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  1. Morgs

    The Metro Headline

    Nothing for anyone to worry about. When they say 'Recession to end in 40 days' they meant in the real world. On HPC it will last for years.
  2. CML Yes. It includes remortgaging. But CML suggest the increase is more likely attributed to house purchase.
  3. Excellent news for house price stability. Low rates are here to stay for the foreseeable future. In Merv we trust.
  4. No, Connells Survey & Valuation Ltd. It does what it says on the tin.
  5. Your friends are not the only ones. FTB demand is high
  6. Morgs

    Does The Housing Market Need Ftbs?

    According to the latest stats from CML out of 47000 house purchase loans, 17200 were to FTB's CML I make that 37%.
  7. Morgs

    Inflation Numbers

    Very acceptable inflation figures. Halfway between the deflation junkies and hyperflation junkies. A perfect Goldilocks scenario. You all worry too much.
  8. Morgs

    The Boom Is Back

    Nicely summed up. Even if armageddon happens, we'll just manage with 25" plasmas rather than 50".
  9. Morgs

    The Boom Is Back

    Today, apparently housing derivatives have completely tuned around and the hot money is now for 2010 to end YoY up. 2009 forecast to end 1% down. Reuters
  10. Morgs

    Rics Numbers

    No Blo Lo, that's Mr Parry. Yes, and it works fine. You should take yours back to the shop and demand a refund.
  11. Morgs

    Rics Numbers

    Thanks for the graphs Spline. It's crystal clear what happens next.
  12. Morgs

    Ftse100 Under 3000!

    Yes, the companies constituting the ftse100 do change. But that's not manipulation. Manipulation conveys an image of underhand dealing. Which isn't the case here.
  13. Morgs

    Ftse100 Under 3000!

    Congrats to blo lo. Raising the bar to new heights of delusion.
  14. Morgs

    Ftse100 Under 3000!

    Not long now. British retail consortium today announced like for like sales up 1.8%. Apparently people are buying new furniture for the houses they just bought.
  15. Surveyors are also asked where they see prices in 3 months time. The majority say higher. But you're right about my status, it's silly sitting on the fence any longer. Just changed to Bull.

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