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  1. I think you should try a different supermarket or brand of lager. HTH
  2. Great rant, but his solution - low rate borrowing so we can get into more debt. Can anyone besides me see potential problems with that? Plus, being able to buy politicians is a protection against the tyranny of the majority.
  3. That David Cameron is a decent sort of chap, unlike Obama (obviously) or those knavish Spaniards, Greeks etc.?
  4. Not with you. Do you mean they would have smaller margins even though all the raw materials are cheaper because of the strong franc. Couldn't they drop prices while keeping the same margins?
  5. I know it's an anathema to most of the posters on here, but isn't one option to have the scummy public sector parasites scrounge less and hand out less to the undeserving?
  6. Why don't the exporters just drop their prices? Then the export problem is gone without the government having to conspire against the wealth of their own people.
  7. Only the most disgusting, chaviest, repulsive scroungers could regard the 75% of high-earners money that is extorted through UK taxation as a trickle. The scummers are drowning in a flood of money. Why aren't you grateful???
  8. I think that works, but ask one of the beans and guns survivalists before trying it yourself.
  9. Of course that isn't fair. The hedge fund billionaires end up paying far more than the secretaries. However, like myself, most workers in finance are generous philanthropists, so we don't mind paying more tax than the hoi polloi.
  10. Most state educated people probably haven't because the books are too hard. Strangely, this doesn't seem to have been a problem back in Dickens' time...
  11. The jobs will gravitate to places where taxes are lower and living costs aren't artificially high (planning controls). Even if people more philanthropic than I continue to work hard even despite making themselves relatively worse off (by paying more than 50% tax) they will lose their jobs as the employers are forced to move workers to countries with fairer tax systems.
  12. That's funny - its figures show that the current US federal income tax is higher than average. Then twistedly concludes that "relative to history, it's currently VERY low". Then it seems surprised that when income taxes are high and capital gains tax low people concentrate their money in the stock market, taking passive returns from the stock market is apparently proof that the people weren't lazy. Finally it seems to see high inequality as a bad thing - the whole idea behind the laffer curve is that the lazy unemployed shouldn't be as well or better off than their harder-working peers, since that encourages more people to give up work. Anyway, for the me the point to give up working is anything above 50% tax - that means that the scroungers are getting more from my work than I do. That was when I decided to stop.
  13. We let him spend more money than any president in history, and he's still not grateful, and he hasn't achieved anything much. Something wrong with the murdering commie IMHO.
  14. Surely it is poor people that Obama has wasted all the money on killing? The first thing to cut back would be slaughtering Libyans, Afghans and Iraqis. Next we could improve the environment by stopping propping up the car industry, after that we could improve the economy by cancelling these bizarre lotteries that Obama wants to use to force house-prices higher. This could be great for everyone (yes, I know they're all scum and in the end will vote themselves more money to waste - but at least we can dream).
  15. Very honest of you if you're describing your own attempts to steal first from the investors in guaranteed annuities and then from our unborn children through scamming government hand-outs. I do sympathise with you for speculating unwisely, a similar thing happened to me last time I visited the racetrack. It seems as if the courts made the right decision to enforce binding contracts. Where does the deceit come in?
  16. Why are the plebs so chippy about people going to private schools? They benefit twice (and plebs love benefits). First they pay less tax since the caring parents pay for their own childrens' education, then they benefit again by living in a society with better-educated leaders. Yet you still don't seem grateful! Is it the idea of someone being rewarded for working harder that sticks in your craw?
  17. I think everyone knows how they achieved it, but that sort of thing is frowned upon these days. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=164689&st=572[
  18. I'm always interested in the reasoning behind people's posts. Today we had the classic, "Greeks aren't wasting as much money on new cars as before, so now they'll be less able to pay their debts..." Now we have, "if we stop the useless scummers from stealing so much of our money we won't be any better off". Can you go a bit deeper into your reasoning? Keep it simple for us uneducated private sector workers.
  19. The Germans and their French allies dominating Europe and the likes of Great Britain and Greece bankrupting themselves while attempting to obey their dictats?
  20. This researcher should be fired. For example, if taxes raised X, government spends 2X. Spending on immigrants is 1.22X (proportionally). immigrants are a net drain on public finances. So, is the report deliberately biased, or are they just bad at maths?
  21. Not being so greedy? Becoming less of a burden on your fellow man...
  22. Actually the police only started in 1829. There is no evidence that I know of to indicate that having police has reduced crime. In the City where I lived, for example, there were two murders while I lived there, both by police. Right from the start, the policemen were universally hated. http://www.learnhistory.org.uk/cpp/met.htm
  23. Maths Fail. The headline writer got it backwards. The figures show that the ratio of earnings has been static for 70 years and declining in the longer term. Obviously, if these trends continue, then the poor will do better over time. More evidence of the unparalleled generosity of today's high earners.... ... but are you grateful?
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