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  1. Ebay also trade from Luxembourg, if you get a sellers invoice the address is eBay Europe S.à r.l. 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg
  2. No space for a TV! So you come home from a hard days work and plonk yourself on the sofa to stare at a white wall! Even prisoners have more room than this
  3. In my experience the deposit company will ask the other party to see if they agree to release the deposit in full without any deductions If you are having problems with them then they will probably say they need to inspect the property and knowing what EA's are like they will try to claim for as much as possible so when you leave you need to take pictures of everything in the house as proof of how you left it. Then the deposit company will come back to you to see if you agree to the deductions. If you don't agree then you will both have to agree for the case to go to an independent arbitration and whatever their decision is both parties have to accept it without right of appeal. This can take a process of around 3 months so don't be expecting your deposit soon if it goes it this
  4. Hi guys, just an update to say we got the TDS certificate now. So it seems you have to keep "reminding" the LL about it (i.e Bug him constantly so he realises he won't get away with it and to do it to stop us ringing him and texting him every week) Now for the fun part of trying to get the deposit back from the previous landlord who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Mydeposits says it may take 2/3 months to resolve. However I see our old property is back on the market @ £157k (3 bed tiny terrace in South Manchester with converted loft). Looking at housprices.co.uk I saw the landlord bought it for £120k in 2007 peak prices so I am perplexed how its managed to gain £37k in asking price since the recession / credit crunch!
  5. This is what sucks about renting due to high house prices. All the hassle of dealing with landlords, deposits, living to their rules. I have nothing but contempt for the current system. Why is it that for the property I'm renting the monthly price I pay is almost 1/2 what it would cost if I was to buy it. It should be more expensive to rent as the landlord is responsible for insurance and maintenance. I was wondering why you are not in an AST? We have had these for all the times we have rented. It is a legal obligation for the landlord to put the deposit in a third-party scheme for cases like these. At least your money will be safe as you both agree the amount to deduct. (Every time we have moved out the landord / letting agent tries to rip you off as much as possible - FACT! )
  6. Update: I got a call from one the the landlords employees (strange how the landlord himself doesn't want to speak to us) saying that the employee is arranging the deposit today and we should get confirmation next week. Lets see if that happens.
  7. That seems like a headache dealing with the claim! Sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Just had an email from the 3 TDS that confirms none of them have our deposit registered with them so our landlord was lying when he said it was in the post to us (typical landlords!). This coupled with the fact that the landlord is an elusive creature we have to consider our options. The letting agents are saying they are not responsible for the deposit as it's not managed by them. I have his address supplied by the letting agents so I will write a letter to him (signed for) so at least we can show the courts if required that we have tried our best to resolve this before going to court. This letter should get his attention. All I can say is this current TDS system needs to be changed (although it's better than the old system leaving the whole deposit in the landlords account) At the moment we have to pay the money to the letting agent who then forwards it to the landlord then we have to chase the landlord for the deposit certificate. It should changed to so the tennant pays the money directly to a TDS who will issue a certificate. The landlord / letting agent can check with the TDS if the deposit is valid before letting the tennant move in. This would resolve the issue of the tennants chasing the deposit certificate and then resorting to suing them using court time when this could be avoided. If the tennant doesnt supply a valid TDS certificate they don't move in (too simples?) On a lighter note I have just put in a claim against the old landlord as he has done a runner and has not even checked out the old property or returned our deposit. I have started a dispute with a TDS and they said it could take 2/3 months for the process to be completed. At least we shouldn't have to go to court over this.
  8. Thats good advice Baby Eating Boomer I have had a reply from mydeposits that it is not in the scheme and I am awaiting replies from the other 2 TDS I was going to start the small claims court as soon as the other 2 TDS get back to me but after your experience on it being a long process and about souring the relationship I will put it on hold for the time being. We have signed up for a year and we don't want to move after the year has expired as we have moved 5 times in 4 years now which is quite stressful and expensive! Of course there is a risk that if the landlord gets a repossession order for the house (like what has happened to our old place and we can't contact the old landlord) our deposit will be lost! I guess this is the risk we have to consider. Can I ask you BEB what stage where you when you sued the landlord? How long did it take the process & cost? What happened to the tennancy after you won?
  9. Ok, thanks MacGuffin for the advice Going to check with the 3 approved schemes now
  10. Ok thanks for the reply Reluctant Heretic Points though 1) He cant kick us out legally (I don't believe he will as the place had been empty for over a year from speaking to neighbours). However there is still the risk of the house being repossessed (That is what happened to our last property) so we can still be kicked out involuntarily. 2) So the procedure to do this is through a small claims court? Will that cost us money? I don't really want to do this in case as it could make the landlord do things to us to get back at us (e.g come in unannounced, not fix things,, etc)? Anyone with experience of doing this and the outcome of it? I'll be suprised if this is a rare occurance judging from our previous landlords (we have had to chase landlords for the deposit certificate alot of the time)
  11. Hello, I need some advice from you helpful people here on hpc We moved into a rented property on 1st May 2010 and paid the 1st months rent + deposit to the EA before we moved in. As of today (24 days since we moved in) we still haven't got the certifcate of deposit and the landlord never answers our voicemails or sms. I spoke to him once on 19th May and he said the deposit certifcate was "in the post" which we haven't received. I spoke to the EA and told them that the landlord was ignoring us and they have somehow managed to find out he is on holiday so we prob won't get any sort of reply until June now. I was reading on Direct.gov.uk tennancy deposit information that the deposit has to be in an approved scheme within 14 days or Judging by our attempts to contact the landlord and lack of reply I think we may have to take this further and we are asking if anybody has taken this further and their experience and what procedure to use. Regards
  12. In our first 3 rented properties they just sent a letter saying that the tennancy was up and if we didnt give notice then it would move to a rolling contract (no charge). In the last property by Jordan Fishwick we got a letter stating the same but asked for an "admin fee" which took me by suprise when we got the letter so I think its a ploy by some EA's to grab as much money as possible. We were going to bite the bullet and pay as moving home costs more money but then we got a letter saying that the landlord is being taking to court for repossession hearing on the day the contact expires (LOL!). We spoke to the EA's about this and they said not to worry as they know the landlord well and he would do everything to keep the property. In any case from experience the landlord was a nightmare to contact when we wanted repair so we just moved out in case it did get repossessed. Now lo and behold we cant contact the landlord to get our deposit back (and the EA's say they havent seen him since) . Luckily its in a tennancy deposit scheme and they said that you can lodge a claim 10 days after moving out which looks like we might have to do. I'm so glad that this scheme is in place. Now is the small problem of getting our deposit registered with the new landlord. He wont answer our calls or sms so I'm thinking we might have to take him to court soon as its been 24 days since we moved in. Oh the joys of living in rented accomodation because we can't afford to buy!
  13. I have paid all my student loans off years ago (graduated 1999 with £5000 loan), however my girlfriend has a £12k loan which she hasn't even started paying off yet (in an average up north job on around 18k a year she is stuggling to save any money at all after paying all expenses). She is getting depressed as we are renting at the moment and would like to buy but the houses she likes are around 150k (so we need 30% deposit £45k which is really hard to save up due to the cost of living in the UK). The thing is though the house we are moving into to rent has similar houses nearby for sale and the rent is much cheaper than the mortgage we would need to buy it. You work that one out. Lets face it, its getting harder and harder for people born after 1970's to buy a reasonable property thats not on an council estate. Even 1 bed apartments in an council estate in our area is 100k.
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