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  1. Interesting concept. Something needs to be done as there seems to be no public trust for politicians whatsoever.
  2. So Greece have defaulted right? None of the news channels telling it that way...
  3. I watched a vid about this a while back. The walls are built with cavities and are v strong, light and provide great insulation. Also you can build any shape including curved buildings, copy old style buildings. The limit is practically your imagination.
  4. Thanks for all of your kind responses. I will look over the paperwork in more detail this weekend and consider all of your advice.
  5. Hi, My wife and I bought a two bedroom flat three years ago. We still have the sheet which describes the house. We were considering selling and moving abroad...all the agents which visited told us to our suprise (except for the agency who sold it to us) that it was a one bedroom flat. The loft room is apparently just that and not a bedroom. It is really cold so we dont sleep there in the winters. So to sum it up, we bought a one bed flat-sold to us as a two bed. I wrote to the council and they confirmed that planning permission had never been applied for or received. The conversion was in 1979. Should we take action against the estate agent? Many thanks,
  6. This is risky as they could see a real housing crash... if they drink and drive for instance, or just get unlucky.
  7. Interesting posts. I live in Ealing just the other side of the M4. Might as well be Brentford. I never felt unsafe here...except this one attempted mugging. I grew up in South London where it was rough. My wife and I looked at about 60 properties before we bought. Transport wise its amazing here. Feel safe (except when I go to Shepards Bush). We chose it over Tooting, Tooting Bec, Southfields, Shepards Bush, Goldhawk Road. Maybe I just live in a little oasis. ... .AFAIAC No where in London is safe. I've had people try to rob me in about ten different parts of town. I've had half a dozen fight in Kensington and Chelsea and I'm a pacifist. I learnt to fight young though, and my theory is that I attract trouble because of my awareness of it. These are tough times and I suggest if you are worried about your areas safety you train in self defense. I plan on living here for at least the next four years. If prices do crash massively I might stay longer, we love it here.
  8. According to my wife (we live in Ealing) the damage wasn't just in Ealing Broadway, it was all down the Uxbridge road. All the shops are smashed up and there are small groups of youths on various street corners wearing masks and waiting to start more trouble.
  9. Sounds a little third reich. Hows about an amnesty (declare yourself and be given the chance to explain your plans or government sponsorship for education in return for agreeing to work part time. Then after a certain period a crack down.... No papers and out.... no right to 'council' in any sense of the word. However giving fair hearing to those who arrive and immediately declare their need to claim asylum at borders. I think the fact that the bankers are turning into modern day pharaohs is more worrying that immigration. I was just thinking about it in those terms. Mankind has a very short experience of this credit malarky. A blink of an eye in the human race's history. What if it REALLY isn't sustainable. We have always had kings and lords and dictators. They have always taxed and lived in splendor. Are the new breed of kings the elite who have managed to discover and put to use the fact that if you'sell' money (i.e. lend)for more that it is worth (interest)then you make a tidy little profit, just so long as no one realizes that the only money you actually have is that of the repayments...which are technically worth more collectively in the long run than you have lent (providing people don't default!!) this loan repayment value can then be to borrowed against from a second banker, perhaps at a much lower interest rate-thus making it profitable for you both. Even though neither has any money....because the second banker borrows from the third banker or...better still...just adds the numbers to a computer...fabricating money, conjuring it out of a hat. Is this how it works or am I on the wrong track? What would happen though if no one payed their bills...surely civil war? Is there any way for the UK for example to EVER pay off its debt?
  10. My pal was renting a place in Chelsea like this. Really made me angry. The owner lived abroad and it was a three bed place! They need to do spot checks/visits.
  11. I don't think it really matters...if you live in your second home as your main residence for six months you don't pay capital gains...I imagine thats what most people do.
  12. Not true. I've been searching all year. Applied for hundreds. On the Reed website for example, you can see how many other people are applying for the same role. I'm up against 300 people just to be a shop assistant in Ealing. I'm about to take a call center job for £150 per week. That'll give me £100 a month after my half of the mortgage payments and one hour per evening with my wife as I will finish at 9pm and she works 8-7, falls asleep at 10pm. I never had trouble finding work before. I could at least find a job I didn't want for £70/80 per day laboring.
  13. There is surprisingly little on google. What is a point though? Is it one decimal point? Thanks,
  14. I'm interested in doing this this week too. How does it work. Does 0.01 count as a point or is it just the 0.1's we are betting on (if you catch my drift). Also how do you set the stops? Do the stops not limit what you can make? Thanks v much!
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