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  1. I thought more or less all flats were leasehold. Is that still the case? If they're not, you have the question of who owns the communal bits and the land.
  2. I thought Boris and the Lib-dem ex-copper looked totally out of their depth in their TV debate last night. The biggest problem Ken has is the party he's standing for - this may drag him down I think.
  3. There was some speculation o the forum yesterday that this was due today. Whats happened to it?
  4. It doesn't work like that. I would argue that the cost of development has little to do with the sale price. The local market conditions dictate the price. The developer (in fact any seller) will always attempt to get the maximum price they can for a property, regardless of what is costs to build.
  5. Ozz - You are probably the only person to register with them this year Not surprised they're biting your hand off.
  6. I don't buy this at all. This completely overlooks the aspect of MEW. During this bubble, a huge chunk of the economy has been financed with credit taken as MEW. This has been way bigger during this bubble than any previous one.
  7. In the program where a panel predicted whether prices would be higher or lower in 18 months. I'm looking forward to that!
  8. To Gordo and Ali D It was obvious to anyone who chose to look that the credit crunch was coming (since ever increasing debt was unsustainable). Did you see it coming? Please choose answer (a) or ( b ) (a) I didn't see it coming. I am an idiot. ( b ) I did see it coming and chose to do nothing about it. I am incompetent and dishonest.
  9. It depends where they are in th buying process. I have found that the only time you can have any sort of influence is when someone is just starting to think about buying. All I do is point them at this website and say "read everything on this site before you make your decision" If they're already at the buying stage then stay out of it, you will just be seen as a miserable git for pissing on their dream. Instead wish them well in their new home.
  10. The YOY negative id the HPC Holy Grail. It is the point at which the HPC is finally on and Joe public wakes up to the fact that prices are indeed falling and not just rising less fast. It is the point from which the HPC starts to snowball. It is the point at which many on here are finally proved right after years of ridicule. It is the release after years of torture and persecution. Hang on - I just need a moment... (dabs eyes with hankerchief) Ok - over-egging it a bit. But its a pretty significant turning point.
  11. We are entering a dangerous phase. The only thing GB and his poodle AD care about now is the next election. He will do absolutely anything to achieve this, regardless of the long-term damage it may inflict. If he can buy votes by bailing out homeowners, he will do it. The 10p tax band issue demonstrates that he is willing to shaft anyone that stands in the way.
  12. Agreed, we're just getting started, but volume has nothing to do with it. The market value is set by the price of those properties that DO sell not the ones that don't.
  13. This is indeed an odd concusion to draw. The reason that people are paying more in cash is directly because of the credit crunch. Credit limits on cards are being lowered, new applications are declined and interest rates and penalties are more punitive as lenders try to reduce their exposure. If people can't spend using ever-increasing credit, if they have to spend, they are ncreasingly forced to spend using cash.
  14. Supply is posibly increasing as some people are choosing to let when they find they cant sell.
  15. Its really funny - all the lemmings flock to the lender at the top of the best-buy table. The lender says "Oh sh1t close the door quick!". The hot potato then passes on to the next lender in the list. Up and down the high street you can hear the sound of bank doors slamming.
  16. Hopefully many will go to the wall - the good-for-nothing leeches. Had one round on foot going door to door in my village yesterday. It was quite funny seeing him trudging round - still in his suit. he was posting leaflets saying something like: "We sold a house in your village this week! Similar properties wanted to satisfy demand. E.g. Mr and Mrs X are currently renting in Marlborough and are urgently looking for property in the area."
  17. Ditto Keep your head down. They will be enslaved to their mortgages for the rest of their miserable lives. They cannot be saved. If you try and intervene, you will be as welcome as (and treated with the credibility of) the Jehovah's witness who knocks on your door during your Sunday lunch.
  18. There is still the mistaken belief that the people in these jobs are experts. In fact they are imbeciles.
  19. Ah its ok - there's been no reckless lending here.
  20. Agree that the yoy negative point is absolutely pivotal in the whole HPC debate. It is the point at which Joe public (not just the HPC anoraks) really starts to pay attention. Until that point prices are perceived as slowing. After that point, the C word is really with us.
  21. Serious question - Does a 'savings relationship' actually make any difference? I wonder if they actually take any notice of this when making a lending decision, or whether its purely driven by credit rating, LTV ratio and earnings.
  22. If you measure "success" in pounds and pence this may be true. I think there's a bit more to it than that. Each to their own, I suppose.
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