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  1. In praise of Gordon Brown, he refused the pension that comes with the PM job. Cameron gets over 3 million, even if he leaves today. Easily surpassing even grasping teachers and council staff. You won't hear it often, but taxpayers owe a big thankyou to Mr. Brown.
  2. Obviously it would be great and the economy would thrive. The people saying that it would all go in house prices are wrong since the same philosophy that would want to free us from excessive taxation would also want to free us from the ridiculous restrictions on home building. Finally those crack-smokers that are saying that taxation is to redistribute wealth from the rich too the poor, don't they realise that most taxation goes to wealthy public-sector workers and rich farmers? Did you ignore all those articles about how overpaid the public sector is compared to the people who actually earn money and pay taxes. Tax redistributes from the relatively poor and hardworking to the relatively idle rich.
  3. If, instead of constantly scrounging through the tax system and wasting all the money, you allowed people like me to keep a larger proportion of the money we earn, then we'd hire more poor people to do our bidding. The poor are to blame for their own situation.
  4. "and consists largely of pension contributions" just public-sector scum feathering their own nests with other people's money. I hope the bond-holders are above the perpetrators of this fraud in the bankruptcy.
  5. There's a Ben Carter at the BBC - but I don't suppose he can be against giving taxpayers' money to undeserving people.
  6. I wasn't even talking to you. I was laughing at Johnny paying for the scroungers' sky subscriptions and thinking he'd got a good deal.
  7. People pay high rents because idiot communist don't allow us to build sufficient housing. In your twisted mind the landowners are to blame for the removal of their rights to build?
  8. Why look for a job if the Obammunists will give you an ATM card loaded with free money and send you to the Mall? Still, one and a half billion to keep working people priced out seems small compared with the thousands they were showering on rich people buying homes and BMWs before.
  9. Because they've already taken the money from my wealth creation. Now when I want to stop creating wealth and sit around in my log cabin on my land you want to take that away too. Why not just leave people alone instead of constantly trying to rob one set of people and enrich another? Instead of taxing landowners, just stop all the hand-outs they get.
  10. The VAT you pay is as high or higher than the NI you avoid. What a sap, you're paying for the doley's wide-screen TVs.
  11. Its the exact opposite, you retard. My degree gives me a better job and I've paid back more than ten times the cost of the degree through excessive taxation. Thus lining the pockets of the lazy chav "working" class.
  12. I used to feel bad about the decline of Britain, but I'm beginning to change my mind. Not content with stealing 70%+ from income, the greedy underclass of scroungers and public sector scummers want to steal our land as well. I hope the rich poison the wells and mine the land before they leave - then I'll sit back and laugh as I watch the Zimbabwe-style collapse. I'm a caring person, but there are limits.
  13. I saw transactions doubling from the beginning of 2009. All seven indices solidly up over the year since February. Monthly changes consistently up or level for the whole chart except for one slight anomaly in August where only 2 of 5 indices show the continuing rise in prices. Which charts were you guys looking at? They sound much better!
  14. Looking at those charts you have to be pretty delusional to see a downwards trend. Almost everything is up. Including two of the most recent figures.
  15. Because you can take a contract IT position earning say £140,000 per year. Take a low salary and load up on tax credits and handouts while leaving the bulk of the money in the company. In three years when the sprogs leave the nest you can switch back to a permanent job and cash out your huge winnings. Doesn't work if you have any sense of shame, but it should be OK for you.
  16. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true. If your race is perceived as being less pleasant than the others it makes your area cheaper and leaves you with more money to spend. Do-gooders will try to equalise incomes, making you better off in real terms.
  17. Thank god sanity has returned to this site. A call for better pay for bankers. I wholeheartedly agree.
  18. That was a gift. Borrowing something and not giving it back is completely different. It must be miserable in your house on boxing day.
  19. Sounds fair to me. Scrounging deadbeats should pay what they owe. We urgently need fairer bankruptcy laws so more people pay their debts.
  20. Surely if you cut wages AND prices by the same amount it doesn't make much difference? I guess those crazy Greeks just like rioting. So, either the Greeks start economising, say by doing the washing up instead of smashing everything or working until they are sixty, or Europe will collapse.
  21. They could build some houses for a start. There's a shortage of them. Just cut the benefits and they'll be leaving their sofas and flocking to the building sites. (Oh no! The elite are forcing me to state the obvious. Tricked again, it must be a conspiracy.)
  22. Definitely - take away their housing benefits.Lower taxes and get rid of all the ridiculous fines and licenses. They can sit around being poor or get up and get richer. Not sure how it will work without fiat money though. Each bag of gold probably costs a child's life and 100 acres of forest. Most other stuff is too heavy to take to the shops.
  23. That's good news at least. One of the reasons that Britain is filled with so many layabouts is that the gap between the rich and poor hasn't been big enough. This should help the economy. What we need also is a closing (and eventual reversal) of the gap between workers and scroungers. If private sector workers catch up with the tax credit, council house and public sector crowd then we'll really start moving in the right direction.
  24. Not sure why that would be a bad thing. Cheaper coffee and better jobs for all us talented high flyers. The idea of encouraging talented immigrants was just part of Labour's spiteful war against the middle classes. Thank God that's over.
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