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  1. Fear not. Even if it doesn't work, the cost of oil will likely double within a decade and Solar will be much more competitive then
  2. On average, most people in the world do not eat as well as me On average, most people in the world are not as well sheltered as me. On average, most people in the world do not enjoy as many luxury items as me. The same is true for everyone on this board. The world has a limited number of resources. Wealth is no more than the 'stored' ability to consume these resources. I find it very hard to argue for a fairer distribution of wealth when I already benefit tremendously from the existing inequality....
  3. Now, what's that saying? The measure of a man is how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
  4. Pretty sure you're screwed if you don't have kids. Job seekers is all you'll get. Assuming you live together your wage will be expected to cover bills, mortgage, etc. As a household you may be able to claim tax credits if you are on a very low wage, but if you're over £20k you can probably forget that.
  5. Not if it wants to avoid another banking collapse...
  6. Agreed. For us, at least. It only takes a very small shortfall in the global oil supply to send prices through the roof. It only takes a short period of sky high prices for importing nations to have more petrodollars than they know what to do with. What happens to the importing nations at that point does not bear thinking about...
  7. And another one here! That memorial is probably about a mile or two from where I'm sitting at the moment...
  8. They have oil money, much like Abramovich and Sheik Mansour - United would not be servicing 1.2 billion in debts, they'd have shedloads of money to spend and more or less no interest to pay on it. This is in contrast to the Glazers, who have no money and borrowed more or less every penny they used to buy united at high interest rates, and then lumbered utd with that debt.
  9. The system doesn't need increasing population, it just needs increasing debt. If that debt increased at the same rate as inflation, the system would work. Trouble is, it's increased much faster than that.
  10. So you think it's a good idea to buy more now? I am tempted to wait for the next dip, but there's that nagging feeling that a significant dip might just not happen...
  11. You're both saying the same thing. 225k desposit + 180k loan = 405k total value 225k/405k = 56% desposit
  12. Suppose you spend the £10,000 on a car instead, and pay by bank transfer. No cash involved. What happens then?
  13. House prices are hugely inflated and almost certainly face a massive drop. Any assets in the stock market in the current climate are a huge risk if the economy does indeed crack under the strain of QE, unemployment, lack of energy security and so forth. Currency has been, and is likely to continue to devalue for the forseeable future. Especially here in the UK when QE stops. Gold might not be a great way to store your wealth, and it might nto be risk free. But what, in the current environment, really looks any better?
  14. I always figured you'd get twenty £1 coins, or something. You can print as many notes as you like, but those coins cost money to mint and have an actual value based on the metals within. Not that you're allowed to melt them down...
  15. I doubt that. Most people consider that if they wanted to draw out the money in cash, they potentially could, but that if everyone else tried to do that too there wouldn't be enough notes. People know what a bank run is. People know banks don't hold enough cash to cover every despoit they have. Nobody thinks that transferring £1000 to a different bank means £1000 in notes gets sent over.
  16. Have to agree. I don't think Gordon is greedy. What he is however, is power-hungry and spectacularly incompetent. But I'll concede that lust for money isn't really on his agenda. I could believe he's not overly well off, considering the job/hours he has to do.
  17. 1998 uk average house price: £86,000 2008 uk average house price: £152,000 177% increase in price over the decade! Peak house prices my ****.
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