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  1. I payed over £20,000 for my masters degree. While I was doing it I payed another £100,000 in tax. Yet the lower classes still aren't grateful. Seriously, what's wrong with you people?
  2. Say you have a £75,000 mortgage and £75,000 in cash. and you are coming up to retirement. You can either pay off the mortgage and be left with nothing, or you can by a Bentley for £75,000 and the taxpayer will pay your mortgage plus some extra for your day-to-day expenses. Bentley + free money versus nothing. What does the prudent retirer choose?
  3. I thought you morons were in line for a massive taxpayer handout? Despite keeping their winnings if things go well, morons who lose always want to dip their fingers into OUR pockets.
  4. Seems to imply that if we work harder, rather than keep anything we work for, it will be wasted on the public sector parasites. I guess I should give up working.
  5. Because we have the decency to say thankyou, while the doleys are always whining. I'm very grateful for my new car and tour of Souttheast Asia you taxpayers paid for this year. Keep it coming!
  6. I think you snipped that quote a bit too much. I read the bit where the spendthrift idiot was letting all the people that caused the deficit continue receiving their bloated salaries. Where was the bit where the sacrifice is shared by the parasite public sector scum?
  7. You mean because they're not disgusting freeloading scroungers and they really care about the burden they place on their fellow man? Yeah right. Glad to see that you're also applauding the way our out-of-work Somalian friends will be forcing people who work into lower quality housing too.
  8. Stupidest thing I ever heard was a scouser who moved to London. I asked him if he'd been to Bermondsey Market, and he said, "Where's Bermondsey?". He'd been livin there for two months. Thought he was in "Shad Thames"!
  9. 2007 budget changed the rules to make tax lower for Moslems who obey Sharia law. (Applies to Christians too - God doesn't like usury) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6483343.stm
  10. Not allowed by whom? Has that Kenyan suspended the constitution?
  11. How about this for an even better idea? Instead of borrowing money and wasting it on building houses for the scroungers, we just allow people to build more housing and sell it. This costs nothing and yet produces the same benefit of improving the housing stock. What's more, the houses go to more deserving people instead of scroungers. ???
  12. This is great news. First we save money on what we used to give to the citizens advice bureau. Then we save more money because the vermin get less advice on how to scrounge. Synergy in action. Win win.
  13. You are right, but I think it was a typo. The problem is that, without wishing to appear judgemental, single mums tend to push out worthless scummy work-shy kids. This, as you say, will lead to more government borrowing. What we need is to reduce benefits and taxes which should lead to more decent babies being born and a future of prosperity and plenty. (I don't make the news, I just deliver it)
  14. I thought we already established that there weren't going to be any cuts? Just ever-increasing spending and debt until the next election. What you might see is a few very wealthy ex civil servants trying to spend the extra handouts they've awarded themselves. Good luck out-bidding them!
  15. Hackney has large parks, well-appointed houses and is walking distance to the city. It looks like it was built for the middle classes, but for some reason turned into a scum-hole. As the housing benefit drops and the scroungers are forced out, it seems like it could be reclaimed by its rightful inhabitants, who can turn it back into a prosperous, thriving place. What do you think, is Hackney the part of London that will benefit most from the cuts? Which other areas will improve?
  16. I thought the British were the biggest soap-dodgers on the planet (maybe after the French)? Look to your own hygiene first!
  17. Disgusting that you want old people taxed. What's really stupid is that you want this extra tax to go to the council - the very people who stop you building a house and cause most of your problems (the rest are caused by your whinging victim attitude). In answer to your question, the reason that people in nicer houses pay only a little more council tax than you is because they use broadly the same services. This makes it a much fairer tax than, say, income tax, where hard-working Southerners are ripped off by their lazier Northern cousins.
  18. Can't they just reduce the subsidies they hand out to the housing association scum? Obviously, without the subsidies these people will want to continue to pay themselves £400,000 a year to run the housing associations, so they will throw the tenants out on the street and sell the houses to keep themselves in luxury. I know it sounds harsh, but it will be a good thing as more houses go on the market, reducing rents and house prices for all.
  19. You're being to shallow and only looking at the financial aspect. Although, the maxed out benefits scrounger will receive less in handouts, they will have a more fulfilling lives because they are encouraged to do some work. Even those unlucky enough not to find work will surely rejoice at being less of a burden on their fellow man?
  20. I think I can explain this one... Giving vast sums of money to lazy scroungers, encourages said scroungers to continue being lazy. Giving money to hard-working bankers, encourages said bankers to continue working hard. Simples.
  21. I'd choose the £10k job, to not be so much of a burden on my fellow man. I'd take a £110K job abroad to stop the scummers taking half my money.
  22. Yes, I know we have a 50% tax rate (and a 60% one at 100K) . I was questioning whether this encouraged work... As for the negligible other taxes - I wouldn't say 20% VAT and whatever-it-is National Insurance were negligable. Giving the chav mum 24K in hand-outs doesn't encourage her to work either. Cut taxes and benefits - it's the only way.
  23. So you think "benefits for all to Xk" and taking 50% tax from productive people would encourage work? No wonder you are unemployed, you are retarded!
  24. Someone on 100K a year in London pays 40K tax, lives frugally on, say, 20K. Leaving 40K. London house prices triple over ten years from 200K to 600K. So careful Londoner working hard for ten years is no better off (still 200K away from that house). Waste-of-air council house scrounger makes the same amount in hand-outs and "right"-to-buy. Yet you commies have the temerity to criticise the bankers. Disgusting.
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