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  1. Lot 153 is a scruffy looking garage in a similar looking area of London which sold for 46K. It has a £7200 a year rental income however and a 120 something year lease. Probably no stamp duty. Seems like a fairly decent potential return for the money.
  2. On 5th November 2018, ex JP Morgan employee in court admits to a large number of manipulative precious metals trades between 2009 and 2015. Hopefully it is the start of JP Morgan getting taken to the cleaners for gold and silver manipulation. Remember, remember the 5th of November. https://www.silverseek.com/commentary/crack-dike-17474
  3. Hecto

    More than 200 UK shopping centres 'in crisis'

    The sun newspaper online has an article on this called, High Street in Crisis. It said, "Most of those at risk are said to be owned by US private equity firms under deals that will need refinancing ".
  4. Hecto


    What I like about Rhodium is how rare it is. Around 25 tonnes a year is mined mostly from South Africa. It is around 100 times rarer than gold. Less than 800 thousand people could each buy a 1 ounce bar every year. That would be without any Rhodium being used in industrial or auto applications. It is only relatively recently Rhodium became available to purchase in bar / coin form. The Johnson Matthey website has some good detailed Rhodium information in their free pgm market report for May 2018 on their website.
  5. My 2016 total is £43.88 comprising: 1 x £20 note, £7.88 coins, 1 x £10 and 2 X £3 unclaimed National lottery scratchcard prizes. Also found a gold ring shaken loose inside some dumped business lockers.
  6. I read about this a bit. From 2006 until present Chinese money supply has more than tripled. The newly created money lowers the value of existing Chinese currency, keeping their currency cheap and hence their industries / companies highly competitive. Property values have greatly increased in China. They appear to be creating economic growth by increasing the money supply. Unfortunately they also appear to be using printed currency to buy up swathes of actual foreign assets. I would not be surprised if their recent purchase of a chunk of the UK national grid has been pretty much for free.
  7. Hecto


    Those Far Cotton terraces are also close to the river Nene which flooded very badly in 1998. Crazy.
  8. Hecto


  9. Hecto


    This link may work better for a recent story of Semilong house roof collapse : https;//northampton-news-hp.co.uk/News/Northampton-News/Two-flee-house-in-Semilong-Northampton-after-roof-collapse-20140401175040.htm
  10. Hecto


    Correction to above the semilong house should be at: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-45535313.html
  11. Hecto


    £147,500.00 for a a smallish victorian mid terrace in Semilong seems a a bit optimistic even if it has been refurbished. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-4553531.html The house next door, appears to have had its roof covered with solar panels on top of replacement concrete tiles which are already considerably heavier than the original slate roof. Hopefully this will not happen: https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/local/family-says-roof-collapse-in-semilong-northampton-like-an-earthquake-1-5973405?WT.mc_id=Ooutbrain_text&obref=obinsite
  12. I recently received Royal Mint post about a 2014 Year of the horse coin. Included was a leaflet on the £20 silver coin which said "For a limited period only we have increased the number of coins from three to ten per household - but only until 11 February 2014. After this date the restriction will revert to just three per household " Also a free delivery code of D1460W for online orders of say 1 coin, but not telephone orders. Not sure if restricted to just £20 coin.
  13. I like the ones with no outside photos of the building, such as: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-41351963.html?premiumA=true
  14. Hecto

    The Gold Bubble

    Sorry, I can not get the silver infographic link to work. If you do an internet search for: demoncracy silver it should turn up.
  15. Hecto

    The Gold Bubble

    Should be http://www.demoncracy.info/infographics/world/silver/silver.html

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