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    Thanks guys for the response. the contract in my case reads, if I fail to comply with terms & conditions (which is to arrange for mortgage on completion of the property) I may loose my initial 15% deposit and may be liable for any further loses and leagal proceedings. the idea of searching for help or to attract attension of similar minded people is to get better knowledge about the ground reality. also as a remote possibility to identify any other people who bought the property in the same development and who is also in the same stressful situation. Thanks.
  2. I am a buyer(exchanged contract in 2006) of a off plan flat in St. luke's square in galliards development. because of the house price crash the value of the property has gone down significantly. Now this plan is nearing completion but I am not in a position to complete this because it needs more money towards deposit according to current market. What options do I have? I am looking for some helpful suggestions. could any one in this situation join this topic and suggest or share any valuable ideas. Thank you.

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