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  1. CONNECT the super snooper tax computer run by HMRC, that is linking up to everything will do a skynet and destroy us all.
  2. With Royal Mint digigold it is only gold that has no VAT. I tried buying digigold platinum and I got a price quote with 20% VAT added on to the price. I guess 20% VAT also applies to a silver purchase.
  3. No you do not have to pay VAT on silver or platinum. Personally believe Platinum is best value currently. 80% of platinum comes from South Africa. Less than 200 tonnes a year mined globally compared to golds 2500 tonnes. A wall street bets type squeeze would be more likely to work with platinum than silver in my opinion.
  4. Do you still have to pay VAT on silver and platinum with digigold ? Not really clear.
  5. 21 thousand £ a troy ounce. Rhodium is like the Bitcoin of precious metals.
  6. The most recent episode of, The Keiser Report E1655 is about the USA NY Fed reporting that central bank money printing increases the racial wealth gap. It is central bank racist policy.
  7. A lot of crypto is still not that straightforward to buy. This example is, how to buy Axion. Could not fit all the instructions on. Too much hassle for a lot of people.
  8. The UK is aiding massive tax avoidance for the wealthy, via UK territories like the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda etc. Cayman Islands has more companies registered than the population. Conservatively estimated to be over $ 21 trillion stashed in tax havens.
  9. Shortages probably not helped by a container ship called the ONE Apus dropping over 1800 shipping containers overboard in a storm the other day.
  10. Good, it is quite lengthy article about how the LBMA London Bullion Market Association, manipulative bullion banking lackey dicks are really starting to offend other countries. It is from a bullion dealer, Bullionstar so they do have a vested interest. LBMA could start some sparks that might blow up the gold market. https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/ronan-manly/in-delusional-push-lbma-threatens-to-blacklist-entire-gold-trading-centres/
  11. Might be worth looking at a geological map of the area. Brickworks are quite often built on clay. Clays can expand and contract more than other rock types, which may cause a house bulit on clay to be more at risk of susidence issues.
  12. Aluminium seatposts and stems can fuse into steel frames. I have had a stuck aluminium seatpost break a heavy duty car jack rather than come unstuck. Option then is to saw it out or use caustic soda which is a hassle. I try and cycle off road as much as possible, and often use bridleways. Sadly some of them are fly tipping hotspots. Most of it is rubbish, but some occasional decentish stuff. Had 2 newish vacuum cleaners, recently, one with a blockage and the other just needed a filter clean.
  13. Crossbows are back, check this out, less than £400 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP3ZD4E4BaY
  14. I found this recently about vitamin D which is important for the immune system. It is produced on the surface of the skin involving the natural skin oils. It gradually works its way into skin through fat cells and into the bloodstream. If you have a shower every day and use soap, you can was off vitamin D created by the sunshine. A study of people in Florida showed people were still vitamin D deficient, despite lots of sunshine as they were having a soapy shower every day and washing off the vitamin D containing natural surface skin oils.
  15. I am wearing a mask to reduce my own risk as well. Wearing a mask can apparently reduce the intial viral load being breathed in due to a Covid 19 infected person coughing on you nearby. A reduced initial viral load is supposed to reduce the severity of the subsequent Covid 19 illness if you get infected.
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