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  1. Most IT people work until later than half-past three and for more than seven months a year. I think you'll find the part-timers on £30K with their huge pensions are doing much better than their non-scrounging counterparts. Anyway, I'm thinking of moving back to London, but delaying because it's too dirty.
  2. Actually, this isn't true. The directors are personally liable if there is fraud or negligence. Not sure it will help here though, a trillion dollars in TARP funds will buy you a lot of judges.
  3. I think that's why you have to tell them you are gay. Then you say all the people in Thamesmead are homophobic so you can't go there and they'll house you in Kensington or Chelsea instead.
  4. Hmmm. I wonder why they are in less debt and doing better than us? It's almost as if they got rid of most of the grasping element of their society that specialised in money-lending. Not that I would condone that sort of thing. Can anyone with a better understanding of history than me explain this? My German friend Sven said this was the reason.
  5. If this is true, it's great news. One of the biggest things wrong with Britain is that the lazy scroungers are as well or better off than the hard workers. If a gap, however small, is opening up then we should celebrate. Also, if we take away your bias by looking at equality over all, rather than within countries (ask Injin for details) then we see equality increasing as hard-working Hungarians and Turks narrow the gap between themselves and our unemployed Somalians. I'll drink to that.
  6. What happens is any decent right-thinking people will vote "anyone but Labour", all the low-life scroungers will vote "anyone but the Conservatives". Leaving a nasty situation where third-place wins. These are the three main problems with AV: 1. It gives more power to the third party. 2. It sets a precedent that whoever gets some dodgy coalition in can change the voting system at a whim. 3. The third party are communist idiots.
  7. I'm in a similar situation. Not actually facing redundancy, but I'd like to steal from the members of this board. Could you help me out by letting me know where you keep your valuables and what times you are out? Thanks in advance. Tharg.
  8. Nonsense. If people can maintain their wealth it is better, not worse. Social mobility upwards should be encouraged, downwards not so much.
  9. Not sure that it would help you much , but I am planning on setting up a portolio of cheap houses that can be added to to any purchase so that people can avoid stamp duty. So, for example if someone wanted to buy a million pound house, they can combine the purchase with ten of my ten thousand pound houses to reduce the stamp duty. Then they can sell the ten thousand pound houses back to me individually, so there is no more stamp duty to pay. Not only is this legal (new scheme annnounced in the budget) but is also fairer since people in areas that suffer from high house prices aren't further discriminated against by having to pay higher taxes. Mr. Scrupulous.
  10. You seem confused. Why exactly would allowing chavs to steal even more money from their betters be an improvement?
  11. This is over an attempt to make a tiny 2% cut in the deficit. Obama seems to be either crazy or deliberately out to destroy America if he closes down the government over this.
  12. I have a more sensible proposal. A reverse tax where people who live where houses are expensive pay a lower tax than those who live where houses are cheap. For example, a flat in Islington that costs £450,000 would pay, say £600/year, while a terraced house in Grimbsby worth £100,000 would pay £1,200/year. This would go some way towards offsetting the disgraceful situation we have now, where the Grimsby dweller has more disposable income but pays less tax than the person in Islington. Surely we can all agree that this would be fairer?
  13. Quick Calculation per £100 salary Old top rate Tax and NI 51% -> £49 Less VAT (15%) -> 42.6 New top rate Tax and NI 62% -> £38 Less VAT (20%) -> 31.7 Less Inflation (10%) -> 28.5 Pay rise needed to keep up with tax changes and inflation = 42.6 / 28.5 -1 = 49.5% May I join you in thanking the above-mentioned people for taking an effective paycut and simultaneously increasing the amount they donate to the public good. I think we're all grateful.
  14. The council aren't working on your behalf. They are the people who are causing you to suffer. The planning restrictions don't create value, they destroy it. Overall they make things worse. Imagine if the council send someone round every morning to punch everyone in the face. Now, many people would pay good money to stop being punched in the face. Would that mean that the council are creating value with their punch-in-the-face system? Same for the planning system.
  15. You realise that this would be a good thing don't you? Pensioners are second only to the public sector in destroying the country with their insane greed. Cancel their SMI now.
  16. The greedy scum public sector again I'm afraid. Instead of theNational Insurance paying for the ambulance when you run someone over, they now take it from your insurance company. Insurance rates double, but now Nurses can earn £100,000 a year and GPs £350,000. I hope you went on their march for more handouts yesterday.
  17. No, but you should be able to build on your own garden. If you like, you can sleep in my shed. Because it's grim? The council's planning permission doesn't increase the value of the land. It is the council meddling that makes things worse for everyone.
  18. I could forgive the guy for being a lying, cheating, drug addict, but he was also a property pornographer! They should throw away the key.
  19. Are you really suggesting there is no God-given right for his creatures to build themselves shelter? Are diabolical robins cheating Him when they build their nests? If so, you are insane. Because it's his land.
  20. Does anyone else think that this is fundamentally wrong? The council would be stealing, by buying development land from its owners at less than the true price and then profiting by removing unnecessary restrictions. I know most of the people on this board are communists, but surely there is a case to be made that our overlords could content themselves with taking 70% of everything we earn, and not try to take our land as well? From a practical point of view, wouldn't the councils immefiately forbid all building, extensions, changes of use and so on, so that they could make more money from schemes like this? This would lead house prices to go up, the economy to collapse (more) and some nice new cars for the council employees.
  21. Sounds evil to me. Why not just cut taxes?
  22. No, it's wrong. Whilst an ordinary tenner might be 0.11 mm thick, once you put a billion other tenners on it, it gets squished.
  23. Or they could just keep printing. I wonder which they'll choose...
  24. Whilst I agree, it would be wrong to feel sorry for them. They are the second-vote scum who betrayed us and signed England over to the Bosch.
  25. Why haven't they made the easy cuts? SMI, housing benefit (a lot more than these delayed cuts), "affordable housing" schemes that make housing less affordable. Military spending. Gifts to the EU. Cutting all these would make the world more pleasant. I don't think it is an inability to make cuts, but an active decision to not make any.
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