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  1. I call BS. Spending is expected to go up by 20 billion each year as the troughers sink their snouts deeper into the money from increased income tax, VAT, and quantitative easing. The so-called "cuts" are just shifting from one set of scroungers to another. In this case idle Somalian families are having their luxury housing subsidies reduced and the money is being redirected to pay for pensioners' luxury world cruises instead (since they know SMI will pick up the tab for the mortgages on their unnecessarily large houses).
  2. Didn't the Swiss recently link these to the Euro? Instantly stealing 20% of your savings and linking them to the Euro's downward spiral into future oblivion.
  3. This is a good idea. If people can use tax-free money towards their house then it puts them in a fairer position compared to the buy-to-let crowd. Why would you guys object to this?
  4. That Jim Rogers sounds like a bit of a Pollyana. It's still 2011, why does he think we'll be OK until 2012?
  5. In what twisted way is it an advantage for the British people to have a Government that can easily reduce the private sector to abject poverty by debasing their money and giving the newly printed stuff to the public sector parasites? I'd prefer to be in Italy, where they just need to cut Government spending by about 20% and all their problems are solved. These defaults that Merkel et al. are encouraging are, at their simplest, a transfer of wealth from struggling private sector pensioners to the already-wealthy public sector pensioners. Why do so many people seem to think this is a great idea (are there a lot of old Greek non-jobbers posting here?).
  6. From your commie friends at the Guardian, government spending in billions: 2006-07 550.6 2007-08 582.5 2008-09 629.8 2009-10 669.3 2010-11 696.8 2011-12 699.8 LOOK! NO CUTS! (I imagine one reason for the job-cuts is so the troughers can get bumper payouts then quietly return to their old non-jobs)
  7. These must be some of the most successful protests of all time. Since there haven't been any cuts and there are none planned.
  8. A proper Northerner! Still bathing in a metal bath, outside in Autumn. I salute you.
  9. Don't you think those scummy parasite EU farmers get enough of your money already? I always try to buy food from outside the EU.
  10. My Uncle was a government administrator and my Aunt worked in a hospital. They have properties in London, Sussex, France, Ireland and Cornwall - not buy-to-let or anything, just for the occasional weekend, and a place to dump some of the tax-payers' money. I can't imagine what their pensions must be... Fairly typical for the public sector.
  11. I like it. Sort of like unemployment benefit. But instead of handing it out to undeserving grubby poor people, your largess would only go to the richest members of society (those that could afford to buy houses). Buy-to-letters would benefit too as people bid up prices knowing that any falls in house prices would be covered by this free money. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. I still don't get it. If you offer to give me £1 in exchange for 50p, then if I accept I am somehow being immoral?
  13. We were talking about morals, not legality. The Greek government (and people) are being immoral - they have assets but are reluctant to give them to the bondholders as promised. The idea that only "private" (non-govenment?) bondholders take the haircut is particularly immoral, since it is only the governments who have the ability to blockade the greek ports etc. to enforce the debts.
  14. The Greeks owe the money, their assets should be sold and their people's bank accounts should be frozen and the money used to pay the bondholders. The EU for whatever reason don't want this to happen, so if they want to prevent the default they should pay what the Greeks owe. It would also be fine for the EU to step back and let Greece pay the debt. The Greeks want to keep their money, steal from the bondholders, and rather than being grateful they're still whining and striking - this is immoral.
  15. No I'm starting to feel guilty about all those two-for-one deals in Sainsbury's. Either that or I'm beginning to think that you have no idea about morality. The only immoral people here are the Greeks and EU leaders. They want to steal money from the bond-holders and tax-payers. Why shouldn't the bondholders be paid what they are owed? The EU can afford it.
  16. What's immoral about buying a bond and expecting the people who issued it to honour their promises? I think you're getting confused about who the bad guys are here.
  17. What you scummers who want to steal more money from your betters don't realise is that second-home owners already often pay more council tax than owner-occupiers. I hope this change prompts couples who currently pay 190% council tax to decide to "live separately" and cut their bills to 140%. It would serve you right for being so maliciously greedy. If you want houses, just build houses for yourselves. Stop constantly trying to scam money off other people.
  18. Just to add a bit of balance... Wouldn't they need about a 50% pay rise to keep up with the devaluation caused by all the printing to pay for the public sector and other scroungers?
  19. Can't the banks just find someone with one bond and "persuade" them to refuse the voluntary deal. Then, the CDSs pay out, plus the banks get 50% on the bond, plus they get the 1.4 trillion hand-out.. Good new for public sector pensioners though. This means they can pass laws forcing private sector pensioners to buy gilts, then default on the gilts and use the money to pay themselves their obscenely large pensions. Not only will they be rich, but they'll be able to laugh at their penniless neighbours!
  20. Hmmm... Socialist president sees socialist protesters, orders thugs to attack to provoke more protests, this promotes more socialism. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see how Obama wants this to play out.
  21. I think you've the hit nail on the head there. The oldies could afford a nice terraced house to raise a family in, even with fairly standard jobs. Now our best and brightest suffer some squalid flat-share with no security of tenure. Good old days!
  22. When it's so low that the recipient has to rely on tax credits or other hand-outs from the rest of us. IMHO these people need to work harder instead of scrounging.
  23. So, Northerners benefit from cheaper house prices and have also been benefiting from more than their fair share of overpaid public sector non-jobs. Yet they're still whinging. Maybe we should just accept that they are a bunch of useless whiners instead of handing them even more money?
  24. A typical business where someone works, pays 20% VAT, 50% Income Tax and around 12% National Insurance. A typical BTL pays almost nothing. Yet you think this is somehow the same??? b A typical BTL gains wealth because their borrowings disappear through inflation and quantitative easing - this is not taxed. Someone who gains no wealth at all (for example someone who owns a static amount of gold) gets taxed on imaginary capital gains. Strange world.
  25. Sure. I'll correct you First, the value the bank created is Zero (think of the amount of work the BoE puts in to make the money. So the average share per person is Zero. So why would they do it? The purpose is twofold. First to take money from hardworking people and bestow it on scrounging public sector workers, who after all need their payrises and bloated pensions. Second it is to transfer money from the savings of rent-forever-losers to pay off the mortgages of worthy homeowners. As a homeowner, you get your share since now you can pay off your mortgage with debased "new pounds". Congratulations!
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