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  1. Apologies BB - I thought you's bought one of these shared ownership rip-offs.
  2. I bet you paid the full asking price - didn't you?
  3. Its a shared ownership scheme - you own half (or a percentage) and the H.A. ownes the rest and you pay rent on that percentage. In order to get one you have to be approved by the H.A. It's presented as some sort of low-cost housing solution, and there is plenty of demand - they seem to sell like hot cakes, but the reality is that there is no negotiation on price as they seem so greatful to be offered their chance to get their foot on the ladder...
  4. As posted on the parallel thread - Jan has 5% more working days than Feb. So for there to be a 5% fall from Jan --> Feb is to be expected.
  5. Jan had 21 working days, Feb had 20 working days. Therefore Jan had 5% more working days in it than Feb. So you'd expect 5% more lending in Jan.
  6. Can't really corroborate this over my side of Swindon (villages to the east). My standard search on a particular agents site ranged from 40 - 50 throughout last year. Currently 34. Although activity has picked up somewhat, prices certainly don't seem to have been moving up though and a large number of these 34 have been there for over a year.
  7. Dubai Exile - Hmmm i know who you are! The clue's in the name isn't it? You've been rumbled Dubai Exile. Or should I say... Smooth Criminal? Admit it. You're Michael Jackson aren't you? (or is that Bahrain?)
  8. Interest only mortgages are the scourge of today's housing market. Many people who have one don't even understand that they won't own the property at the end of the term. They will be the subject of miss-selling investigations in the same way as the endowment mortgages of the 80's.
  9. Try and make sure that they remove the body prior to completion of the sale.
  10. Weird isn't it? You can open it in its own window here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/blog/blogger.htm
  11. In answer to the original question, the Titanic was still floating for quite a while after encoutering the iceberg.
  12. What an excellent reply. This is my favourite bit: "...we as a nation have foolishly maintained the illusion of wealth by collectively diving deep into debt. Essentially we are borrowing from tomorrow to finance our lifestyles today: this is not, and never has been, sustainable. We are living in economic la-la-land. " Well done.
  13. Their contentment level will reduce steadily over the coming years as their repayments will continue to consume a large percentage of their income. They will feel increasingly trapped by their debt as they are unable to move up the 'ladder' and unable to afford new toys. I will spend all my leisure time visiting people saying things like "I told you so", and "Do you remember in 2005 when you thought I was a nutter about debt and houseprices?". In return they will say, "Ah yes RT - how right you were. If only we'd listened to you." Oh yes - I will be such a popular dinner guest.
  14. I disagree. Removing stamp duty would have the immediate effect of raising prices by the equivalent amount. Net result - the money just passes from the treasury's pocket into the sellers pocket.
  15. Interestingly - The odds on Betfair on a March rise are shorter than the odds on a fall, with 'no change' obviously being the massive favourite.
  16. I work in IT and I'm a really interesting person. I do all sorts of interesting things like train spotting. I'll have to wear my anorak today though because its really cold.
  17. Erm....2005, you are sure this call was from your bank - right? - and not an imposter after your bank details....
  18. Ah yes of course - you haven't seen Sven's "Sod it - I'm taking the penalty myself" incident yet have you? In other football news Brighton are still waiting on the decision on the new stadium from Kulfe Annan, after Lewes District Council's appeal to the United Nations.
  19. Sorry folks, its me thats caused all the timing problems. I've managed to hack in though an eddy in space-time from 28th February, 2012. I have good news and bad news for you all. Firstly the good news - I bought a five bedrooom detached house in Guildford for £180,000 in 2008. The bad news - Gordon Brown is still PM.
  20. MFI having a sale? I'd never have thought I'd see the day!
  21. The small-print must be interesting. What's to stop you selling the house to your mate for £20 and claiming the difference? Obviously a ridiculous example, but how can they (or the insurers) make sure you obtain market value?
  22. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hou...8&in_page_id=57 Whats the catch, or are they just supremely confident?
  23. Sorry for being dumb here - but how can you tell what they paid for it from Rightmove? Won't that just show the asking price? Edit - Sorry, answered my own question. Rightmove shows sold prices also. I'll go away now.
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