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  1. Now I'm confused. Don't you like yoghurt? Or are you making some bizarre point about having more self-restraint than the traders? Back on topic. My point wasn't about whether the banks should or shouldn't make lots of money. I was just questioning whether you were being manipulated into being against bonuses. I'm also suggesting that Britain is better off if the traders are paid a fair share compared to the owners (who are taxed at a lower rate and less likely to spend their money in the UK).
  2. The reason why bonuses have been high is because the banks often make large profits and these are shared between the owners and the workers who actually make the money. This boosts the economy as the traders pay excessive taxes and buy luxury goods. A new trick is being tried. The banks' foreign owners can use a tame press to whip up opposition to the bonuses. Then they can keep nearly all of the money instead of it being recycled into the economy by the people who have earned it. It's a clever scam and seems to be working...
  3. Or a lifetime of this for any non-scroungers out their who rent privately. Ungrateful sod.
  4. I'm speculating as to their motives but the link definitely is about the EU banning the skins of the cervelat sausages - and without skins they're not really sausages at all.
  5. It is the Cervelat that the Germans tried to ban - precisely to force their hated Bratswurst on the long-suffering Swiss. http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/Home/Archive/The_great_sausage_test.html?cid=6374744
  6. The Swiss already pay tribute to their masters in the EU. They also have to put up with silly rules like not being able to eat their favourite sausages...
  7. You obviously haven't been out in London recently. The clubs and restaurants are infested with them. Join my campaign - STAMP OUT T.B. (toilet beggars) Do you think Cheryl Cole would be a figurehead for us?
  8. Not this lot. They plan to in crease taxation and spending each year. Simple to cut too. They could stop buying houses for the oldies with SMI, stop paying for cripples to fly to Amsterdam to visit prostitutes. Cut housing benefits like they promised. Add an equal tax on public sector pensions to the amount Labour added to the tax on private sector pensions. They're not finding it hard to cut, they're not even trying.
  9. eWhich do you think makes International Jewry giggle the most? The fact that you've given them all those trillions, or the fact that you are now campaigning for them to have lower staffing costs so they can keep even more of the trillions for themselves?
  10. Unfortunately we attract VAT as well as money-hungry chicks. About £37,500 I paid for tthe privilege of pricing a few derivatives in my last contract. (don't bother thanking me - I have come to accept that you scroungers are never grateful)
  11. That's great. I look forward to a massive tax cut for me although I am slightly saddened by the big rise for the hoi polloi. It's nice that someone should bring up the subject of the rich paying their fair share (like they do for the TV licence). I wouldn't go as far as you I think the rich are happy to continue paying more than their fair share, just not as excessive an amount as they do now.
  12. I pretty sure Sugar has enriched himself with buckets of tax-payer money. His snout has been deep in the BBC trough for decades - Branson probably the same.
  13. I don't think VAT is a regressive tax at all. Don't be fooled by the sound of the word though. Regressive taxes are actually better than progressive taxes. With a regressive tax, the poor come a tiny bit closer to paying their fair share. You guys believe in fairness right? Spare a thought at this time for the tireless workers in the services industry. Company owners pay 20% twice, once on what they earn and again when they spend. 20% twice leaves them scarcely enough left to pay their 50% income tax and 12% National Insurance.
  14. I imagine it's because we're they're cleverer than you and have better lawyers.
  15. Sorry Doc. It's you who doesn't get it. Someone who works away for the week and still owns a house already pays more than double council tax. ie. instead of 75% of one property he pays 75% where he rents and 90% where he owns. The scroungers are proposing that he should have to pay more than triple tax, 275% instead of 75%. They don't seem to understand that the "second home owner" is already subsidising their scrounging lifestyles since they pay more council tax and receive fewer services than the people fortunate enough to be able to live near their work (or unemployment office for all you full-time scroungers).
  16. I'm not sure if I follow you. Down-to-earth Northerers working in London for the week and spending the weekend in the country is good. Nasty Londoners working in London for the week and spending the weekend in the country is bad. Is that what you're saying? It makes you sound like some sort of anti-London bigot.
  17. How so? When the rent-for-ever losers pay the taxes. Even if you are so misguided as to be against second homes, what have you got against furniture? Why the furniture tax?
  18. !? Do you idiots realise that the councils (who you want to extort more money from other people to support) are the ones restricting house-building. The council is the reason you are rent-for-ever losers or paid too much for your houses. It's like the prisoners calling for pay rises for their jailors. Seriously, what's wrong with you people?
  19. Is there a forum specifically about the furniture tax? This is the closest one I could find. I say get rid of a few lesbian support officers and axe the furniture tax. It's all about fairness. (For those who don't know, Councils charge 80% more tax for a furnished home - causing senseless destruction of furniture).
  20. Don't panic - you only have to work for 17 days. Paper forgot about weekends.
  21. It has no furniture because you grasping socialists have a tax on furniture. This probably makes it more difficult to sell, which is why it has been empty for a year. Yet you blame the victims? I don't know what's wrong with you people.
  22. Someone who rents somewhere so he can work, but is unwilling or unable to sell his main home already pays 75% council tax on the place he rents and 90% council tax on his"second" home. So, you lazy grasping socialist idiots face two major problems. First, owners of second homes by the idiot communist definition don't have to own two homes. Second, they already pay a supplement on their council tax, since the 90% they pay for the "second" home they own is higher than the 75% they pay on the place they have to rent. They are faced with a tricky choice. Sell their home and move to the new job - typically this involves one years indentured labour to pay the stamp duty - and the job might not last a year. Or they can pay 165% council tax and still have to listen to you ungrateful fools whining about how they should pay 275% council tax instead.
  23. So from January you either sacrifice 20% of your money to pay for moat cleaning and duck houses for our overpaid politicians. Or you put the money into housing which is completely free of VAT. Stealth house-price-ramping from James Toney...
  24. Florida has zero income tax, but is almost as full of overpaid public-sector parasites as any other state. This means that taxes fall disproportionately on home owners,. So, basically people are losing their houses to subsidise non-jobs and bloated pensions for the public sector.
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