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  1. Now Peston obviously knows his stuff, but that program was bizarre. The title and all prior trails and quotes gave the impression that it was going to cover the first year of the bust. In actual fact it was a program about Robert Peston covering the first year of the bust.
  2. Hey great idea! You could call it the news blog. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/newsblog
  3. The fact that you think this is a good deal says it all really.
  4. Yeah but the point is that its in the commuter belt and will sink or swim with London.
  5. You need to get the glass-half-full thing working for you here. With every day that passes, all those mortgage owners out there see the value of their asset falling, whereas you have sidetepped this. In rented accomodation you have the flexibility to move whenever and wherever you want at a few weeks notice. Kids really don't care that its rented! Loads of cheap rentals are starting to flood the market. You are in a great position. Agreed that it can be difficult to convince the misses on these points when they are in that nesting mode, but compare your situation with someone who bought in at the peak, is now 3 months behind on the mortgage and the bailiffs are knocking at the door... West Sussex asking prices do seem to be remaining weirdly high, but this is just the London effect. It will soon catch up.
  6. IT contractor too. Terminated in Sept after 6 years of renewals. Had no trouble getting short 2 month contract starting in Nov at 10% cut. However, this company is now laying off permy staff and there will be no further extension. Agents tell mixed stories about how bad or otherwise it is out there. Expect carnage in 2009 and expecting to be spending more quality time with dog.
  7. I watched those flats getting built - they brought in a load of portacabins on the back of lorries and piled them on top of each other. The whole thing was built in about a month. I think they are hoping that the hospital nurses will buy them. I wouldn't pay £500 for one.
  8. Its better to have the messy things in life, like kids and puppies, mess up your landlords carpet rather than your own.
  9. Don't worry - there are still plenty of tat outlets. Its the pick 'n' mix I'm worried about. Where the hell will I get chocolate eclairs, jelly babies and aniseed balls in the same bag now?
  10. Surprised its only a four year low. Why were they lower than this in 2004?
  11. Apologies for bumping my own thread, but we never did get the program about who was right and who was wrong did we? Here is a ref to the original it looks like it went out on 2nd March, 2007: http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/831849
  12. http://uk.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUKTRE4B81PI20081209 He's on the way back up in the polls apparently. After presiding over the biggest economic cockup in history, the man should be put in the stocks, not re-elected.
  13. I think it servers quite an important role in allowing Jo public to hear the views of the people who represent them in parliament. There are very few other programs where we get to see and hear live (ish) debate on the issues of the moment.
  14. Yes they were irresponsible in their lending practices, but they are now a very convenient scapegoat for the failures in Gordon's rescue plans. Regardless of how we got here, the banks are still in a competitive business scenario - they will offer rates in a free market, and their customers will choose whether or not to give them their business. It is ridiculous for Gordon and Alistair to moan that they should be passing on the cuts - if they want this to happen, they must change the environment in which the banks operate so that it is in their interest to do it. It is crazy to pretend that the banks are some sort of charity - they are responsible to their shareholders (and yes, we are now shareholders - but they must aim to deliver profit to us as shareholders, not as customers).
  15. IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget people, this graph is showing year on year figures, meaning that it will level out in the next month or two. Do not panic when it does this! - not meaning to patronise anyone here, but not everyone is comfortable interpreting graphs. The graph is falling at the moment because the annual rate of fall is still increasing. As of next month or so we will reach the point at which prices are falling at a constant year-on-year rate and the graph will go flat. It may even tick up a bit like the NW did last month. This does not mean prices are increasing again, they are just falling less fast. Do not rush out and buy a house when this happens!
  16. You will get the new variable rate + bonus. It seems that most esavers are cutting their rates in line with the BoE 1.5% reduction last month. Now is a really good time to get on a fixed rate bond. There are still some good ones out there (e.g. Birmingham Midshires). Suspect these will be withdrawn soon, especcially if the BoE rates come down again tomorrow.
  17. I've learned how easy it is for a population to suffer from mass-delusion, i.e. to believe in a concept that should have been clearly unbelievable, i.e. that debt and housprices could continue to rise for ever and ever (amen). It's similar to the delusion experienced by those who hold religious beliefs. I really struggle to explain why seemingly intellegent people can be so easily deluded.
  18. This must really mess up the nice BBC yoy graph. Presumably it now shows a tick upwards after its year long plummit.
  19. Flippin' eck - the poor woman was close enough wasn't she? There seems to have been an killer outbreak of mathematical geekism.
  20. This is pretty close! 130434782608695652173913043478261 / 1000000000000000000000000000000000
  21. That is hardly a guarantee is it? Can you imagine the meetings where they sit around a table and discuss these bizarre incentives? Its legalised mugging.
  22. I'm surprised that they can legally do this, unless of course the workforce is consenting (i.e. prepared to tighten belts as an alternative to being layed off).
  23. An interesting double use of the word "a", one capitalized an one not. A bizarre and yet interesting way to open a sentence. Are you an English teacher by any chance?
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