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  1. Bloody brilliant news! Just need unemployment to stop rising (I know it's slowed dramatically) and it'll be happy days again.
  2. Surprising you might say. Some comments I've read blame black magic, witchcraft or insanity. It's none of the above. People are focusing on the future and not the past three months news. It's old hat, not interesting. As I've been saying since the summer people have pots and pots of money they've been sitting on while they're waiting to see what happens. Banks have been saying they have a massive positive balance in peoples accounts for months. All that money will come flooding back into the economy this Christmas as people treat themselves in the pre-Christmas sales just before the 2.5% rise in VAT. That's why the negative GDP figure has had no impact whatever. In January it'll be good news all the way to election when the Tories take over and the feelgood factor returns for the summer. Happy days!
  3. It's just more speculation not really based on anything. The facts are that the country is becoming economically stable following two years of chaos. It's over now for another 15-20 years.
  4. Some were speculating that it would. You know who you are, even though you've changed your tune now to save face. The house price crash and recession are well and truly over until the next time. Perhaps you'll all be here in another 20 years ready to gloat that you eventually got it right. I won't be. So with house prices increasing back to their natural levels, the banks on a even keel, the stock markets at record levels, unemployment figures falling and a massive Christmas boost to the economy now that nobody's worried about job security anymore - what's on the cards for HPC'ers for next year? What about you guys who moved into rented? You regretting trying to beat the market to capitalise on some poor souls misfortune to make your million? What about the generation-Y first time buyers who want everything handed to them on a plate and can't be bothered to save for a deposit? Are you buying now?
  5. Oh hai Bloo, things not getting worse after the holidays anymore I see? You've changed your tune.
  6. I doubt this will allowed to be posted due to the 'regulation' that we're not allowed to post anything positive, but here goes anyway: Clearly we're out of the woods now regarding any form of house price crash. I've seen you desperately trying to find scraps of bad news and posting the links in here with obligatory comments suggesting something bad is about to happen, but it's time to face facts once and for all. You all seem to have forgotten that house prices have been falling since November 2007, to March 2009. Seventeen months of losses and still you think there's more to come, a second crash of epic proportions is just around the corner. Well it's not. Posting forecasts, figures and predictions of catastrophe based on nothing more than events you've made up out of your own heads and opening admitting your actually 'pissed off' that the stock market has picked up makes you look like, in all honestly, like a bunch of malicious vultures. You hang your hat mainly on the fact the unemployment is still rising. That's about the only factual argument you have left in a world where there's a new news story every day depicting a rosier future for the world economy. Unemployment will rise for a while yet and here's why - people laid off after years getting a whacking great payout and can afford (and deservedly so) a long break from work. They're all resting on their fat payouts before looking for work again. Firms aren't hiring yet because they can make more profit with the reduced overhead for a while, but that won't last. They'll start hiring again like mad when things pick up in a month or two to level they can't cope with. Some people are still being made redundant I accept, but these are people at the end of the chain (roofers who were finishing off the stuff that others started and still had gainful employment for while, for example). Meanwhile the foundation people who laid off first are starting up business again. So it goes on. There will be no winter of discontent. No more HPC following seventeen months of crash. It's over. Business as usual.
  7. House prices will fall soon because there's no money around, people can't get that much credit, banks won't lend it, they have to FALL... blah... blah... blah
  8. What do you mean 'true internationalist'? One who owns property in more than one country, living mainly in sunny place but having to work for long periods of time in the other, where it's not perhaps quite as nice?
  9. Ahh, waking up to good old sadistic pleasure in others suffering. Can't beat this place for that. I love the smell of Envy in the morning.
  10. "Bercy, qui table sur un recul du produit interieur brut (PIB) de 3% en 2009, n'a toutefois pas l'intention de reviser cette prevision dans l'immediat." Bercy, who expects a decline in gross domestic product of 3% in 2009, did not intend to revise this forecast in the immediate future. 2009 - we're in month 8. GDP fell 1.2% in Q4 2008/2009. The 0.3% rise took everyone by surprise. If I were them I'd keep my forecast at -0.5% for Q3 + Q4.
  11. It's because I have meaningful and worthy contributions to make. Quite unlike you it seems... GDP up, recession over, FTSE nudging 4800, house prices going back to normal the last few months, UK back into positive territory by the end of next month. Happy days. There's nothing to talk about really
  12. No I haven't seen that before. About jolly time though! I feel better after seeing that. Faith in the BBC restored somewhat.
  13. Agreed, you'll only find people talking pleasure in other peoples misery here. Still at least they've all been proven completely and utterly wrong in their apocalyptic predictions
  14. On the back of the news that France and Germany are enjoying economic growth again with the UK to follow later this year, do you think the FTSE will top 4800 today? Up, up and up!
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