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  1. The penalties are already draconian - 30 years hard labour. That's not a criminal penalty - just approximately what they take from a hard-working person through vat, income tax, NI etc. I don't know if you're mad or lying when you talk about making a contribution as if it's some tiny ante you put in the pot.
  2. Why grim news? Aren't unemployed scroungers more likely to vote for more handouts from the Obammunists? Or are the Americans smarter than the Brits?
  3. Think about it a bit more. Evil people send thugs to extract money from someone - because the thugs have already taken some of your money you feel that someone resisting these thugs is stealing from you? Don't forget, the amount they ask for has grown beyond all reason - 70% in many cases plus a debt to pay back in later years. If someone refuses to pay, it weakens the thugs, which helps you since they have fewer resources with which to oppress you. I'm sensing that you still won't be grateful though.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. The attic will be full of my junk so already it sounds like I'm a bad landlord, but probably storage costs would be almost as much as the rent I could charge. Other than that it sounds fairly straight forward.
  5. In Argentina, boomers with property portfolios got to keep all their assets and only had to pay back a quarter of what they borrowed. Nice result for them!
  6. I agree with this. Leaving aside their accents and personal hygiene, what's desirable about someone who forces me to subsidise their living costs?
  7. If that's true then why do I pay my solicitors £20/year to store the deeds?
  8. I've been recently reading my family history. When new people moved in it always seemed to take three months to build themselves a house - just with an axe, a saw and some hammers. I assuming increased costs are balanced out by new technology. So without government intervention a new house would cost around 0.25 * salary or about £6,000. Shows how badly the tyranny of the majority has affected people's lives.
  9. Hi, I'm working away from home for a year or more, so I'm thinking of renting out my house while I'm away. Seems like it should help the people wanting a house price crash by increasing supply, help the people renting it by providing shelter, help me by having someone looking after the house and providing a small income. I'm being a bit defensive here since some people may disapprove. I know there's a deposit protection scheme I would have to join and I would need a assured short-term tenancy agreement. Is there anything else I'm legally required to do? It's a small house so I assume it would not count as an HMO. Also, is it better to rent it out furnished? I think I read that you get more tax breaks if you do. Tharg
  10. Unemployment benefit £60/week Say you're an alcoholic - disability £67/week, go buy some booze Say you're working part time - working tax credits £166/week (typical, depends on family size, etc) This could be the reason. Pretty scary if it is. All an unemployed person has to do is say they're no longer unemployed and instead are self-employed. e.g. "I'm self-employed spending sixteen hours a week collecting my own tummy-button fluff and selling it on ebay - no profits yet, but I'm hoping". Suddenly they get more than twice as much in handouts. Government figures look good, scrounger is happy - honest people scammed again.
  11. Now you're really clutching at straws - lazy money-printing slobs whose simple job is to target inflation at (the sum total of human endeavour plus) 2%. They refuse to do even this simple task - yet still they get paid their bloated public sector salaries and inflation-proof pension entitlements. Sack them. Don't listen to them. Although bankers seldom produce things directly, the efficient allocation of capital is vital to the economy. Left to yourselves you might waste it all feeding the birds.
  12. The scary thing is that all the stuff I've said is more or less true (OK, not all old people smell of wee). Whereas the people you are supporting are advocating murder etc.
  13. Good one. For a minute I thought you were serious, suggesting that giving scroungers money was a good idea because it would fill up the pubs. Then I remembered that the doleys are fat and ugly and old people smell of wee, so I realised they make the pubs worse. not better and you must be joking. (I hope) Still not one apology from the on-topic people. Where are you?
  14. Mostly voluntary, banking can be done anywhere in the world, but they chose to stay in England and help YOUR orphans instead of orphans in the Cayman islands or wherever. I think outcomes are slightly worse for bankers. When I told people where I worked people used to dip their heads slightly and unconsciously reach for the forelock, now it's all whine whine whine. Depressing.
  15. I'm not sure you understand. The bonus figures show a 56.25% increase in the money they pay towards the old, the sick, orphans and so on. That's massive generosity. Philanthropy on a grand scale, and no-one seems grateful.
  16. That's great news - benefits are clearly too high and a zero rise is probably the best we can hope for. But let's not sidetrack the thread, no-one has even added an apology or shown any gratitude yet.
  17. All good points, but the subject of the thread was about bonuses rising and bankers being not "together" with the rest of the population. Now you can see that not only have the bankers reduced their bonuses but they have also increased the contributions they make for the good of society. Surely, regardless of whatever feelings you have about bankers, you should applaud this? Apologise here and start another thread about why you think derivatives are bad or whatever.
  18. May I just point out that since tax rates have gone from 40% to 50% a 25% increase in each £100,000 bonus leaves the banker with 62,500 instead of 60,000. A less-than-inflation 4.2% increase. Not only are the bankers effectively taking a paycut, but they're also paying more towards the handouts you socialists love so much. So please just add your apologies below and show a bit of gratitude for once. Tharg.
  19. It was the French: http://www.econ.ucdavis.edu/seminars/papers/472/4722.pdf Although I expect it was also (like now) because the outgoing Labour government had bankrupted the nation.
  20. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16397007.html Doesn't look so bad to me. Nutter
  21. Nice though it sounds, you do realise that you can make an excellent tax-free profit if you have a BTL where the rent doesn't cover the mortgage? (your debt is inflated away and you are left with a free house + rent coming in)
  22. I don't think you need to worry too much. The ConDems plan is to do absolutely nothing about the debt for five years and hope something turns up. Not exactly drastic.
  23. Another scary thing about this disgustingly greedy head teacher who should be sacked immediately is that a good school wouldn't be able to pay as much. To trouser this much dosh you have to drive down standards and become a "problem school". It's crazier than Zenna Atkins saying that it's good for kids to have teachers like AbsoluteZero.
  24. Sounds great - guy gains some self-respect - our taxes are reduced - program shows other layabouts how easy it is to get off the dole - kitchens are improved. I didn't see the programme. What was the downside?
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