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  1. I love these artist impression pictures. Funny they dont add the vommit on the pavements, the abandoned shopping trolleys and the gang of teenage junkies hanging out.
  2. Yeah - that 1.8% was very suspicious. One interpretation is that the cpi figure is set in advance to dictate the direction of the next IR move...
  3. To take your question literally - the odds on a rate cut are currently 4-1 against on Betfair. Predictions: MPC will hold. Gordo will announce an autumn election next Monday.
  4. Suspect a lot of people resolved to reduce their exposure following the Northern Rock thing and were waiting for the first of the month to avoid the interest penalty.
  5. Abolishing stamp duty does nothing to help the FTB. Instead it just gifts more equity to existing owners and some free extra cash to developers. Why? The price of the lowest rung is dictated by what the FTB is able to pay. If you remove stamp duty, asking prices will immediately adjust to absorb the extra money avalable, irrespective of whether the general HPI trend is up or down. This is just throwing treasury money down the drain. It is just another shallow ill-thoughout policy by Cameron - a desperate attempt to capture a few votes.
  6. There is no question - he will call the election for this year while he is riding high in the popularity stakes. Despite being an odious deceitful man, he is also very intellegent and is well aware of the looming economic downturn. He hopes he can ride out the trouble by pointing to the mandate he will be given in November - and there's no chance he would lose - once again, there is no opposition. Invest all your spare cash at Betfair - its a dead cert.
  7. It is amazing how Teflon Brown has remained clear of all the flack so far. I'm sick of hearing about the xx consecutive quarters of economic growth, and 'economic stability' accredited to Brown. With 10% of the GDP being financed directly from the steadily inflating debt bubble over the last 10 years, this was not hard to achieve. My granny could have done it.
  8. Great idea - use one of those credit card cheque thingies. A&L sent me a wodge of them with my new credit card. They sent me a little booklet as well suggesting all the things I could spend them on. Its really nice to see an organisation putting the customer first above their own selfish profits.
  9. Its hysterical how many people on this forum just dont get irony. I thought that was just an American trait. Bit like those sub-prime mortgages. Thank goodness we don't have those over here either.
  10. Ah that explains it. Its all the fault of some guy in America. Nothing to do with anyone over here then.
  11. I have experienced a bank collapse in another country about 10 years ago. The government and FSA equivalent issued 'don't panic' warnings in the week that lead up to the collapse. I heeded those warnings and I thought it would be ok - the bank would be bailed out if anything serious happens I thought. Obviously, the end result was that those who panicked got their money back whereas those who didn't lost all their money. Conclusion: you have nothing to lose by panicking and everything to gain.
  12. This is the correct interpretation. It applies to calendar months, so you must make sure that when you withdraw you do it on the 1st. The second 'gotcha' is the 25K per day withdrawl limit, so depending on how much you have in there it can take several 'no interest' days to get it all out. I think these rules are very immoral as the clear intention is that they rely on not everyone reading the small print. That said, if you play them at their own game, you can get one of the best rates around. Here's another tip for A&L accounts: You can pay money straight into all their savings accounts without going through the linked current account, potentially saving a few days clearing. This is an undocumented feature and their customer services actively discourage you from doing it. Use account number 00000000 and your account number in the refererence.
  13. There is one reason only for the appearance of this account. Their analysts have concluded that the ftse will track below the savings rate for the next year or two.
  14. Some degree of regulation is urgently needed here. It's all very well saying that the deal is open and above board, but as ever, its the vulnerable who are at risk from the unscrupulous. Confused pensioners with equity are an easy target and may not realise what they are signing up for. The evil Inside-Trackers are waiting to pounce.
  15. Sell now. Do you really need the security of your own home right now? No. Take the cash and run. Good luck.
  16. He will definitely call an election as soon as possible. He knows this is his only chance of a prolonged spell in office. He will ride a wave of relative popularity for about the next 6-8 months and will then become deeply unpopular as the economy starts to unwind next year. He knows that if he waits more than a year he will have no chance of victory.
  17. No thats not legal. They have even tightened up on the fixtures and fittings rule, so you can't even make the case for these being worth 10K anymore. The only way to do this is with a cash bung, which is illegal and risky (and daft).
  18. This equates to a rate of 6.8% fixed for 2 years. They are obviously set on buying the house - the best you can hope to do is at least to get them to shop around for the most competitive deal. They are in a strong position, despite the current conditions. They are probably assuming that all mortgage deals will be much the same. At least get them to check the rates and the small print and then actively choose the best deal rather than just going with the first one they found.
  19. Sentiment has changed a fair bit. It was only about 2 years ago that when I suggested to a group of friends that prices might fall, I wasn't just regarded as wrong, but mentally ill.
  20. This policy seems to panda to the right of the party and is always disasterous for them. To give tax breaks to married couples is outdated and harps back to Maggie's 'victorian values' speech. Every time they try and present themselves as a reformed party, this old chesnut comes back again.
  21. Its odd isn't it how they really seem to believe that they paid £245k for it, despite the develeoper giving them 5% of it back. If I buy something in a shop with 10 quid and they give me 50p back, I reckon I paid £9.50 for it.
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