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  1. Is square footage part of the HIP? - probably not, they wouldn't actually include anything that might be useful I guess.
  2. Good to see the good Dr Bubb making an appearance. His style is way too obvious though to try to be anonymous.
  3. There are no real viewers so they have to use 'practice viewers'
  4. Estate Agent's really earn their commision. Its a massive undertaking. etc etc. Are they worried about upsetting EA's?
  5. ... it said "TOO LATE". Seen in Sussex this week. How nausiating is that?
  6. Agreed - there is no shortage. This is one of those myths that gets 'taken as read' during the boom and perculates through into the bust without being re-examined. Yes - there may have been 10 potential buyers for each property for sale in the boom, but 9 of those were btl speculators. Another of these myths that labour are desperately trying to hang on to is that Gordon was an excellent and prudent chancellor having delivered x consecutive quarters of positive growth. This has of course been exposed as a scam - the growth having been entirely funded by debt. However, the myth of prudent chancellor Gordon has lived on in some tiny minds.
  7. Come on - you have to feel sorry for this lady. Just because she wasn't able to see through the "get on the ladder at all costs" mindset that was prevalent until 18 months ago. Very few were. Although not an entirely innocent victim, she hardly deserves this.
  8. Its all the bankers fault. The government did a great job - sustained growth, high employment and even set up the FSA to monitor the bankers. What a fantastic job they did. Well done John.
  9. Yes - accept all points about financial burden being greater for owners. I just object to the use of the word "homeowners" in all situations where they really mean "people". It is another legacy of the great property obsession of the last decade. e.g: More bad news for homeowners as council tax set to rise. Homeowners to face massive increases in heating costs. etc etc.
  10. Again on the BBC 1 o'clock (south) news, tenants are de-humanised. Only homeowners are affected by the floods it seems.
  11. A 'friend' who is a BTL landlord has just given me the 'Cashflow 101 egame' to 'educate' my kids. Now call me a cynic, but will it turn them into minature Kirstie's and Phils? Seriously - anyone come across this thing? - Any recommendations? warnings?
  12. Very lame program. It didn't expose anything or reveal anything new. It just basically said "there are tax havens". What was the point?
  13. Not quite sure how "the American public" counts as one of the 25 people. I think that is actually 300 million people.
  14. Why should they? If they're not really bothered about selling, it costs them nothing to leave it on the market at a high price. - and they just might hook a gullable buyer who is not up to speed with the market.
  15. The 1pm news just reported that council tax increases are bad news for homeowners. Isn't it equally bad news for tenants? Sorry I was forgetting that only 'homeowners' are real people and tenants are some sort of irrelevant underclass.
  16. It really is possible to enjoy life without buying a house. You are the product of the bubble generation. Don't let Kirsty and Phil dictate the direction of your life.
  17. These peoples only failing is to be financially dim. The mortgage / banking industry should hang their head in shame. They took advantage of these people for short term gain. These guys are the victims.
  18. Using my remarkable powers of deduction, I am able to deduce that it started at 20-10-2007, 8:13 AM
  19. Its not that unusual, womens cricket is very popular these days.
  20. I'm not sure its really about people 'getting it' or not. These things will float out in the wash. It all a matter of someone's urgency to sell balanced with their expectations of the market etc. There is also a chance that by holding out at a high price, they might just hook a muppet. This has just happened to some friends of mine who have recently emmigrated. They left the UK for OZ at the market peak and let their house. Unaware of the the direction of the market in the past year, they have just been made an offer by the existing tennant which is more or less at the 2007 peak value. Believe it or not, they are still debating whether or not to accept the offer.
  21. Very true! It winds me up - must take another Zypoxia to calm me down a bit.
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