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  1. For your tax return I recommend COMMERZIAL TREUHAND GmbH Piper
  2. For your tax return I recommend MOD EDIT -- personal info removed. Please do not give personal details on open forum. Piper
  3. Hi All, I got full june rent but still haven't got July rent and I haven't recieved any letter from Dr Ochel. Who are CFP. Should we all wait another couple of weeks to see what happens before doing anything? Piper
  4. I got June rent in the first week of July. I did not buy from MRI.
  5. Got Junes full rent late , Supposed to get Julys rent in July. Wait and see. Is everyone up north or is anyone down south. Piper
  6. Hi Buyer, Wont be at the meeting . Live a good few hours away. Could you put up the Phone number of the Pub on the forum. Piper
  7. Hi . New to this. Have apt in Berlin with 10 rental gaurantee from dr ochel. Haven't got anything from Dr ochel yet. Have been in touch with Oleg. Do you have to sign and return the letter to dr ochel before they can make changes. P
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