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  1. You are on site a hoping for lower house prices and you want to boycott a company because they want to build homes instead of fattening kids? Weird.
  2. I think accusations of racism are often used to try and stop people discussing important issues. Obama campaigned on a platform of helping the Jews and Minorities, so it's not surprising he kept his promises. A few were surprised by the scale though, trillions of dollars squandered. The racists are the people who voted him in.
  3. Genuinely interested why this should be. If the mad Kenyan keeps printing and the African Americans and Jews who receive the money go out and buy BMWs, won't that be a boost for Europe?
  4. Whilst I agree that they were rent-forever losers, isn't it considered bad form to mention that sort of thing on this board?
  5. Not true. Londoners pay the congestion charge, parking fees and tickets, plus things cost more in shops. What we need is more fairness in the tax system. Currently people in the South pay more tax than their richer friends in the North. This is clearly wrong. They need to have different tax bands in different areas to even this out - similar to the way council tax works. As well as being fairer, this would coincidentally reward decent coalition-voting areas and hit the lazier Labour-voting areas.
  6. Nooooooooooooo! 20% on top of 20% falls -=100 -> 80 -> 64 Only 36% +
  7. Didn''t Kennedy, Oswald, and a few of the people who could have revealed that the moon landings were fake all get murdered? Maybe Elvis too? Today's wimpy Japs hardly compare in the whole laying down their lives thing. Not like the old days.
  8. You're just trolling. Everyone knows they're lazy already. Only next month even more of them will have awarded themselves massive tax-free payouts with our money.
  9. That guy seems retarded. Was the argument: that the government scams over a million pounds off you in tax. Simultaneously they enrich themselves by printing tons of money and giving it to themselves, someone who had a nice house at the beginning, has exactly the same house at the end, is supposed to feel guilty in because his house is worth more (when measured in newly devalued pounds)? In short, the public sector shouldn't be content with 60% taxes, plus all the money they printed, plus the 50% of new houses they currently steal, instead they should steal the rest of the houses too, it's all about fairness. Or something like that.
  10. That's the thing that shocks me. Scroungers think that claiming the benefits they are "entitled" to isn't living on handouts.
  11. OK, so it would also be fair to say someone earning a million pounds pays 120% tax? For example if he pays 60% in income tax, NI and VAT, and also spends £600,000 on a Ferrari. Nice logic.
  12. How? The example was someone doing 10 hrs pw, at min wage, around 2600/yr. No income tax or national insurance 1/6 of some of their spending on VAT, plus a bit on booze etc. Let's assume they own their own home, so you don't try to weasel rents into it. Are you just lying to distract people or would you care to justify your ludicrous 80% tax suggestion?
  13. Except that that is a complete lie. People on low wages keep arouund 80% of what they earn. (Hint: scrounging scum don't earn the handouts)
  14. Well, America is setting up death panels (NICE) and printing up money to pay for the poor to get free treatment whilst doubling the costs for non-scroungers. You Brits should feel right at home.
  15. You seem to be in denial. If you're happy with that than it's OK. If not, re-read my post carefully and look up "the time value of money". It seems simple to quantitative financial experts like me, but might be difficult for the average bear. Essential point isn't that houses are a great investment, just that you have to consider that what you owe is inflated away by the passage of time. Therefore what you pay for a mortgage (even an interest only one) is not directly comparable with the amount you pay in rent.
  16. Other people just understand it better than you. Rent is just dead money, you spend it, it's gone. Mortgage interest is more like savings, it goes towards paying off your debts. How does this work? Through inflation. For example, imagine inflation is 5%, risk free rate is also 5%. Now imagine you pay 6% interest on an interest only mortgage. Now, unlike rent, this 6% isn't dead money. One percent goes to someone like me, a deserving, hardworking, banker. The other 5% is to offset inflation. After a year you have paid off around 5% of your mortgage, simply through inflation, yippee! Unbelievably, for buy-to-letters it gets even better. Remember they also pay 1% to the banker, and 5% to offset inflation. But here's the thing - they get to offset the whole 6% against their taxes. So, they pay 1% for the mortgage, and get >2% back in tax breaks! I know this news may be hard to take for you die-hard housepricecrashers, but that is how it is. Sorry, Tharg.
  17. Surely we can all agree that paying some hateful bureaucrat £50,000+ for the basic right to move home is an outrage? Thank God there are ways around this evil situation.
  18. Either way, he's giving away most of the money he has earned to your chosen good causes. What's wrong with you people? Why aren't you grateful?
  19. Please explain. I understood the bit when people said that people without children should pay taxes to help towards other people's children, for the good of society Then the people with kids said "look at those suckers, paying towards our kids, if they're stupid enough to pay for some of the schools, maybe they're dumb enough to pay the whole thing?". Then single people ended up paying 65% tax while even rich people with kids get handed a fortune in tax credits, child benefit etc. I don't get it. Apart from the insanely greedy, who would support such a system?
  20. Lowering corporation tax encourages business and fairly rewards the captains of industry. Remember, corporations are already hit by the outrageous 20% VAT. Taxing easily replacable employees is better since it includes the overpaid public sector. Also, it punishes the retarded voters who chose to pay for all the lesbian support officers, Notting Hill mansions for unemployed Somalians and other left-wing idiocy.
  21. The problem is hight taxes are already damaging the economy and raising them more will destroy it. For example, say they want to increase the tax by a modest 10%. For someone currently paying 60% (income tax, NI, VAT etc) they need to pay 70%. So they lose 25% of their money. This would cascade through the economy, causing a quarter of the shops to close down etc. So, you are correct. Crazy idea.
  22. Says more about your parasite scum attitude than it does about the rest of the Welsh. Are you seriously criticising them for not wasting enough of our (not free) money?
  23. They can't act individually because their star traders would leave to another bank, but if they can manipulate the situation so that all banks act together then they can get away with it. Bonuses can be around 50% of revenue so it is a big deal. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aFVG_oEGhzI0
  24. The owners are paid via dividends and capital gains. So the tax take from them is mostly the 28% (or whatever) corporation tax. They'll likely spend the money at home so no benefit to the UK economy. The traders would endure the 50% tax rate, 20% VAT, 12% National Insurance and so on, plus whatever bonus taxes they have and would spend money in the UK. So it's in the UK's interest if the balance is more towards the trader and less towards me with all my Goldman Sachs shares.
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