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  1. I found this recently about vitamin D which is important for the immune system. It is produced on the surface of the skin involving the natural skin oils. It gradually works its way into skin through fat cells and into the bloodstream. If you have a shower every day and use soap, you can was off vitamin D created by the sunshine. A study of people in Florida showed people were still vitamin D deficient, despite lots of sunshine as they were having a soapy shower every day and washing off the vitamin D containing natural surface skin oils.
  2. I am wearing a mask to reduce my own risk as well. Wearing a mask can apparently reduce the intial viral load being breathed in due to a Covid 19 infected person coughing on you nearby. A reduced initial viral load is supposed to reduce the severity of the subsequent Covid 19 illness if you get infected.
  3. Sigh...The worse than elevator music Ice Cream vans were definately not in lockdown round my way today.
  4. Was looking to but some Royal Mint bullion Platinum Britannia 1 ounces. Left it too late, as now out of stock. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Britannia/Platinum/BB201ZPC Also out of stock of silver 1 ounce Britannia's.
  5. Gold should rise. Bullionstar.com have some useful gold info on their website. If you click on Bullion Star Research then Bullionstarblogs. They are reporting strong physical gold demand and the declines in gold price being mostly down to selling of paper gold as per today. https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/bullionstar/gold-shortages-price-of-physical-gold-decouples-from-paper-gold/ Anything with a paper market got whacked, gold, bitcoin, palladium etc. Rhodium with no paper market had no real price decline.
  6. I feel gold has the potential to go much higher. The amount of global wealth in gold is currently very small, compared to bonds, stocks and property. Bonds are and increasingly negative yielding. Gold is currently a false and very opaque market due to large amounts of derivatives and futures. LBMA and Comex cannot continue this paper gold market for ever. Much more awareness of the corruption in the precious metals markets by the likes of JP Morgan etc. Gold being mined is currently very low grade compared to the past. High grade deposits mined out. Talk of peak gold. US Dollar will likely no longer be the reserve currency. Possible switch to currency which is actual value backed, may involve gold.
  7. I have seen postings that the virus is confirmed to be present in urine as well.
  8. I found the potential news from Iran particularly concerning, higher mortality and possible damage to the heart
  9. Concerned the govt will not be honest about severity of situation and numbers infected to prevent panic. Also the idiots who clearly have an illness, but have to " soldier on ". Was in a large busy supermarket around 11am today. A female customer came in, she clearly had some type of infection / illness. She had persistent uncontrollable coughing. No attempt to cover her mouth at all.
  10. Dr John Campbell on youtube has an interesting new video. Looks at what happened with one of the first USA infected patients. 33 year old male recovered, but developed pneumonia during the course of the illness and needed oxygen assitance for around 3 days. Raised concerns, if large numbers infected then doubtful if sufficient oxygen health care available. I have concerns that people who recover from coronavirus may suffer impaired lung function.
  11. Got some Rhodium, price seems to be going parabolic, currently well over £7000 an ounce. Bairds seem to have currently pulled all their Rhodium bars for sale from their website. There are no paper futures contracts for Rhodium. I am hoping Palladium might be the metal that breaks the other precious metals futures contract rigging of prices.
  12. Fanfare for £7000 an ounce, Rhodium up over 900% since 2016.
  13. Upset the Indian shopkeepers. Calling Bezos an economic terrorist and to get out of India.
  14. Looked at Rhodium per 1 ounce bar price during the day and it was £4900 ex VAT, now about 5 hours later it is well over £5800 ex VAT !
  15. BOE discovers house price rises mainly due to low interest rates and not lack of supply.... Hello. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-house-prices-rise-interest-rates-mortgages-bank-of-england-a9258196.html
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