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  1. Maybe housing costs are too high? Someone should start an online forum to discuss it.
  2. What about in Geneva or Lugano?
  3. An owner olf a "second" home already pays more Council Tax than an owner-occupier (and uses fewer services). Plus, they pay this extra even if it's their only house! And you thieving communists wonder why I hate you all...
  4. Sorry to say, learning German is unpleasant and difficult (even for me and if you've read my posts you'll realise how smart I am). Most words are pronounced ixch or auhkh. The genders make no sense, girls are neuter for example! When you finally learn a complicated word, it often turns out to to be the English word mis-spelled and pronounced by someone with a respiratory problem. That said, living abroad is fun and the Krauts remember who won the war and therefore speak English very well. Still I'd recommend French, Italian or Spanish which are generally much prettier and easier languages spoken by nicer people.
  5. So, the proles get to work for two years instead of one before they have to be sacked. That's an improvement isn't it? Or are the benefits so high that they would rather scrounge?
  6. Yes, that's fine. All Greek-owned savings, pensions etc. should be seized to pay the French/German bond holders.Then the Greeks would be left with nothing, the French and Germans would get back a percentage of the value of their bonds. That seems fair.
  7. You think the Germans (hampered by the French I admit) couldn't take the Greeks?!? Surely the point about a nation's money is that is backed by the savings and property of the country's citizens. I don't see a problem. The Greeks wouldn't have any reason to complain since even though they lose everything, they have already got more than this "everything" thanks to the generosity of the French and Germans.
  8. The private pensions of the French, Germans, etc. should be paid by seizing the pensions and savings from the Greeks. The Greeks should obviously be left with nothing since they've spent more money than they have.
  9. I love the Daily Mail as much as anyone, but "Crippling Tax Cuts"? Really? Shouldn't crippling people be a criminal offence, and not something we merely discourage through the tax system like drinking or smoking? Or do they mean something else? Tax Rises?
  10. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press... So how exactly is it OK for the state to demand a fee for selling a book or pamphlet? Even the UK doesn't allow such flagrant abuse of the principles of free speech.
  11. Most of the scroungers have inflation-linked pensions / benefits / public sector pay. I'm sure you've already met more of them than you would like.
  12. If the buyer is paying 5% interest and inflation is 5% than the borrowing costs him nothing. (Plus he get's a great tax break) He's making £1,200 minus his maintenance costs. Financially you should BTL.
  13. One problem is the people you mentioned who get all that money are evil scrounging scum.
  14. I think Libya tried this, maybe Afghanistan before them. Kennedy tried it, Lincoln tried it...
  15. Duh. Poor people pay zero tax when they buy a house ( < 125 or 250K ?), the same as this rich person is paying. Perfect equality Stamp duty in general is the most unfair tax of all, pouring more pain on the areas that already suffer from high prices.
  16. The quote was from Gadaffi, who provided money so people could buy a house when they got married. He also turned his country from the poorest in Africa to the richest and paid off all its debt. He seems to have been stomped on very hard, and many of his people have been killed by Nato and the rebels. The Zionists have now imposed a new central bank and will probably be charging interest etc. So my point is that we should be careful, if Britain solved the housing crisis and paid back the money we owe, it might annoy the people who profit from the current situation.
  17. HOUSING Housing is an essential need for both the individual and the family and should not be owned by others. Living in another's house, whether paying rent or not, compromises freedom. Attempts made by various countries to solve the housing problem did not provide a definite solution because such attempts did not target the ultimate solution - the necessity that people own their dwellings - but rather offered the reduction, increase, or standardization of rent, whether it went to privately or publicly-owned enterprise. In a socialist society, no one, including society itself, has the right to control people's needs. No one has the right to acquire a house additional to his or her own dwelling and that of his or her heirs for the purpose of renting it because this additional house is, in fact, a need of someone else. Acquiring it for such a purpose is the beginning of controlling the needs of others, and "in need freedom is latent".
  18. What are they cutting? If it's housing benefit and SMI then this is going to be great for the middle classes who will no longer be outbid by the scroungers. If they cut tax credits and unemployment then we should have a boom as more people seek work or longer hours. Great news (if only it were true).
  19. Didn't sign. This would be a hand-out to the richest members of society (home owners) and force up house prices as buyers no longer cared if they overpaid or not. Speculating on houses would become a one-way bet as the bank / taxpayer would cover any losses.
  20. A similar thing happened to me. I lost £23,000 on a flat in Shropshire, as well as the money I had to pay towards the rent each month for over three years. Worse still, I was never able to live in the flat, so I paid a similar amount in rent to a private landlord. A. Taxpayer. P.S. And the scroungers who did this to me aren't even grateful!
  21. I think you'll find that the super-rich didn't get that way by turning down free money. They'll be first in the queue at the post office. Your scheme would be a hand-out to the buy-to-let crowd and a kick in the teeth for hard-working savers who would see their savings devalued. A better idea would be to take £1000 from each adult (leave them kids alone) and destroy it. This would go towards undoing some of the damage from quantitative easing and make things fairer. Might not be as popular as you scheme though.
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