themselves innocent.(It’s not as if the BBC don’t have a lot of experience in doing this back here in the UK). There are, of course, a lot more other reasons for downloading high volumes than pirating Doctor Who-including, for instance, watching movies or TV legally. Equally, “IP obfuscation tools” are simply, if you didn’t already know, services such as virtual private networks (VPNs) these are perfectly legal, and are used throughout the world to add an extra level of security and privacy for internet communication. They’re generally used as a way of maintaining security while using public WiFi networks, and are used by people working from home to access their office networks. Many Tech Buffs (Me Included), journalists etc, use them for everything as a matter of course. And how did the episodes of Doctor Who leak onto the internet in the first place? Er, through an employee posting them on the World Wide Web on a computer at work that was publicly accessible and indexed by Google .Oops .
  12. BBC Scotland is facing serious questions over its handling of the independence debate after it was found guilty of breaching its own editorial guidelines on accuracy. The BBC Trust has found that the reporting of the BBC Scotland interview with Irish minister Lucinda Creighton was misleading "The Committee, on balance, agreed with the complainant in relation to this particular broadcast" Exclusive - Trust finds BBC Scotland guilty of breaking guidelines over EU indy story Can the BBC be trusted to report the Independence issue impartially ? Given that the Creighton story took almost a year to reach its conclusion ...
  13. The BBC, the No, No, No Broadcaster The London based BBC political reporter Nick (you know the one! the bald headed guy with the glasses) asked a question to Alex Salmond how the banks knew better than him and that Scotland would lose vast amounts of business and revenue if RBS and other Scottish-based Banks moved their head offices to the City state of London in the event of Scotland getting it’s Independence. Alec Salmond responded after the audience quietened down by saying you know as well as I do “Nick” that moving the name plate of their HQ would not affect Banking Business and tax revenues in Scotland i.e. Business would be unaffected .This is what actually happened but the BBC UK National Broadcaster report cut the response by Alex Salmond to this egocentric, ego damaged numpty (Nick the bald headed guy with the glasses) as ‘the question wasn’t answered’. Well Nick! ,if you somehow manage to read this by keeping your Glasses on. You would know and anyone who managed to complete primary education, that if they did move their Headquarters this would be a very good thing for Scotland and the Scottish people since it would rid ourselves of the risk of paying for bailouts of the sort required for RBS in 2008/09 which demanded £46bn of taxpayers’ money and since ‘Nick’ your such a high standard, well informed Journalist that we expect from the BBC you would know that RBS only paid a paltry£43 million in corporation tax last year for the whole of the UK (wonder how they managed to get away with that! mmm ). With the London financial sector free of any reforms since their greed and criminal activity caused the financial crisis in the first place, which we are all paying for and with more crashes inevitable in the decades ahead, having all your Banks registered in a neighbouring country would be a economic blessing as good having Billions of extra barrels of oil each year.
  14. Why Are The Tories So Keen For Scotland To Stay In The Union? That question is easy to answer "Money" The resources that are left , especially off northern and western Scotland are vast, but if you ask anyone from Westminster they will respond when asked by saying the resources in the Northsea are running out . there are only 2 new fields that are mentioned, Clara and Warlock which are off the west coast of Shetland and their projected income is 1 trillion pounds.That's the thing about being Scottish one minute we're told through your London based media . 'you can't survive without us' , then next 'we subsidise you', like we are all benefit junkies or something and a burden to society and then we're reminded that the Barnet formula is unfair and will have to change. We are all sick of it ! So if you don't mind We Scots! are all fed up being legally mugged and paying the Bills for the greed and criminality of the few that the Tories truly represent. I just wish and hope that you all south of the Border smarten up and realise that your being legally mugged as well .
  15. ​One thing that can be guaranteed the BBC , Sky News or any London based news media outlet doesn't lie to you , but does give a false perception of the situation. I can still remember when the Snp won the first Holyrood elections the media in this country behaved as if this was out of the Blue because all projections (polls) showed that Labour and the Liberals would keep overall control , I at that time was working in Sweden their news Media reported that the election had been won as projected because the polls that they had sponsored several of them by Yougov had shown that the Snp would win by 2 seats , which is exactly what happpenend . What's the BBC motto again? aah !! yes . "We don't lie to you we just miss out alot"
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