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  1. I thought the depreciation only happens once a year , in my contract on the 31st Dec. I think the money is released by the bank in Essen to Dr O then. We shouldn't delay too long to protect us from this depreciation. We should work towards appointing a legal team to block off these gurantees for our benefit.
  2. Have you received any confirmation on Allianz offering to release the bonds against the mortgage and reducing its term?
  3. Just to say that there are actually 2 bank guarantees, one for rent (EuR 3,000- 4,000) and one for refurbishement (EUR 5,000)
  4. Was this the same lawyer U.Fis*** that was used to purchase the property? If it is someone else on the forum have recommended another firm but I don't know how much they charged.
  5. I don't think I can make the meeting but will be happy to be kept in the loop particularly if people decide to take legal action.
  6. I have also been caught up with this Dr O scandal. Although Dr O is not bankcrupt they are short of funds and looking to the rental bonds to cover the rental shortfall. However I think Allianz may not agree to releasing the bonds as it is in security for the mortgage. I don't trust O*** S******** to sort this out. Would be happy to join a joint legal action with everyone else.
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